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"Awakening Within The Dream"

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In our previous examination of the continuing resonant frequency shift at this critical juncture of Earth's transit through the great galactic fields, one of the effects discussed was that of a heightened state of discernment. Of course, such a state is realized on individual levels to varying degrees of awareness. Still, the effects were manifest overall via the massive influx of information on an unprecedented scale of dissemination. Thus, a great number of entities were forced to grapple with the nature of the programming used to encode various dreaming states designed to be accepted as reality. This led to the realization that the manipulation of consciousness is primarily controlled through 4th dimensional techniques. It is through the dream-body that that the programming for your enslavement is encoded. And it is through the dream-body that one "believes" this encoding to be original thought.

We have reached a point in the dual spiraling nature of time where collective attention is directed, with every means conceivable, toward the illusory duality within this dimensional expression. Thus, the replication of fear programming through cultural projections, is repeated, ad-nauseam, by those entities whose profit is derived through the power of consensus as a means to establish the unreal as an inevitable fact of life which must be accepted, a priori, for the purpose of survival.

This consensus, programmed through primitive educational channels of Pavlovian compartmentalization, is based upon the illusory, self-canceling, binary equations of centropy and entropy. The "X" and "Y" of this code is then substituted for the ultimate expression of life and death as: reward and punishment, wealth and poverty, health and illness, righteousness and sin, genius and stupidity, success and failure, supply and demand, power and helplessness, enlightenment and ignorance, acceptance and rejection, peace and war, mastery and servitude, pleasure and suffering, truth and lies, order and chaos, future and past, matter and space, existence and void, weightlessness and gravity, action and reaction, known and unknown, sacred and profane, modern and primitive, conscious and unconscious, joy and sadness, redemption and condemnation, friend and enemy, real and unreal, love and hate.

Now, contemplate this list and see how many more polarities you can add to it.

Have you completed the list? Indeed, can the list be completed? Perhaps, you might agree, that as long as you confine your consciousness to the binary formula, the list is endless! It is endless because what you are perceiving is the artificial cross-section of a loop in a process of creation that manifests the material realm. As such, the polarized components of this process have no inherent values, other than the permutations of energy dynamics embedded in the narrow frequency range of what you agree to as physical reality. Thus, the notion that "truth" must also be one or the other of these polarized "realities," is that which keeps you on the treadmill, and why you are so profitable to those who feed you the dreams. For these manufactured dreams to have the desired, predictable effect, a simple premise must be followed to establish consensus, which imparts the substance of consciousness to the unreal.

Now, you are aware of a physical vehicle which you presently occupy. Such is the first premise of consensus reality; that is, the synchronized attunement of a specific frequency of awareness used as a lens of perception. In other words, you are aware that you have a body only because your conscious awareness is tuned to its resonant frequency. Yet the binary programming, by its own definition, allows this lens to both receive and project images that resonate within its narrow frequency range.

In order to orchestrate the "bodies" as a coordinated, predictable force, the greatest number must agree/resonate with a similar interpretation of what is perceived. And there is currently nothing more efficient and powerful a tool to create and maintain consensus reality than the pulsating, electronic eye that beams the dreams directly into your body. Thus, the tele-vision becomes the second premise, due to a mass, simultaneous appearance of the binary dream into the perceptual realm of mass mind, which is, in and of itself, a consensus.

The third premise of consensus reality, based upon the binary illusion, is the authoritative opinion of so-called experts who are revered as high priests of truth and masters of the binary programming. They are needed, of course, due to the massive confusion and frustration generated by the alternating currents of relative truth presented as "choices." To the discerning mind, these are choices where there is no choice, simply because every choice offered is self-annihilating within the binary matrix of madness. Thus, insanity itself becomes a consensus reality and the stage is set to begin shifting the lexicon of your altered-ego through the simple substitution of meaning.

