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"Escaping The Cube"

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again, it is important to understand that the essence of each yearly message is a delineation of an energy field, the quality of which pervades and interacts with the life-force and therefore the psyche of incarnate beings within your current life-zone. As such, they describe various energetic layers or templates, building, each upon the other, each within the other, to create an atmosphere in which your conscious-awareness may avail itself in order to increase its frequency of perception. Thus, one message does not replace the other. Together, they form an increasing gestalt of potential spiritual awareness on levels heretofore unavailable. In order to maximize the effect of these messages, it is important to read all of them.

In the last message (see 2007) the enhancement of psychic perceptions were delineated, building upon the previous "waves" of consciousness embedded within each solar mini-cycle embedded within the greater galactic cycle in which you move and have your being. However, enhanced psychic awareness does not necessarily translate into sensational hollywood dramas. It is much more subtle and generally presents itself as a nagging feeling that what you are perceiving (or being programmed to perceive) is not the essence of a thing or event. It is, rather, only the image of it, minus the similitude of its essence. Thus, through reductionism, one is confined to a presentation and appearance of substance, and not the essence from which it emanates.

Understand that the psychic apparatus of perception is not a quality that one has or does not have. Every sovereign entity uses psychic perception every moment of their physical incarnation. The difference is the degree to which each is aware of its field of perception. As such, there are as many degrees of psychic awareness as there are individuals who operate in 3D manifestation.

In other dimensions, what is termed psychic awareness is as common as the flight of birds in yours. For lack of a better term, psychic perception is a quantum event, where space/time and time/space are not only malleable, they are expendable. Thus, perceiving the essence of a thing, to any degree, is to perceive the beingness that generates the surface phenomenon of the reflected image. For to perceive an image without its similitude is to be utterly deceived.

Enter The Cube

No doubt, you are familiar with the phrase, "thinking outside the box." There is more to this concept than one might suppose. In the physical world, matter persists through the binding action of the 6th power, that is, of the cubic function of space which contains it in 90 degree intersections of energetic barriers.

Now, in any energy system, there is a level of convergence where multiple charges become catalytic in nature. In such an event horizon, for example, the electron jumps to a new orbit or energetic shell, creating a photonic emission in a superluminal moment of energy exchange and equalization. So too, in terms of consciousness, you experience such moments on infinite levels, be they of subatomic or of galactic scales. However, your awareness is locked in a cubic function of space/time. With obvious exceptions, the soul's desire is to transcend this cubic containment in order to enjoy multiple experiences in the "Many Mansion" worlds within the greater life-zones of creation.

Such attempts at energy shifts, sufficient to overcome the cubic principles of containment within a particular life-zone, has been the continuous theme, in one fashion or another, of every religious and scientific system that hinges its collective power on the innate desire of the soul to transcend such containment. Thus, the soul is naturally drawn to myriad promised fulfillment of its primary desire, like the moth to a flame. Since collective systems are inherently corruptible, the soul merely escapes one cubic geometry of containment into another, collective containment, that promises to accomplish the required work on behalf of the sovereign nature of the soul.

Thus, in the higher abstractions of metaphysics, one can perceive actual wars developing between the cubic and pyramidal geometries of conscious-awareness. In this abstraction, we see the architecture used by the false hierarchy to manipulate and control. If such a proposition appears absurd to the intellect, indeed it is an absurdity compounded by irony in your current condition. Yet if such absurd realities are accepted for what they are, progress can resume through a shift in conscious-awareness that avails itself of the energetic shifts occurring within the greater harmonics now resonating within each being that finds itself within the cusp of great change.

This, as all the previous messages, is informed by the reality of the sovereign soul's true nature, its current position within the moving cross of space and time, and seeks to provide that which is necessary to extricate itself from the false hierarchy of imposters, whose chosen purpose is to usurp the energetic shifts of same — to prevent the use of such cyclic and therefore predictable waves of energy fields, which provide the required atmosphere in which the soul can transcend the cubic restrictions. Thus, the strategy is to truncate its progress and imprison it in endless repetitive cycles of return, to short-circuit, as it were, its original cyclic journey into this dimension.

