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"The Great Preparation"

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From within the cube of your carbon-based awareness, the “still small voice,” grows stronger, seemingly to equalize its presence to that of the cacophony of events, impinging like a tsunami of assaults upon the sensory-awareness that the altered-ego claims as a conscious-state. However, such an illusion is the primary programming tool of a false-hierarchy that stands on the brink of its own dissolution in the face of a profound awakening.

Such is the condition, whereby, one awakens within a dream for the first time, somehow knowing that it is a dream, yet unable to effectively modify the images and feelings that combine to form its state of unreality. Indeed, to your awareness-body it is all real enough. However, the core center of your conscious-state gains strength within you as a desperate response to the impending signals of a world of time unfolding as a megalithic structure built upon faulty blueprints which predestines its collapse.

Thus, you are, in your time, witness to the unfolding of that which is of antiquity, as well as that which is yet to be written upon the portal of your emergence into a reality of your own making. And yet, as timeless beings, you are centered in an eternal moment, like seed and egg, symbols of a convergence, a merging of preconceived intention within the womb of time awaiting that which exists as completion of your sovereign state of being.

Because your awareness-vehicle is a creature of time, an experiential state to which you submitted your conscious-being, long ago in your time, your emergence from that experiential reality of awareness is also subject to those self-same conditions of time to which you agreed in the beginning of your cyclic adventures. However, it is not that the conscious part of you is awakening, because consciousness never sleeps, only awareness sleeps and dreams of a fragmented world which the awareness-vehicle senses as something outside, a creation not of its specific embodiment.


In other words, within the frequency-set of your awareness-vehicle, its experiential cycles are real enough, indeed, since it can perceive no other state as reality beyond its frequency parameters for which it is designed to negotiate a specific world of time. Understand that this field of awareness, designated the "i-am" (small) by your altered-ego, is entirely composed of, and, therefore, subject to all manifest fluctuations in the environment of your world of time. This includes every atomic, subatomic, molecular, magnetic, electromagnetic, plasma charge dynamic, gravitic, or any other detectable variance of cyclic recombination of forces forming worlds of time.

therefore, one's state of awareness, being composed of the elements of time and every conceivable dynamic therein, is an ever-shifting, mutable and fluctuating sub-domain of the greater field of eternality. This greater field is known by all beings of True multidimensional capacity as that of consciousness, of which awareness is only a subunit, created by the spin and angular velocity of the lower light spectrums as they are wound up, as it were, into a temporary state of manifestation, under the greater laws of Alpha/Omega.

now, in your time, you "sense" the great shift in these energy fields, and all the incessant talk regarding prophesy and survival is relentlessly redirected to the awareness-field for processing and understanding. Yet, such bantering misses the mark entirely and is designed to do just that. For it is known by those who serve the dying false-hierarchy that an awareness vehicle cannot process the greater reality of consciousness. It will, without fail, overload and short-circuit, resulting in every imaginable level of tension, stress and fear.

understand that the changes now occurring in and to your energy fields of awareness, during this great phase of the time-cycle, are not, and cannot effect your consciousness-vehicle, centered within your True Being. Thus, that part of you, that conscious seed-crystal of eternality, cannot be touched by the vicissitudes inherent in the words of awareness. It is that part of you that caresses, embraces, protects and loves that which is its awareness vehicle, yet, it Knows that it is not that vehicle, but that which gives it life.


all that is before you, then, is merely a recapitulation of that which you experience everyday of your lives as awareness-beings, yet on a grand, galactic scale. Contemplate, then, the mundane affairs of life manifesting, as micro-events, except on a massively scalar proportion. Thus, you witness the continual rebirth, the continual replication of awareness under the condition of time's unfolding, yet, the idea of same occurring on a galactic scale evokes every sort of wonder, if not distortion. For the Alpha/Omega of all time is simply the birth/death pulsations of a binary universe.

