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"Eye Of The Fulcrum"

Just as that which is below emerges from that which is above; that which is without emerges from that which is within. Here, the centering power of the life-force is neither coming nor going; for offspring and creator become one another in a timeless moment of co-creation.

In as much as the gestation of co-creative forces, formed events and circumstances in your previous earth/sun cycle, and the convergence of your past/present/future time unfold the fetus of a new conscious-awareness, you now face the projection of your world like a newborn babe, immersed in the reality of your time, yet co-dependent upon the brittle bones of a crippled archetype near extinction.

For so long, within the womb of time, aware, yet unable to perceive the face of your enslavement, you unquestioningly accepted the source of your sustenance as a foregone conclusion, a reality unto itself, beyond which there can be no life, and within which there can be no freedom. This, you perceive from a position of entombment within the spinning webs of relative circumstances.

And now, in the rebirth of your inexplicable awakening, you gaze into the grotesque, collective face of would-be masters, heavy in the cosmetic illusion of benevolence, speaking fluently the dual serpent language of machines — and you no longer believe; for the programmed senses of a mechanized reality cannot contain the true source of your eternality.

And as the vision of your rebirth began to clarify the appalling shadows of that grotesque underworld, something far deeper began to emerge; something that has been there all along, like a sunlit meadow awaiting the cave-dwellers of your previous lives. For now, through the singular eye of the Heart, the shells and veils of time begin to dissolve, revealing a timeless reality where the suffering of secrets cannot exist, yea, has never existed, except in the programmed illusion of oscillating dualities.

Whereas, the gestation of your many earthly bodies trace the phylogeny of all the kingdoms of which it is composed, this new gestation is of a conscious body requiring no such tracing of time's unfolding cycles, nor any kingdoms found within that dimension; for it preexists as completeness in the eternality of NOW.

Thus, emerging from the womb of your own eternality, you witness a reality of life that is untouchable by any hand of manipulation, be it bloody or white-gloved. For such manipulation is only an effect upon the speed limits of unfolding time, masking the inevitability of that which is timeless, and therefore, beyond all such pathetic attempts to control.

ENTER 2010

Thus, upon unsteady legs of your newfound sovereignty, you approach the great well of your own infinite reservoir, beholding to no other and requiring no license for its use. And here you gaze into the bottomless, unfathomable depths of a wellspring within, centering your being as the very source of nourishment — there all along, even as you staggered through the barren landscapes of time, like a beggar taking handouts, sipping toxic water from the ladle of false promises, sweetened by artificial rhetoric of peace.

And so there is that part of you clinging to the circumference of time's spinning wheels, like dizzy children upon a merry-go-round, who perceive in the blur of their cyclic motion, a hostile, dangerous world, requiring a tighter grip, lest one be propelled into the seeming void. Thus, you are taught to fear the totality of yourself, that which not only centers your world, but all worlds of time.

For to the altered-ego, this Well is a strange, secret, mysterious place, its stillness beguiling, yet its silence terrifying. Yet, more terrifying than the still silence of the well is its sovereignty, for it contains the responsibility of infinite co-creation; and so full is it with the gifts of life, it has no room for blame.

It is for this reason that the altered-ego of awareness has been programmed to avoid the Well at all costs — even that it does not exist; and if it does, only the chosen few, sanctioned, licensed, approved, certified, voted in, supported, funded, isolated, guarded, worshipped, crowned, appointed, inherited, authorized, purchased, and officially recognized, have use of its power — for in such a scheme, blame is not only welcome, it is necessary, for it becomes a means to extract energy from those displaced, who focus upon the object of their suffering, knowing not the Well of their own sovereign being.

In fact, blame is the engine of transference, whereby the parasitic network of diminishing returns is fueled by what is claimed to be a scarce resource (life), provided by precious few sources, where all manner of atrocity is justified in order that some may drink of the well, yet others left to whither. Thus, through the ages of spinning time, your awareness is fixated upon the imposed reality of scarcity, and its price commanded by its rarity  and posted at the entrance to the well.

And so it is that artificial wells are contrived by thieves and deceivers, those of material and spiritual sources equally in demand, and around which gather masses of parched souls, speaking through cracked lips of unfulfilled sustenance and longing, who take their numbers, wait their turns, as the time of their fragile condition slips through the hands of ticking clocks. For it matters not if there are sufficient resources at the designated wells, for there is simply not the time to dispense them.