Now, this preamble must give way to the theme of this message that focuses upon the sovereign, individualized soul, and how it must perceive the inner-work and its attendant responsibility of rebuilding itself, rather than the relentless emphasis placed upon "outside" events seen through the cubic lens of collective madness.


It is not, then, that all you have come to know regarding the Solar/Galactic activities of this current time cycle suffers the delusional signature of the false hierarchy. Indeed, such knowledge is the precursor to the dissolution of their collective machinations. However, there is a critical point in your progression through this cycle which requires a shift to the internal Solar/Galactic similitude within your being.

The profound excitement generated by the deluge of Aquarian knowledge, revealing the grand cycles through the voices of your previous incarnate minds, unearthed and exposed to your current awareness, is quite understandable. Many of you are now aware (even obsessed) of such "exterior" events. Suffice it to say, there is a near-hysterical fascination for various objects and events in your outer mind, such as a "New Blue Sun," Photon Belts, the return of Planet X, various galactic civilizations with equally various agendas, and countless "anomalies," relative to the static status quo which represents the collective altered-ego in the form of religious and scientific institutions. So many anomalies, so little time!

The Last Card

However, it is now time to understand/realize and to KNOW that such "exterior" events — there will be many more — are symbolic and representative of a reality that exists within your being. At this juncture, you must realize that the last "card" in the hands of the false hierarchy of your world is actually the weakest of all they have played before in the continuity of your time/space. That card is the illusion of, their interpretation of, an "objective" reality, exterior events, designed to merely reinvent the continuum of a dialectic designed to enslave your sovereign souls in the first place. Written upon that "last card" is the statement: "See, look here, look there; look all around; signs and wonders abound; you are at the mercy of these forces and you need us to guide your way, to save your life, to protect you from that which you do not understand, from the unknown which you must fear."

The illusion is that exterior events are coming that will save you, or that will destroy you, or that will vindicate you, or that will enslave you, or that will free you, or that will paralyze you, or even annihilate you. All of these scenarios are portrayed to enhance your insignificance in the face of something so vast, so massive in scale, as to reduce your existence to an utter state of helpless confusion. Thus, the "last card" is the same as the first one; it is that of chaos, uncertainty and fear. Once reduced to such a state, the false hierarchy can offer its "power" to your "sense" of insignificance, insecurity and terror, in the name of countless scientific/religious salvation scenarios.

Clearly, the enhancement of your psychic abilities is a function of your Spiritual Vision, your spiritual EYE, as it were, and the enhancement of such is to reveal that which is hidden, by degrees, as the veils of the lower lights are lifted. However, this requires a spiritual perception equal to the changes, the unveiling of those identical changes within you and how you must utilize them in order to rebuild the connection to the Mind of THE ONE lost to you and blocked for millennia by the reflective walls of cubic space in which your awareness is confined.

That is not to say that the awesome events on the objective level of outer manifestations are not significant. It is, rather, to say that every event witnessed in that objective reality has a spiritual counterpart as a tangible reality within your being. Thus, there is a galactic "crossing" within you; there is a new Sun, a second Son being born within you; there is a planet X returning within you; there is a New Age of Peace unfolding within you; there are massive solar flares erupting within you; there is the return of Christed Consciousness within you; there is a shift of the ages occurring within you; there is "free" energy, Zero Point energy building within you; there are new pyramid chambers discovered within you; there are new sacred scrolls of Light found within you; there is SuperLuminal Light operating within you. Every known celestial body, and all those yet to be "discovered," is within you, including the collective mass of energy otherwise known as your galaxy.

