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We designated the year 2003 as the Year Of The Dove and some might question the veracity of that projection based upon the developments of war which stoked the destructive fires of polarized hatred. However, it might be wise to consider not only what you remember as a primary feature from the past year, but why THOSE events, out of the millions of events that transpired.

Consider the nature of the media and how images and words are projected into your consciousness. These corrupted projections are amplified by the distortions of very few minds, who falsely claim to reflect the so-called collective. Of course, in the reality of our being, there is no "collective." The use of such a concept is designed to usurp one's conscious responsibility to transcend the 3D limitations of mind by implanting interpretations of reality in advance of a prearranged outcome so that the result satisfies the lustful altered-ego and justifies every mean, all the while giving the appearance of a logical development toward an inevitable result.

Thus, one is informed in advance that a contrived circumstance bears an unavoidable outcome, and the "collective opinion" verifies the illusion — "it must be true, because everybody agrees." Stating a collective opinion in advance of a contrived scenario gives the impression of "knowing" something and assuming it to be truth.

We propose, then, that the events of 2003 were not as the projectors of the collective would have you believe. In fact, when one disconnects from the so-called world view, spoon fed to the nonexistent mass-mind, another scenario emerges — one of great compassion and concern. In reality, 2003 did qualify as the "Year of the Dove," witnessed by the greatest outpouring of individual expressions of peace ever before assembled, not only in the streets, but in the minds and hearts of countless beings who hold the Truth of LOVE/LIGHT/GOD/MIND to be self-evident.

We do not speak here of relative truth portrayed as collective reality, such as the so-called news. When destruction rains from the sky and such is duly reported through pictures and words, this is not Truth. It is a rendering, a reinforcement, of polarized consciousness, of death technologies and the worship thereof. More than ever, 2003 revealed that Peace is inherent in the actual foundation of Truth. To each individual, through the projected miasma of smoke and mirrors, death and destruction, the revelation surfaced from the Heart-Of-Hearts demonstrating that Love has no opposite.

The perception that there is an opposite of Truth, termed a lie, is false logic. A lie is simply the deification of a partial equation of nature's functions used at the expense of and the repression of a spiritual reality otherwise known as a sovereign being. It is not the opposite of anything. The reality of a sovereign being is anathema to the perpetrators of the polarized illusion claiming to define the "collective" in terms of life versus death, a supposed "choice" of equal values.

Yet, Life embodies the manifestation of the Infinite, a scale of proportion which cannot be "equaled" by any other value. Spirit knows death is an illusion. If one was the equal part of the other, the Universe would be canceled before its creation. In the Year of the Dove, the power of this understanding emerged from the hearts and minds of countless beings, to whatever degree of conscious-awareness they had cultivated. It is a reality which is felt in the deepest core and fiber of one's sovereignty, one's very identity with the infinite values of LOVE/LIGHT/GOD/MIND. This is the message of The Genius Frequency, symbolized in the universal image of the Dove.

In 2003, unprecedented by any previous demarcation of time's illusion, the Dove emerged from the depths of the Heart Mind, that which represents the infinite nature of the sovereign being. In the process, the portals of Truth were loosed upon the earth, even as the discorporation of life was celebrated by the few who claimed to speak for the many. An old story, you might say.

Yet this "time around," as the saying goes, the Aquarian wind, accelerated by the flapping wings of the Dove, blew the curtains concealing those we term the "collectivites," the perpetrators of the illusion of the collective, for all to see who had eyes to see — and there were many. Such is the nature of revelation and the Dove represents the witness to its Truth. Indeed, the Year of the Dove was a stunning revelation of the depth of the illusions perpetrated by the few who lost their invisible cloaks, blown away by the hurricane force of the Dove's power to witness revelation in the Light of THE ONE eternal force of Life, which has no equal.

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Simultaneous with the disintegration of the facade of false powers, the faceless, nameless, spiritually impoverished purveyors of death, the "collectivites" who claim to reflect, indeed to own that illusion called "group mind," is the unleashing of information on a scale so vast as to cripple the altered-ego and its attending pseudo intellectual dialectic. In the Year of the Dove the TRUTH was demanded and the reply was deafening. Information, like Noah's great flood, swept the soul into overwhelming currents of revelation and, like a flood, no distinction can at first be made as the relativity of the truth/lie polarity are spun at electronic velocity. In such a deluge of shifting currents of meaning, the curse of the material dialectic, its worship of entropic forces, is designed to overwhelm the soul with fear. The soul is now forced to cultivate a power long dormant and atrophied between the hemispheres of duality. What is this power? It is the power of discernment.

Thus we shall declare 2004 the Year of Discernment. It should be clear, that each sovereign being is the embodiment of individuated life and the attendant responsibilities inherent within such a blessing must now go within, deep within the Heart-Of-Hearts, to seek the answers to the TRUTH of Infinite Life as Eternal being. Therein is found the Song of Eternal Life. It is found nowhere else.

What has been termed the collective is an abomination of Universal Truth and a perversion of all that is sacred, all that Centers the Infinite within a matrix of relative forces. Now that the veil is lifted from the occult machinations of the invisibles, a sustaining reality of life emerges from the spinning webs of time's cycles. The staggering revelation that everything has changed and nothing has changed engages the soul in the art of discernment. Each soul, within its own sphere of activity, received a glimpse of something more profound, enigmatic and elusive than can ever be expressed through the distortion of earthbound language — the Absolute.