The manipulation of consensus reality, described herein, operates under the auspices of what is termed the Hegelian dialectic, whereby a solution is proffered which, in and of itself, is a precursor to yet another self-annihilating dichotomy, and so forth and so on. Thus, the stage is set for a pole-shift, a reversal of the artificial dipole awareness, whereby the meanings of words are actually reversed, in what has been termed the Orwellian dialectic.

In terms of any given lexicon, this is quite easy to do since the polarized thought-forms of the dialectic have no intrinsic meaning. In other words, for one, they are a parody of truncated equations which are inherent in lower density dynamics, and two, they are self-canceling. Therefore, the results are always the same — you lose; they profit, because you make their dream real by accepting the premise of its simplistic duality, by living it and dying it.

All of this is made more unreal (and more absurd) because this pole-shift, as it were, is a purely electromagnetic event, triggered by same in the solar cycles and solar "anomalies".:. In other words, there is no human consciousness that determines the moment of the shift, nor the extent to which the meanings of the words reverse polarity. To be sure, there are no shortage of demonic egos to take credit for the devastating effects of such mass unreality; for they are empowered by predictable reactions of fear and helplessness from which they profit so handsomely.

The point here is that the dynamic of the human dramas, which propel the unreality machine of consciousness enslavement, are not of human origin! It is a trick of I-dentification, of association, whereby solar upheaval, for example, is projected as war, seasonal variations are projected as feast and famine, dipole shifts reverse the meanings of words, and so forth and so on. Thus, you agree to believe that consciousness is nothing else than a binary, self-annihilating replica of a natural process. It is easy to "see" then that outcomes are predictable and how there is profit in prophesy.

Penetrating The Dream Matrix

The above contemplation sets the stage for the theme of this year's unfolding realization: The Year Of The UnReal. For as the facade of solidity becomes increasingly translucent, a staggering revelation begins to emerge. The revelation is that the entire matrix of hypnogogic suggestions, that comprise the description of the world, are simply UnReal. Moreover, not only are you dreaming the UnReal, but the UnReal is actually dreaming you!

In other words, what is projected into your awareness becomes a negative template, which is then used to project back into the world for positive verification; yet all that can be verified is the projected dream of the unreal. All that is perceived is a truncated, binary formula describing a closed system within the material density dressed up in human drama. Thus, solar flares become human wars and human bodies become helium and other elements undergoing a fusion process and releasing vast amounts of heat as terror/fear, the emotional equivalent of a solar energy dynamic. Perhaps it is time to dust off your mythology books; for there you will find the exact, anthropomorphic fantasies still embedded in your subconscious and continually reinforced throughout every sleeping moment of your life.

These are just a few of many ways in which the human condition can be projected upon partial equations of natural laws. Yet, the premise is the same: A binary principle is elucidated as a subset of dynamics within the myriad processes of nature; a consensus is established to verify that principle through predictive testing and experiment; the human condition is then projected back into the binary principle; another consensus unreality is thus created and another "solution" to another opposition is concocted, which bears the seed of its own destruction. This simple, and rather mindless, formula of control, has been ritualized by every sort of occult organization, which endeavor to give spiritual credibility to the UnReal by reenacting, through some hysterical drama, the process of destruction which they worship.

Understand that the fashionable corruption and perversion of the occult traditions, currently rampant as a cultural disease, are merely a sublimation of awareness to a set of finite, partial equations based upon the egoic identification of self with the law of entropy as the half-life function of a natural, recycling process within the 3D realm of awareness. By identifying with a particular polarity, as a subset of a dynamic within material creation, one claims an unreality as one's own power. To accomplish this absurd and depraved goal, one must surrender one's soul by sublimating it to a temporary, artificial, un-human condition within the material realm in order to appear as a god of that explicit fraction of material power. Thus, such entities become kings, queens and dictators of the unreal and can only exist by consensus. For if their "subjects" cease to sustain the consensus of their unreality, the emperor is suddenly without clothes.

