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T H E  4 t h  D I M E N S I O N

"Lifting The Veils Of Dreamtime"


Inasmuch as the new year date is an artificially contrived market closure, by consensus, we are synchronized to its cyclical subharmonic within what we might term “realtime.” It is appropriate, then, that we consider what is agreed upon as the current, western demarcation of a “new” year. Moreover, it should be clear that the tone of each year’s theme overlaps, each one with the other.

For what is termed “before” and “after” are merely transitional, overlapping states within any given now moment in a continuum of human consciousness delineated within the spiraling motion of time’s illusion. As such, these new year messages are designed to be a calling to a next step in the process of our awakening and ultimate transcendence from the perilous “reality” of our "times." These messages are designed to be more instructional than predictive, although they are both.

As we reflect upon past messages, we also incorporate them into a continuing stream of consciousness which is unfolding of its own accord, yet dependent upon our input, just as the forming of the lotus blossom is enhanced by those who are attentive to its needs. Thus, the Year Of The Dove, the call for peace, is augmented by the Year Of Discernment, facilitated by the spiritual eye which is adept at deciphering the rhetoric and dogma of the false hierarchy of 3D powers circumscribed by the altered-ego. For true discernment is based upon Universal Principles that supercede relative truth within the duality of this density creation.

As such, no single Universal Principle exists in a vacuum. For each is an integral part of a hyper dimensional reality, which only appears to manifest incrementally through the “hair-thin slits of time through which all passes” in this dimension.

As the mighty wings of the Dove shook the foundations of the death technologies of the vacuous war machine, the true intentions of those who support it were exposed, in turn, by the true intentions of those who seek eternal principles of peace. This led to a confusion of tongues as those who sought to protect their deadly interests spewed forth all manner of double speak, diversion and divisive maneuvers. During this phase, lessons of discernment were augmented by the need to interpret the language of deception, the projection of the shadow self onto the world stage for the purpose of creating a fictitious enemy. Thus, only in the Spirit of the Dove, can such discernment be realized; only through the heart-mind can we decode and decipher the artificial matrix of words and images designed to produce false equations of power to justify wanton death and destruction of the life force.

Enter 2005:

The profound and desperate desire to understand the true nature of those anti-forces that speak of annihilation — the who, what and why of the entire human drama — has opened the gates of perception to the 4th dimension. As the year unfolds, the veils of deception, so long concealing the source of the dark programming of enslavement through artificial reality games, will become increasingly transparent, and the result will be a revelation of that which lies behind the facade of maligned and corrupted power.

Such corruption is not the only truth that shall be found in this revelation, however; for there are yet deeper layers of reality which form the substrate of human consciousness, the very source of life preceding the distortion of the self-serving motivations of those who seek to enslave spirit through denial of its existence.

Those of you familiar with The Genius Frequency material know of the significant space devoted to analyzing and mapping the nature of the 4th dimension. The mapping of the 4th dimension equates to the earth’s auric field. However, to the altered-ego of human 3D perception, the 4th dimension equates to what can be termed “Dreamtime,” a repository for all human thought-forms, a complex tapestry of natural and artificial idea constructs trapped within the powerful electromagnetic field generated by the angular velocity of earth’s momentum. It is for this reason that human thought-forms can affect this field, which in turn, can affect the eco-system of the earth.

The concentric nature of this field is horizontal and forms a closed system, trapping and collecting thought-forms in bands of density. Accessing Dreamtime requires a Dreambody, just as accessing 3D reality requires a physical density body. Although the 4th dimension also contains spiritual thought-forms, it is not governed by a spiritual component. Therefore, much caution is advised regarding the exploration of the 4th dimension by the naive, the faint of heart and the spiritually depraved.

Due to many factors, far beyond this limited space to describe, the Dreamtime of the 4th dimension is encroaching upon human 3D consciousness at a rapid rate. Just consider those rare moments in your life when a dream appeared to be so very real and reality appeared to be a dream, and you will understand what is happening on a massive scale at this time.

Since all physical action is preceded by thought, one must consider the source of such thought. For the vast majority of humans, all ideas, be they of a futuristic invention or of repeating historical scenarios, reside in the 4th dimension, which may be termed Dreamtime.