Until the full realization of this Hermetic Principle is manifest as integral to your conscious-awareness, you will remain in the half-life function of a life-zone that precludes your ultimate freedom and transcendence from the cubic containment of your consciousness in matter. Your telescopes and cyclotrons and HARPS and the endless array of mechanical instruments of technology can reveal only more facets of life that you cannot participate in without the ability to realize how the Sacred Principles, which manifest such objective, reflected phenomenon, are operative within your very being. For if you fail to integrate these Principles, you will remain effectively locked out of your own heritage, your ability to participate in the Many Mansion Worlds that exist within you!

Many are running about proclaiming that this is coming and that is coming. Yet, from a higher frequency of thought, NOTHING is coming. For in your existence as a quantum state of awareness, the limited, linear concept of space/time is an illusion of grand proportions that effectively filters out the very transcendence that you seek. To remove the illusion is to realize that all that can happen is already happening in ONE simultaneous event within YOU! Plotting the Infinite on a timeline is a fruitless endeavor, one that eternally postpones realization, because that which will "come" in some future tense will remain so by the very nature of its definition.

For a thousand years you waited for the year 1000, for it was said that such a time would mark your transcendence, your liberation from the matrix of the cube. And the "time" came and went in your futile counting. For another thousand years you waited for the year 2000, for it was said that the great shift would fulfill the promised glory of that which you failed to achieve. NOW, as always, you wait for something — you wait for 2012. For it is said the end of time will liberate you through some exterior force which will carry you into...what? What realization, what state of being will come that does not already exist in the timelessness of the Infinite Mind in which you have your very being.

Now ask yourself, beloved, how is it that so many have managed to transcend the limitations of your seeming disconnection during all the times of your waiting?! Put forth this question to your soul and it will answer you that nothing can come that is not NOW realized. It is only your awareness that is waiting within a house of mirrors, and you see yourself everywhere, and you are taught that each reflection is someone else in some other time. You are told not to worry, to go back to sleep because the future is coming and that is most certainly a truth. It is always coming and it will always be so in your illusion of time.

You awake in each incarnation as a duality of this dimension, as a reflection of yourself in the previous one. Thus, you remain a dual self, one that remembers everything and one that remembers nothing. The latter simply waits to BE while the former already IS. The struggle and frustration of the soul to reunite the two creates the intense longing that you feel. It is that part of you bound to the cubic function that continually dies in the hope of living. This is the great paradox and illusion which is predicated upon attaining the completeness of that which you already are. Thus, to imprison the soul is to simply create an artificial construct of time that mandates a future for which to await one's salvation.

To be sure, your journey here is a grand adventure and a valuable one at that. Each time you reincarnate, you enter the cubic function and thus you are crucified to the cross of space and time. The requirement of such a journey is to divide yourself in half; for the totality of your consciousness, as a sovereign being, cannot experience the nuances of such a state any more than a deep sea diver can experience the depths of the ocean trenches without a vehicle that can withstand the mind-numbing pressures of an atmosphere so foreign to the construction of a body designed for a different level of experience.

Thus, in this year of your mini-cycle of realization, the energy shift, is to your center, within. There are many ways to properly utilize this energy, to augment it, to ride the wave, as it were. Understand, your altered-ego will resist this energy with considerable force, because it is the psychological driver that projects its own weakness upon others. It would be wise to dismiss the idea that any of these energy shifts will bring something "new." There is nothing that is new in an Infinite Creation. There is only a succeeding awareness of a Universal Principle that has been forgotten, ignored, or resisted to the detriment of your completeness.