In order to understand the art of discernment, we must first perceive the nature of polarized perceptions. The foremost strategy of the "collectivites" is to deny and obfuscate the slightest thought of an absolute value, the only one of which is LOVE/LIGHT/GOD/MIND. Obviously, war cannot be conceived, much less manifested, in the face of an absolute value. Only relative values, such as dialectical materialism, or race-based religions can instigate, manifest and sustain the destruction and suffering of war. This works quite well for the purveyors of death and the controllers of the human mind; for peace is promised as a reward, after the enemy is dead, of course — the war to end all wars etc., etc. From another view, war is not the opposite of peace; it is the denial that peace truly exists, but this can never be admitted. This is an important distinction. It is clarified in one's understanding by the power of discernment.

The power of discernment has been dormant, for the most part, within the human mind for millennia. Those who aspire to control and subordinate others have made it their primary mission to annihilate any trace of that faculty of perception. Without discernment, the sovereign being can be manipulated into believing that it is a group, a collective. Clearly, it is not possible for any individual to determine what the "group" is thinking, because groups don't think, only sovereign beings think. Therefore, some "facilitator" is assigned the task of informing the individual of the group's intent. How convenient. It does not begin this way, of course. It begins with trust gained by the entity installed as representative of a commonality. By degrees, each sovereign being gives up their power to the "leader" who is instantly corrupted. Names become numbers, groups become herds.

This may be a difficult concept for some to grasp as it defies the logic of the dialectic. This is not to say that there is no common ground or sharing of mutual goals in this dimension. The key here is in recognizing the process by which such common ground is reached. As such, it can never be attained via consensus. Such agreements are secondary to matters of the Heart. So again, we iterate that groups cannot think — only sovereign beings can think and feel and BE the LIGHT. For of what value is the adage that there is strength in numbers? From where are such numbers derived? If it be TRUTH that there is strength in numbers, then from whence should THE ONE derive Infinite Strength, Infinite Love, Infinite Creation and Infinite Peace?

We witness in this time a culmination of multiple dramas set forth in antiquity and the unveiling of those who I-dentify with and deify a partial equation of life. The hallmark of this final drama is the total breakdown of true communication in the ironic face of a technology that touts communication as its power. From a higher dimensional perspective, the TRUTH within you decodes the jamming of signals. Witness the colossal barrage of doublespeak whereby all words now embody their opposite meanings. This is the only possible outcome of the dialectic, where polarized thought simply experiences a pole shift on a 4th dimensional level. How is one to discern TRUTH within this matrix of madness, where false pretense is interchangeable with sincerity and trust is exploited as just another material resource?

From a 5th dimensional understanding, there is no lie in such reversals, no conspiracy, no strategy, no intelligence supporting the fear, because there is an absence of life-force in the personification of chaos. In other words, those who embrace the vacuum have no mind. They are turned inside out and in the final drama in their bid for power, they implode into that which they I-dentify with. It is their choice, is it not? To a 5th dimensional being, there is no occult because there are no secrets. There are no secrets because no one can hide the intent of the Infinite Life-Force, otherwise known as LOVE/LIGHT/GOD/MIND. The point here is that to be a Master is to first think like one. The rest will manifest to the degree that one is prepared to cope with the energy transfer.

The purpose of this contemplation is to still the cacophony of signals from the 4th dimensional death technologies and rely on the superior technology of the Heart-Of-Hearts where the voice of TRUTH continues to sing its song of 5th dimensional freedom and joy. Since no discernment is possible outside one's center, this contemplation tolls the eternal ring of seeking that which is within thee. If there is no war within thee, what shall you witness in the world? If there is no fear within thee, what threats may disturb thy spirit?

Know also that the veils lifted are not confined to the manipulators of human thought, but equally to those who bear the torch of TRUTH and help to Light the way for others to negotiate the subconscious labyrinth of the altered-ego. Thus the experience of simultaneous revelation of the dual nature of 3rd and 4th dimensional illusion creates the need for centering, for reevaluating the desired reality.

In order to transcend the fear-based limitations, one must resonate with the dimension that precludes such activities. This is not the same as opposing a polarized thought-form, i.e. "there are bad people, I am good." The advice here is to leave the judgments to God and get on with Life. By constantly striving for one's deepest connection to THE ONE and the expression of that Infinite Love through the vibrations of Christ, one transcends the polarity trap and becomes that which has no opposite, that which has no end. Discernment, then, is a matter of tuning one's being to The Genius Frequency, that space within space, where the radiant Dove pours forth Her eternal art of living and the celebration song of her Eternal gifts.

In this year of discernment, let us be centered in the TRUTH of a reality that resonates with the ONE POWER of LOVE/LIGHT/GOD/MIND. Let our actions speak of a deeper reality of Infinite Proportions. Know that the 5th dimension is not "somewhere to get to." It is not anywhere but within. It has always been so. It is the space of being which does not deny the Gift of Life as the Ultimate Force of Infinite Proportions. Let us accept the responsibility for this Gift by nurturing thought-forms which resonate the music of healing and peace, by making the space and time to recognize the message of the Heart. For the message of the Heart-Of-Hearts is the essence of THE ONE.

May this contemplation serve its highest purpose.

We extend our Infinite Spirit to all, in 2004 and Always

John J. Falone

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