The 4th dimension is a treacherous one, to be sure. Originally, it was the pristine repository of nature’s secrets, a communication grid of earth-mind linking all life forms. However, it has become polluted and toxic to the same degree as the earth’s body, and the human body, as well.

In the 4th dimension no distinction is made between the bizarre and the sublime. Therefore, those who seek enlightenment in the 4th dimension are certain to find madness as their reward. For this year’s message, it is most important to understand that, from a 3D perspective, Dreamtime is NO-time. It has no artificial, sequential separation of events. Anything dreamed is instantaneously manifest!

Clearly, 4th dimensional Dreamtime is at once a gift and a curse. The animals operate in Dreamtime and it is for this reason that they are aware of earthquakes and other significant events seemingly before they happen. A mother receives her intuitive messages about her children’s well-being in Dreamtime. From time immemorial, Dreamtime has been an asset to humanity; for all profits, inventors and visionaries draw their earth-bound knowledge from the 4th dimension. Yet every perversion of destructive thought-forms of hate, retribution, tyranny and war also found there.

And now, in this phase of awakening, as time is accelerated within human consciousness, Dreamtime encroaches upon “realtime,” as the veils of sequential time are dissolved. Since the 4th dimension acts as a repository for all human thought-forms, we must consider that all dreams are suspended there and are operating simultaneously with every other one as a collective dream state. Clearly, without the Spirit of the Dove of Peace to guide and protect the soul and the discernment necessary to delineate the source and quality of Dreamtime information, madness and chaos are the result.

The nature of time, itself, creates the veils of perception, the artificial separation of Dreamtime from so-called realtime. However, it is only time’s illusory delay that seems to validate such an ignorant and dangerous belief. If what one dreams manifests forty years hence, no connection is made and no responsibility taken. Yet if what one dreams manifests tomorrow, it changes everything. Why? Because, the cause/effect relationship of the dream to manifest reality in the 3rd dimension shifts from the illusion of the coincidental, to the immediacy of the “now” moment. Suddenly, cause and effect are obvious and the charge of responsibility upon the dreamer cannot be rationalized away.

Now, humans have thought themselves quite clever to toy with Dreamtime as a form of entertainment, erroneously believing that dreams are not reality. Your television, movies, books, entropic philosophies, and video games of terror and violence, celebrating the predatory instinct as the ultimate human power, are becoming real, very real, right now! Look around. It is Dreamtime for humanity.

Those who believe that toying with 4th dimensional Dreamtime bears no personal consequence, think again. This is not a game. This is programming of Dreamtime into reality from which you best wake up before it is too late. Turn it off! Now! Those who think that the perversions of Hollywood are different from the mainstream media news, think again. This is all Dreamtime programming and it is their reality that you shall dream and are now dreaming. Turn it all off now! Remove your children from this cesspool of human corruption. Look around you. You are dreaming their dreams of death for you and your children and, lo, it comes to pass, now in your time. You allow the corrupt to dream for you. But, do not think that it is only “they” that will pay the price.

A pole shift in human consciousness is taking place, whereby so-called realtime and Dreamtime are reversing polarity. Imperceptibly, the switch is made as you give tacit permission for Dreamtime to dream you! Without the Spirit of the Dove, without discernment, without the Christed power of mastery over this dimension? How will you negotiate the collective madness of Dreamtime? How will you discern truth within the language of doublespeak? The answer is: you will not do so.

It is imperative that in this year of the Dreamtime overlap, each sovereign entity takes responsibility for supporting the illusions of the matrix of madness. Understand that the so-called collective consciousness is not consciousness at all, anymore than a library full of books is conscious of the ideas contained therein. Moreover, the library cares not one wit what dreams are assembled within its archives of thought-forms.

Dear brothers and sisters, it is time to wake up, shake off the sleep from your spiritual eyes and see from a higher frequency perspective of the 5th dimension. Know that what manifests in your world is dreamed into your time from the confines of the 4th dimension. Switch off the media dream. Turn it off. Find a quiet place and connect with the only true reality of God, to the extent to which you understand it at this time.