The Principle of cubic space will be enhanced within you so that you will have to confront yourself, your motivations, your reactions to world events, and, above all, to your projections of self into that world. In this "year" of your time, you will become hyper-aware of your own image as manifest in others. You will see in others an entire spectrum of what you are confronting on the most intimate levels. Those who are unprepared will feel constrained, boxed-in, as it were, surrounded by images reflecting that limited state of awareness. However, this energy can be used to awaken to the condition of soul, the responsibility of self to balance that which appears to be an imbalance in others. One can choose to ignore or fight this realization at one's peril.


as described above so it must be below in the timelessness of your time. All the superficial excitement of space/time events, all the paranoia of your global conspiracies, all the religious and scientific explanations of your current conditions, all in all, become delusional projections of parts of you in what appears to be an outside world, one which you are programmed to pit yourself against. And in doing so, one pits oneself against self. This is the reflective action of the cube, the hyper-dimensional mirrors in which your 3D awareness is confined and proclaimed by the "authorities" to be the only reality. It is nothing new. It is a precondition of that dimension in which you have repeated so many life experiences. What is new is the intense realization of this containment in this year of your time. It is the 6th power that binds the material realms, like a gigantic stone edifice which engulfs the senses with the illusion of permanence — and paradoxically, the illusion of death.

Thus, the unveiling of the matrix, facilitated through your now enhanced psychic perceptual apparatus (see 2007 message), finds you now in a box of your own making, because you have accepted the box as a condition of your existence. For many, this year, in your time, will be as one who awakens in a massive room with six equal planes reflecting the soul's light back to itself. The action of its reflective power is likened to mirrored stone, yet its true nature is electronic. It is the frequency of your conscious-awareness that determines its composition — the lower the frequency, the more solid the walls.

As you scan this cubic space, everywhere you see yourself reflected back from every mirrored plane. As you move about, the angles continuously change so that what appears to be different, what appears to be another being is none other than self reflected. Countless images, reflected at the speed of light, are bound in a seemingly hopeless return; for everywhere one looks, one sees another reflected image on yet another wall of limitation. For the uninitiated, this is a precondition to madness. It is also the principle upon which group-think is propagated as a solution by your handlers to equalize the pressures generated by the reflective walls of energy.

Thus, the six 90 degree mirrors of containment simulate the limitations of Spirit in matter which gives birth to a soul trapped in the world image, isolated from its Similitude with THE ONE. In that world, the soul is dominated by an ego-identity of self-image. Yet everywhere the ego looks it sees the opposite of self, the anti-matter of its own undoing in the mirror, staring at itself, threatening to annihilate, posing as the enemy — the enemy in the box.

You are taught that the box is your world from which there can be no escape except through death. But this is also a lie; for in death you encounter the same mirrors which compel your return. Thus, if you cannot think outside the box while you are in it, you are compelled to relive it through another "round" within the cube of accepted limitations. In such a state, the condition of the human soul simulates a crucifixion, whereby it is crucified to the cross of space and time. For if the cube is unfolded into a 2D space, it becomes a cross.

Understand, that for this level of study, Spirit and Consciousness are synonymous and suffer no restraints nor containments as regards any geometric construct of space, time, or matter. It is only your awareness that is imprisoned within the cubic function of space/time, and that awareness is an infinitesimal fragment of the totality of your Consciousness as Spirit. Moreover, the altered-ego is the identity you fashion based upon that microscopic awareness of your physical density. So, you see, that which is imprisoned is not much at all!

The problem is that your perceived limitations (your awareness) within the cube of containment is the space in which you create your soul. Although the seed of the soul is bequeathed to you as a gift of Spirit, like a babe it is weaned, at which point YOU are responsible for its development. For your soul is all that you can claim to be your own. Thus, the primary purpose, indeed, the only True purpose for your co-creative powers is to create, modify and perfect your soul — a soul worthy of Life, one that eventually matures in harmony with the gift of Spirit within THE ONE.


In this your time, the energetic shifts, of which you fancy as galactic or otherwise exterior events, most of which you are "waiting" for, are also interior events for which no time is required to actualize your transcendence, whereby your soul is fit to participate as a sovereign entity in the Many Mansion Worlds, as self-contained manifestations of the Infinite Mind. Such worlds are not accessed through space ships, time machines, laser beams, or any other technological fabrications within the cubic awareness of 3D and 4D continuums. They are accessed through the "tunneling effect" of going within to discover a portal within the Heart-Of Hearts, through which you, the Magician, discover the secret to escaping the 6 mirrored cube of your constraint.