And a great thundering cry of blame echoes in the eternal well of every soul, fouling the waters of their own undiscovered resources, as each mutual, polarized enemy is set, one against the other, to block the Well within each by the darkness of a collective lust for a promised reward that neither side may own; such is the contrivances of those who feed from the wells of others' suffering. And this is only possible when the Sovereign Well within each is unknown, unused, and denied.

And so we see the great separation of those who clamor at the well of illusion, advertised by messengers of fear, hatred and death, and those who nurture their own awakening from the Sovereign Well of their true being. Yet, within this world of time, the nature of the Well, though eternal and infinite in its replenishment, does not overflow, as yet. For the gravity of one's intent to experience this dimension creates its barometric equilibrium. Thus, your newfound conscious-awareness is the rope and bucket with which to retrieve your original state of Well-Ness.

The Eye Of The Fulcrum

And the motive force by which one overcomes the gravity of circumstance emanates from the infinite power of Heart-Mind which centers the spinning wheels of time as the axle upon which the hands of time's clock are connected, and which itself is timeless in its function. For this axle is the eye of the fulcrum, the essence of your sovereign well-spring of nourishment.

And if thine eye be single, one's center is everywhere, yet one's circumference nowhere; for it is the well from which each sovereign entity may generate a galaxy of time's unfolding, a re-generation of timeless principles and laws as a co-creator of infinite abundance, nourishment and fulfillment. In this way, the sovereignty of one is the sovereignty of all, as each becomes the Well-Being whereby none are lacking in fulfillment, nor of sustenance, yet, in their love-powered emanations, far more may be created than any sum of parts on any level of manifested reality, regardless its dimensional expression.

For only the eye of the fulcrum has the resolution to perceive the infinite flower of life itself as a fractal field in which each being manifests the sovereign well of its own eternality, where each draws upon the reality of its timeless state as an inexhaustible source that is the Well of Life, from which numberless Well-Beings emerge as a fulfillment to itself and therefore a celebrated addition to an open-ended universe of other Well-Beings who co-create ever-greater variations on the theme of life with infinite resources available from the Well of God-Mind.

And in this your time, you gaze into the well of illusion offered in return for your own reality, and find only echoes of babbling tongues and projections of faceless shadows from which one draws only more suffering and emptiness; returning again and again, and each time hoping the advertised promises will manifest to justify your effort in lifting your allotted portion into the light of day only to see their shadows disappear.

Here, it is only the altered-ego that is guilty by way of insanity, as it repeats its mindless quest to receive from the well of another's illusion the truth present in one's own. And the great irony is that the split psyche of the human mind is by no means equal, as the doctrines of duality would have you believe. It is far closer to 90/10, where 10 is that portion of the altered-ego which attempts to assume the identity of the remaining 90. It is for this reason that it searches in vein for the well in a wilderness of illusion.

Yet the eye of the fulcrum perceives the timeless reality of its eternal source, which is the Well from which every sovereign entity receives its sustenance, welling up through the Heart-Of-Hearts like a perpetual geyser into the world of one's dreams, and by which one's creations are imbued with life from a never-ending source. Thus for each replicated life another Well is created, each an infinite Sovereign reservoir of potential. It is this reality that the Eye of the Fulcrum sees; for the eye of the fulcrum is the perceptual power of the Well of one's being.

Thus, the Well of your being is also the eye of the fulcrum that perceives your sovereign reality as a portion of eternality in the expression of infinite potential. Whereas, the eyes of the altered-ego perceive only the scarcity that its programming permits as a function of its inherent limited frequency perception of infinite abundance. Thus, there are many empty wells of illusion, yet only one Well of reality which centers everything you perceive as time, and from which every sovereign entity may draw infinite abundance.

Throughout the ages, by any measure of counting, you are exhorted by a vast array of teachings to "go within." Yet, such instructions can be misleading, for it should be clear; that which is within requires neither coming or going. It requires only realization of one's essence, one's ultimate source of infinite abundance as the gift of life. Clearly, "going within," has no useful meaning unless one also contemplates its premise, which is "as above, so below: as within, so without." Altogether, this is a trinitized understanding, the realization of which draws from the only true source of one's sustenance, the infinite source of one's sovereignty, the Well of one's Being.