In your recent history, there was much fanfare, heralding the so-called externalization of the hierarchy, whereby the "government of gods" were destined to manifest in the human realm to bring peace and order to a "chaotic" world. Yet, this was simply another great reversal of self-canceling thought-forms which mirrored the internalizing of same. For what is internalized must also be projected and what is projected will form a consensus from which some new distortion of reality, another set of partial equations, are "verified," like the latest fashions to adorn the same polluted body, appearing to be an irrefutable, manifestation of natural law.

It is important to remember that there is nothing remotely natural about the consensus matrix in which you operate, through which your Divine Gift of consciousness is ensnared and used as fuel to churn the pathetic engines of power, greed, servitude and finally apathy. For the state of apathy, anxiety and fear are important components of preserving the consensus matrix, because it indicates the successful internalization of the propaganda, the partial equations, the binary, bipolar, self-annihilating, the unreal where death is celebrated, even worshipped as some god-like abomination whose function is to cull the herds of the "unworthy," end the suffering of the forsaken and finally, preserve and strengthen the "elite."

So now, the whole of life has been reduced to the question, which virus will survive? Where are the limits to the madness that you will concede to? You do not understand that the existential melt down that you have been suffering for generations has reached critical mass of unreality. Neither is it fully understood how this death-technology is rooted in 4th dimensional dreamtime where the hypnogogic application of the program of your demise is most expediently implemented while you are being "entertained."

Let us be clear about this idea of unreality, lest you conclude that the most expedient solution to your particular unreality is simply massive denial. The unreality that you have agreed to in your consensus matrix is most real simply because it is the only dream that you have as your frame of reference, which is reinforced, ad nauseam, by the input that forms a feedback loop of verification. For it is clear that, at this stage of the unfolding, when pressed to explain your reason for being, you come up empty handed, and devoid of the third component of spirit.

Through your great telescopes you are told that what you see is violence, star-death, dark matter, black holes and big bangs. Imagine that! You are told what to see! Thus, you perceive an interpretation of a reality which you are not permitted to actually know, because the premise itself is unreal. Through your great microscopes, you are told that what you see are armies of invading organisms designed to invade, torture and decimate your body. And so this is also projected as nature, perceived to be a colossal eating machine, manufacturing victims with viral precision for the purpose of feeding the survivors, who are deemed superior, yet must also pay tribute to their own annihilation. On and on it goes, the repetition of the program of the unreal drains the energy from your very souls.

So now the alarms are sounding by the score, the sirens of terror and fear screaming within the mass mind of consensus unreality, as your soul strains, desperately, to shake off the spell. Indeed, the frequencies and subharmonics of awareness are shifting within the soul of mankind, revealing an infinite reality of life for which there is no opposite, that cannot be bifurcated, nor limited to some contrived, truncated, bipolar formula of two dimensional, electromagnetic loops of madness.

The wheels within wheels of material creation have become unrealities, within sub-realities, within a dream about reality, and the wheels have reached a speed of such velocity that one may begin to perceive something greater, something enduring and joyful through the insane blur of self-canceling half-truths being spun into a spell of shared hallucination, of prophetic annihilation, a consensus of death.

Thus, the reality of the sovereign being is the key to breaking the spell of madness. For the spell is only manifest by agreement, by consensus, which can only be sustained when many are watching the same screen, perceiving the same dream being projected to replace your true Divine Essence with fear and subjugation. It is for this reason, foreseen in the infinite wisdom of THE ONE, that the reality, the only reality, THE ONE REALITY, is locked within you, within the Heart-Of-Hearts. Is that not the safest place to hide it? For there it can be preserved as Truth, as the Real of the Eternal which is not subject to manipulation, editing, interpretation, and alteration because it cannot be projected on the shifting screens of alternating mass consciousness — No false images can be created, no unreality consensus possible because your connection with THE ONE, is sovereign, personal, inviolable, unassailable and eternal.

May this contemplation serve its highest purpose.

We extend our Infinite Spirit to all, in 2006 and Always

John J. Falone

.:.En.:.Light.:.In.:.THE ONE.:.








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