Wonder of wonders, you say, it has been there all along! All along, it was the altered-ego's tenacious clinging to an empty image, and in its desperation to overcome its cubic restrictions, it simply bounces of the walls of geometric energy constructs in search of a self that always appears in the mirror to oppose itself in some way or another. This is a result of the cubic geometry of thought inherent in the programming of the mind by the false hierarchy. The images and reflections within that mind-set are used to foster and manipulate collectivism, which is then divided against itself — group against group, image (racism) against image. And you are told that the next war must be fought so that the world will be one! Now, the world has always been ONE and shall always be so, with or without you. That which is not one can only be the reflection in the mirror of your cubic space and time.

Now, the matrix of the cube is such that those minds confined within its six energy fields accept the image of what is reflected, but do not perceive the similitude of their eternality, which is the only part of them that can set them free. Every True Master who ever taught this planet has focused upon this singular reality. As you can now see, such teachings are quickly seized by the teachers of cubic mind, and deceptively boxed-in, as it were, into a a new, "branded" package to market as a collective reflection upon the alter of war — inclusive of scientific as well as religious collectivism as programmed perception of reflected imagery as reality and relative truth.

In this year of your time, these programmers of cubic mind seek to amplify their restrictions and impose their dogmas as an answer to the chaos of reflections within the mirrored walls of containment. As always, their technique is to divide an image against itself, redefine those 180 degree images into opposing views, and ultimately reverse the meanings of your language by the same degree. Thus, confusion becomes the madness that requires ever increasing containment, control, restriction and self-cancellation. This is accomplished via the 180 degree Orwellian dialectic offered as reason and logic to a dying mind.

The Magician's Secret

The above contemplation should give a higher frequency of meaning to the term, "thinking outside the box." Now, the question remains: What is the process by which such realization is accomplished? The answer is, of course, the exact reverse of its literal, mundane meaning. In other words, one thinks "outside the box" by going within, by accessing the center of one's being, the Heart-Of Hearts, the source and wellspring of your life force, the Seed-Crystal of your soul. This process is the secret way out of the energy mirrors of cubic space within which your soul is continually recycled.

It is through the portal of the Heart-Of-Hearts that one Masters the material experience and becomes the sphere of Light of completeness in the fuller greatness of Infinite Mind, which contains the cubic function of matter, rather than said function containing the spherical expression of your soul. In this way, you build, modify and empower your soul using the Eternal Attributes of Infinite Mind, rather than the self-consuming limitations of cubic space. Such limitations form the operating tables and the alters upon which you sacrifice your completeness.

Hence, when using your higher mind (the totality which is consciousness) to comprehend the greater expression of the Spiritual Template which gives rise to your 3D universe, the seeming paradox of life inherent in the cubic reflections, gives way to a reality which defines your sovereign expression of soul as a free agent of the Divine Manifestation of infinite creation. In that realization, you are able to come and go as you please, to incarnate as you please in multidimensional realities, otherwise known as the Many Mansion Worlds of THE ONE.

In the fuller expression of your sovereign soul, you experience true freedom as a sovereign emissary of THE ONE, as you traverse the many life-zones, bringing the message, indeed the reality, of eternal life to all life-forms in all life-zones of creation. No 3D technology is required for this stupendous achievement. Only the vehicle of the soul built with Spiritual Technology can accomplish this greater plan which is nothing more than your true heritage and the actualized potential imbued within every soul. Thus, the multidimensional technology is available to each of you with which to build such a vehicle. However, there is no "Blue-Sun," no "photon belt," no "planet-x," no savior or being exterior to your inner universe that will do this work for you.