thus, you witness in the mundane, that which is taken for granted as "reality." You are familiar in your awareness that entropy is everywhere in life, yet, what appears as death inevitably gives way to life, over and again. This you see; this you are aware of; this you accept as reality; this is "obvious," to a point that the Truth of this, the essence of its message, is hidden in plane sight.

you accept the fact that when two opposing, polarized energy fields of awareness merge, another awareness-being is produced in time, beginning yet another unfolding of its constituent matrix of awareness units. Yes, all of this you are aware of, yet such awareness is not a Knowing; for Knowing is that of consciousness. Yet, in the grand galactic cycle of your world, that which is so familiar appears as strange, otherworldly, and unfathomable.

thus, you gaze into the night sky believing it is some enigmatic, mysterious thing other than you, yet it is your awareness gazing back at you in the fullness of time, the unfolding on a grander time-scale of the exact processes of life that created the eye of your sense, by which you apprehend a glimpse of you as galactic being. For time, as perceived by earth-bound awareness, and time perceived by galactic awareness, is nothing more than one fractal embedded within another, each identical in form and function, yet each on another octave of manifest unfolding in time.

however, when you perceive the essence of the process of such manifest unfolding, time ceases to have any relevance, for all of which you can be aware has already passed in its time. Thus, the experience of an awareness-being is one of a perpetual state of past events, thought-forms in perpetuity. Such is the function of awareness, for that is all it was ever meant to be, a means to perceive a world of time.

It is for this reason that a state of awareness can never apprehend the eternality of the moment, for awareness is designed to react, and, as such, it cannot expressly function as a causative agent of Universal Mind. Only conscious-mind can function as causality because consciousness is not born of time — it, in fact, creates it.


herein, is the crux of the seemingly enigmatic search for the Grail; and it is deemed Holy, precisely because it is uncorrupted and uncorruptable Mind, the driving force and progenitor of all forms of life in every life-zone, within every world of time and beyond. Therefore, the Grail Cup is the seat of consciousness within each human entity, yet, it cannot be perceived by one's awareness — only its effects can be perceived without cause, its presence suspected through circumstantial evidence, and even this, much later in time's unfolding cycles.

all of this suggests that you do not actually know who you are — but, then, you already know that. And that is why age after age, Master after Master, teaching after teaching, each and all, attempting to introduce you to someone unseen, someone of great purpose, of grand potential, of infinite and unconditional love, of power so awesome that it seeks nothing for itself, for it is everything in all times — your true self!

now, in your time, ample proof is before you, revealing the utter folly and the tragic consequences of attempting to build and sustain a modality of life, using only the polarized awareness-state based exclusively upon the frequency-set of your awareness-vehicles. You also now see that attempts to increase awareness, via education, chemicals, genetic manipulation, or any other contrivance of the altered-ego, inevitably results in catastrophic failure.


thus, at the helm of your social ships you see the equivalent of extremely clever dinosaurs, self-created monstrosities, parading about, boasting of their cleverness, their artificially induced levels of awareness, believed to be proof of superiority, for which secret chambers are built in which to organize their supposed superior awareness. Such is the final phase of their ruler-ship, as the resonant frequency of the planet they claim to control diminishes by degrees, in the face of the Omega cycle, now upon you. For the awareness-state becomes weaker as its local field-strength evaporates.

for those who believe that awareness is power, control, and the ultimate arbiter of survival, only panic, fear and, ultimately, insanity will be the result. Yet, for those who Know the True Source of their power, the True Essence of their being as a state of consciousness, the expression of a "new dawn" will finally emerge as a state of Mastery within, the key to all True teachings found throughout the archives of experiential time, perpetually re-discovered by awareness beings, digging up their own memories. However, in this phase of your cyclic time, the difference between being aware and being conscious will become clear.

for the function of the former is constructed from beliefs, and the latter of Knowing. Thus, what appeared to be a duality of self, to your awareness, is revealed to be merely a shift in one's identity, from its true source of eternality to one of ephemeral, shifting, reactive awareness. Thus, as the awareness field diminishes, one re-discovers the causative powers of Truth centered within the Heart-Of Hearts.