The 4th dimension is a house of mirrors. When you step into it, your image is everywhere and you are nowhere. Now realize that everyone is in that place with you. All dreams are there, reinforced through endless reflections. This is the madness of relative truth, the new age sophistry that rips apart the integrity of the sovereign soul until it knows not the difference between the dreams of others and one’s true eternal essence. The question is: are you truly awake, or are you only dreaming that you are? To allow the collective dream to dream you, is to be corrupted and imprisoned by it.

In 2005, as we undergo further compression of time/space, as the gravitational field continues to fade in strength, the 4th dimensional doors will open by degrees presenting humanity, meaning you, with a great test. As the astral plane impinges upon the altered-ego’s narrow and polarized views of 3D reality, you bear witness to the recapitulation of human dementia, a rerun of every failed experiment, every tragic drama, every power play, every deception, every distortion, every political ideology, every form of corruption and every perversion ever conceived and manifest in the human drama. There is nothing new, progressive or futuristic in this dimension of Dreamtime; no liberation will be found by surrendering to its false promises of personal power and dominance.

There is no absolute truth in the 4th dimension. It is merely the creative clay from which we may create art in life and life as art, or discorporate the integrity of its true purpose. Therefore, the imposition of Dreamtime into 3D time will be a gift to those who have eyes to see and ears to hear. One will see and feel events outside circumscribed time.

The true intent and source of the thought-forms that currently manifest in earth time will be revealed in advance of their manifest reality. The UFO phenomenon will be revealed to vast numbers of entities. The gift of perception will strip away the facades behind which occult forces lurk and the method of manipulating Dreamtime to manufacture fear and enslavement will be exposed. If used properly, these psychic gifts will serve as an early warning system for events with the option of changing their outcome. The gift of healing, love and truth will be discovered as absolute values embedded within the 4th dimensional matrix, like a diamond in the rough.

To others, this coming phase of Dreamtime will be a house of mirrors, the confusion of tongues, a labyrinth of deception entrapping the soul in hopelessness, futility and lack of purpose. The corrupted shamans of earth preach that all your human desires are found in 4th dimensional Dreamtime, all you can imagine is there for anyone, for the taking, for any reason, without accountability, responsibility or purpose in the feeding frenzy of self-serving consumption. It is in the 4th dimension that the corrupted and artificial trinity of competition, acquisition and consumption is superimposed as truth, as the law of the land and as ultimate and final reality.

With the encroachment of Dreamtime into 3D time, as the veils of the time-delay factor are removed by degrees, we become a civilization of sleepwalkers. The incessant programming of Dreamtime into the media, masquerading as reality, is actually dreaming you into its fatal drama. It is based upon abject, spiritual poverty, glorifying a dark god of annihilation and terror, where death is the end result of every endeavor, every manifestation, every desire. Indeed, the coming days will prove most disturbing to those who have purchased the lie within the dream.

Understand the concentric, horizontal bands of Dreamtime and you will realize why we enter sleep horizontally. The 5th dimensional lines, through which Universal Truth and Universal Principles are accessed, are vertical and scalar. It is through these 5th dimensional lines that every dream manifest in this world is instantly communicated to every quadrant of every galaxy of every universe in creation.

So as we plunge into 2005 and the soul is haunted by questions of: How have these things come to pass, and what have I to do with such manifestations? When you begin to see the dreams behind the masks of deception and question what is real; when the soul cries out for eternal values to save it from the cyclical madness of relative truth within Dreamtime; only then will the Lantern of Eternal Truth illuminate the path home. As the 4th dimension merges with the 3rd dimension, the 5th dimension will begin to dawn upon the event horizon of human consciousness where we shall reconnect to THE ONE, true source of all life everywhere and for all times.

"And afterward, I will pour out my Spirit on all people. Your sons and daughters will prophesy, your old men will dream dreams, your young men will see visions."
Joel, 2:28

In the Year of The 4th Dimension, Dreamtime 2005: May this contemplation serve its highest purpose. We extend our Infinite Spirit to all, in every year within this wheel of life and Always, in the timeless moment of NOW.

.:.En.:.Light.:.In.:.THE ONE.:.






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