Thus, you are given the spiritual bricks and mortar with which to build the vehicle of soul to call your own, one that is worthy to participate with countless Masters serving up perpetual Light to all the life-zones in perpetuity. Structurally, the cube is a weak geometry, far inferior to the pyramidal geometries, both in your current physical density and the more rarefied frequencies of Superluminal Light. Cubic space is a temporary, geometric construct, the matrix of material expression, which exists between the bases of two pyramids when drawn apart to equidistant proportions.

In this year of your time, you are simultaneously challenged to dissolve the cube of your limitations, while being offered the tools to penetrate the veils of reflected light, the endless images parading before your outer-directed perception, otherwise termed objective reality. The images are formed from the in-form-ation streams designed to capture your attention, which is the willful intent of your focused awareness. However, discernment of Truth depends upon converting awareness into consciousness, not endlessly redirecting your awareness to what the material eye of imagery is projecting into your mind.

Know that consciousness is attained and integrated with awareness by going within to connect with the greater mind outside the box, as it were. You can use the same ten percent of your mind (awareness) to chase exterior events forever and lose the greater part of that which you are. For you are programmed to believe that the images projected upon you define who you are. Yet they are images without similitude, without a cause, devoid of the purpose for your very existence. You are told that the truth is "out there," yet it is not. Only the images of truth are there. You see life through the manufactured looking glass, seeking interpretations for its meaning, yet there is no inherent meaning in such imagery. It is only another movie for which you dearly pay, only to emerge from the theater onto the dark streets of an empty life. What you are given, what you pay for, is a false promise from those who sell the looking glass to the highest bidder in return for your true I-dentity.

In the Spiritual realms, the medium of exchange is determined by the wealth of your soul. Those who have used their souls to possess only the images projected upon them are improvised. Thus, the "homeless" soul is compelled to return to its box, an artificial construct, a matrix of empty images at such a cost. Now, in your time, you either accept the images as reality or you do not. To accept them as your reality is to relinquish your True Identity, the similitude of your Original Source. To embrace the image without the similitude, is to submit to the hive within the cube of artificial control of your very life-force. To "see" them (the images) for what they truly are requires the inner-vision of the soul, made possible by shifting your awareness to the source of the infinite field of consciousness accessed within the Heart-Of-Hearts. It is there that you will "see" the portal, your personal star gate, by which to exit the cube of your current confinement.

Imagine that you are floating in a room with four walls, a floor and a ceiling of equidistant proportions and the entirety of each surface is a video screen, each projecting endless images of world events, and other commercialized fabrications, each frame in every moment vying for your attention, for your identity. Now, ask yourself: Who am I? By what "frame" of reference will you answer that all-important question? Your "handlers" proclaim that you are free to choose who you are from the exterior, cascading imagery projected upon you , from which you can pick and choose, or even create a composite image of yourself in your mind, with which to construct an identity from their landfill of profane, vile and hopeless scenarios populated with enslaved, depraved, soulless images of temporal power or the lack thereof.

That is life in the box, the reflection of surface phenomenon which has you bouncing off the walls of an apparent and seeming existence in futile attempts to escape the madness of an artificial construct. In this, your year, such a construct will begin to close in upon the awareness of mind.  Yet, you must turn it all off. You must stop the world, as it were. You have the power to do so because your awareness is the smallest part of your greater consciousness through which you filter your external universe to make "sense" of the world.

The greater portion of you, the reservoir of Infinite Consciousness available to your awareness, indeed, from which your awareness is derived, is beyond all cubic restrictions, beyond the stricture of your programmed filters. As such, your soul is deeply affected by the awareness you accept and use to negotiate the world of images void of the similitude which completes its true power and purpose. When you turn off the images you stop the world. And in doing so you reconnect to the greater part of you, strengthening, healing and rebuilding your soul as the Spiritual vehicle it is meant to be. Such a vehicle is not constrained; it is not restricted; it does not depend upon 3D technology. Only with the vehicle of your sovereign soul may you gain access to the Greater Spectrum of creation — which is, in actuality,

Awaken now!
There is no other time in which to do it.

.:.En.:.Light.:.In.:.THE ONE.:.









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