here, in your time, you also rediscover the True meaning of the oft' used expression of "rebirth." For to be reborn is not a matter of becoming yet another belief-system, by which the same awareness-vehicle claims a different identity. It is, rather, a state-shift from the reactive awareness responses to a manipulated environment, to one of True causative manifestation of consciousness. This state-shift is the so-called new world, expounded in countless pages within the archives of your experiential awareness.

however, this so-called new world shall not be found and shall not come to pass through some manipulation of an awareness-state by any means or agent of such means. The True meaning of this, long-promised, world is one wholly dependant upon each sovereign being, and the willful participation in handing the reigns of one's illusory control to an awareness-vehicle, back to the ultimate and True Causation from which that vehicle was created and in which one eternally has one's being.

ENTER 2009

therefore, we term this year in your time, the Year Of Gestation, because during this phase of the grand cyclic change, the Truth of your essence, as a conscious-being, emerges from its dormant state of potential into its original inheritance, like a newborn babe from the womb of its loving mother. However, since you have submitted to the Alpha/Omega laws of time within your life-zone, this process must also proceed according to those laws. Thus, the responsibility to prepare, to nurture, to provide the proper environment of love, and to take every step to remove dangerous and toxic elements within your being, is your challenge, your duty and ultimately, your responsibility.

thus, for the sake of your new, True Self, reborn, like the Phoenix from the ashes of a long extinct awareness-modality of conduct, as befits a true master, a conscious-being, steps must be taken to ensure the completion of this most exiting and most profound rebirth within you. As such, this time of gestation shall occur neither in the womb of the awareness vehicle, nor in the womb of time, but, rather, it shall occur and develop in the womb of your Heart. There you will detect its development and use your awareness of its presence as a maternal instinct to protect, to nurture and to welcome the new arrival of your true self, for whom you have longed to BE.

here, you see the key to the true meanings within the teachings, claiming that you are a child of God. Thus, in this, your designated year of 2009, in your counting of time, let the true you, the true sovereign entity from which your awareness-vehicle was produced, return the unconditional love in kind. Allow your awareness-vehicle to recognize and acknowledge that its very existence, indeed, all of its many incarnate appearances, is an act of unconditional love, by and through the portal of life, known as the seed-crystal of consciousness, expressed, and dwelling eternally as Heart-Mind.

seek not, then, the shadow-memories of your awareness, imprints of so many Alpha/Omega cycles of time; for time must follow such laws of periodicity. Know, that you are not a product of awareness born into such worlds, nor are you bound to suffer the beginnings and endings of such states of manifestation. Rather, you are a product of unconditional, timeless Love, issue of eternality within an infinite creation that changes in appearance, yet never in essence.

prepare yourselves, then, for the true rebirth of your true essence, your true timeless, sovereign identity, which fully participates in that eternal creation called life. In Truth, the gestation of your conscious-state, within your world of time, is marked in thousands of years, by the counting of your awareness-vehicles. Yet, to a conscious-being, such counting is meaningless; for all cycles of time are relative to their rate of spin and their phases within the prescribed laws of Alpha/Omega.

and when all is ready, when all the phases of your allowing form the loving environment in which your true self emerges, a True rebirth will have occurred in time, and the liberation from the limitations of a time-bound awareness-being seeking completion shall, thus, be complete. In this way, your awareness-vehicle completes the cycle of rebirth of True Self, where your false identity with an awareness-state merges into the center of your sovereign expression as a fully conscious being in its true and intended state of eternality.

In that eternal moment of True rebirth, your freedom is realized, and the authentic journey of a True co-creator, a causative-state of actualized sovereignty, will mark that moment with the Light of victory, from which other beings will follow as they, in turn, witness the transfiguration from awareness to consciousness. This is the purpose of your journey, the reason for all that you have experienced, and the ultimate outcome of your many trials in that world of time.

Awaken now!
There is no other time in which to do it.

.:.En.:.Light.:.In.:.THE ONE.:.









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