Thus, the rebirth of your conscious-awareness is a return to the Well-Being of your essence and the opening of the Eye Of The Fulcrum, so long dormant as a function of universal mind. Here, one uses the axiom, "as above - so below, as within - so without," to validate one's sovereign connection. This validation simply states that all functions of existence are identical, be they of atomic or galactic scales of expression. Therefore, any Truth known about the creation and function of a galaxy, an atom, a molecule, or a life-system, on any level of understanding one chooses to explore, is a Truth about one's existence as a sovereign being.

Wells Of Illusion

Now, as you begin to perceive with the Eye Of The Fulcrum, all your struggles with the endless paradox of relative time dissolve into a singular source at the Well of your Being. Here, you realize the futility, even the absurdity, of using a measurement of time to determine that which is timeless and eternal. Thus, worlds of time may come and go in their alpha/omega, yet the continuity of your being remains uninterrupted. For the essence of your being is the same essence which creates such worlds of time in the first place.

Through the Eye Of The Fulcrum, you perceive the wells of illusion filled with time-based visions of armageddon, and you realize the toxic abominations of life by which to retard the child of your being via the terror of a self-fulfilling prophesy of annihilation. Nowhere, and in no time, in these counterfeit wells of dark illusion will you find that which your soul seeks. For your awareness is programmed to seek its demise as a foregone conclusion, for which some enigmatic date is offered to your time-based altered-ego, by which it may prepare for its annihilation.

Now, through the Eye Of The Fulcrum, you begin to perceive the illusions for what they are and for whom they benefit, and the mechanism by which such counterfeit truth is disseminated into the media madness constituting awareness-mind. Even the altered-ego is confronted by its own faulty linear logic — thus, having accepted such a premise, what, exactly, is the point of knowing a date for annihilation?! and how, exactly, does one prepare for annihilation?! Clearly, the only ending is that of one's restrictions, one's perceptual prison embedded in the sensory programs of illusion.

For the only ending is that of the futile search for Truth in the wells of other's illusions from which only scarcity is found, together with the ensuing corruption of its gnashing teeth of fear and terrorism. Through the Eye Of The Fulcrum, you begin to perceive, to discern the marketing of counterfeit truth through partial equations from which entropy is raised to god-status under the symbolic flags of retribution.

Transending Time

In the Well of your Sovereign Being, you find the wisdom which transcends the relative circumstances imposed by time, which has no bearing upon the eternality of your Well-Being. Indeed, through the singular Eye Of The Fulcrum, you know of your comings and goings in this plane of existence; whereby, the world ended with each transition into another energy state, and began with every incarnation into another event horizon of experience in that dimension. Thus, the end-of-time is nothing new to you, for it is merely a portal to another phase of your experience as an eternal being within an infinite expression of the gift of life.

Clearly, there are cycles within cycles, yet within other cycles, and, as such, are differentiated only in scale, not in quality. For time is a fractal within the fabric of an electromotive tapestry of galactic principles and laws found identically within every being. And the Well from which galaxies emerge as expressions of unfolding time, and sustained by same, is the same Well, the same source from which each of you emerges into any world, and by which you are also sustained.

Here, in this time of your cycle, in your counting, a revelation awaits you within the Well of your Sovereign Being. That revelation is KNOWING that The Eye Of The Fulcrum is not a receiver of Light; it is the GENERATOR of Light. For all Light is Conscious Mind — and though the effects of light in time are temporal and transient, the reality of Light is eternal, for it is the Source-Power of all effects perceived by the sensory vehicles within every life-zone. Thus, the Well of your Being is also the Source of Light from which time itself is created.

Know then, the counterfeit wells which beckon and cajole the souls of human-kind with promises of peace and prosperity are the facades beneath which only scarcity is offered as a means to an end. Therefore, the only end-time scenario is the enslavement of a tenth of  your awareness-mind, programmed to believe it is the totality of your eternal Well-Being.

Awaken now!
There is no other time in which to do it.

.:.En.:.Light.:.In.:.THE ONE.:.








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