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"A Serpent's Tale"

the well of time

And so it is, in time-sensed awareness, one approaches the well of life, believing that the journey requires leaving a past and ever advancing to a future. Yet, to encounter the well is a great enigma to the altered-ego, for its horizontal belief in time is upended at a precipice, a vertical reality where its reflection stares up from the bottom of its future time.

Here, the altered-ego loudly protests going within and begins to invent all manner of philosophical abortions with which to express its imminent existential crises. After all, what is a well, it muses in its indecision and denial; is it that which lies beneath, or the opening itself, or the tunnel connecting its past and future desires? Such are the either/or dilemmas of objective illusions.

For it is quite beyond the narrow frequency perception of awareness to grasp the notion that the answer is all of the above and below, and that the tunnel is neither here nor there, but everywhere and nowhere. Thus, the tunnel is the space between the unfolding moments connecting both past and future times, as well as parallel time-lines unfolding all conceivable scenarios witnin concurrent space.

Although there are many dimensions that may be termed wells, perhaps, the most perplexing is what may be termed the well of time, of which there are also infinite varieties in the vast universes. For there are as many time-lines as there are states of matter and all life-forms therein, each spinning into and out of their respective event-horizons in a simultaneous symphony composed of interlocking Alpha/Omega cycles, all of which are connected by their conscious source as the space of mind.

And for each sovereign being the process is the same, so that from thine Single Eye, the portal through which Light emerges from seeming darkness, is the power by which galactic scales of being are converted into time. Thus, one's being passes through one's own essence, one's Source, to emerge into an unfolding condition that mirrors itself in its inherent division into a temporary duality. Here, the seed of one's eternality impregnates the space of mind, giving birth to spiraling, orbital motion from which time, itself, is created and by which its unfolding mirrors replicate Divine Origin in repeating time-waves of self-awareness.

From this we know that the entire universe is self-aware, as is every component within it, from the so-called sub-atomic to galactic, and from galactic to universe and back again -- yes, even dust is self-aware. Thus, it is not by ellipses that self-aware universes, indeed, time itself persists, but from the spiraling ratios which offset its instantaneous cancellation as a mirrored waveform.

Thus, a circular perfection cannot persist as time, unless the wave itself is shifted so that each half spirals around its center, forming a double time continuum (a double-helix), which self-awareness perceives as a line sequentially punctuated by oscillating charges which oppose, yet do not cancel. Hence, that which is termed time's illusion is merely self-awareness perceiving only its past/future state and never its Source as an eternal Now.


For this reason, time, as measured by awareness, is forever changing and must constantly be adjusted to compensate for its subtle asymmetry as it moves around and through itself. Now, it is said that history repeats itself; yet it can be said that time never does so by the geometry of its ceaseless movement. Thus, it is only memory which repeats itself, since memory cannot think, creating the illusion within reality by which the counterfeit hierarchy perpetuates its order from one space to the next.

That which is familiar to awareness is never an identical repetition, but a parallel that mirrors its own asymmetry as a split wave-form shifted in the space of its movement. Therefore, the reflection in the mirror of time does not cancel itself as an opposite duplicate, (an anti-matter image) since awareness always perceives itself in another parallel time, reflecting either its past or future self based upon its memory (persistence).

Hence, in order for matter to persist, it must generate time by its cyclic motion, yet not cancel itself in the identical space of its reflection that time creates in the space of mind. Thus, in your time, it is only memory that is projected into the coming wave which only parallels its previous time-line, yet never exactly duplicates it in its original space. It is the nature of time that vertical tunnels form, connecting the shifted, yet parallel waves, and it is through such tunnels that one projects forward and back like an alternating current, a binary event where off/on sequences can never occur simultaneously in a concurrent time/space.

And so it is that the Alpha/Omega/Alpha, calculated by the calendrical systems archived within each cycle or age, is a sequential rendering that can only be relative to other parallel waves and never coinciding. Thus, one is never sure if it is a past or a future wave that one is to expect.


It is from such knowing, even echoed in the archival memory of human mind, that the iconic serpent was used to convey the shifted-wave structure of time and the persistence of matter. Thus, it is found in many forms, and in each image there is a corresponding relationship to perceiving time while dwelling within its duality.

More than a symbol for primitive archetypal mind, the ubiquitous serpentine image conveys something far more important -- the motion generated by the physics of time itself. Hence, it is most often represented in three dimensions; circular, horizontal, and vertical, each conveying its own imagery, its own syntax, and therefore its own knowing through a unique language of ideographic cybernetics.

Hence, the circular ouroboros represents a sub-function of life within time as a self-consuming, recycling of various substances, all operating on different time-frequencies, creating a closed loop of interference patterns, or inertia, or entropy, or other, similar terms. However, as a sub-function of time, it represents the nature of primitive life-forms within time, rather than time itself.

The elongated, horizontal serpentine image "speaks" of the shifting wave-forms in motion from the two-dimensionally perceived so-called event-horizons that separate each domain from the other. From this perspective, the language of the serpent conveys a membrane from which the phenomenon of objective reality operates as a time-construct. Its undulating movement along a plane signifies the shifted wave-form along a horizontal axis forming a time-line, or more accurately, multiple, connected assymetric time-arcs.

And finally, there appears a vertical serpentine image, a three-dimensional action, wrapped around the so-called tree or staff of life, "speaking" the language of time as a shifted wave-form replica of DNA and its scalar connections to all life in all times. Here, the seeming past/roots and future/branches of the tree is perceived by awareness as a timeline; yet both root and branch appear together in time, joined by its spiraling extension, whereby past/future times are continuously, but not exactly synchronized. Thus, the tree is the scalar-wave bound by serpentine time.

ENTER 2011

And so it is, in your time, that certain stones "speak" of an Omega, a grand cycle echoing only the fear-based frequency of the ouroboros in a final act of self-consuming cancellation, where the beginning and the end of time is a two dimensional construct. It is little wonder, then, that awareness cowers in fear of its own recycled greed, hatred, envy and self-destruction; for all it can perceive as its future is its projected past. And indeed, perceived only through the eyes of linear time, awareness knows that nature will surely have her way in the reaping of that which is sown.

However, awareness is not higher-mind, but only a subset of its multidimensional reality as a scalar event for which no beginning nor end can be found in the vertical constructs by which time-tunnels are formed and interact in a conscious mind-space. For higher-mind knows that time moves in six directions, not one or two, as its spiraling wave shifts both forward and back, simultaneously, while also doubling back upon its self in a different space.

Thus, time is a toroidal manifestation where all points in its persisting body not only see every other point in its spiral continuum, but can interact with, and even exchange places with any other point along any time-arc. Now, one may contemplate the meaning of any so-called grand cycle, such as an age as calculated in certain calendrical systems. However, given the current realization regarding the galactic position of your age, i.e. solar system, the notion of an end-time is clearly a two dimensional view of something much greater.

In the greater realization, then, it is not a question of the end, or even the beginning, but of parallel time overlaps connected by what may be termed time-tunnels, or the vertical, scalar wave function along which multiple past/future time-lines resonate. That is not to say that these resonant links do not always exist in all time-lines and in all ages, indeed they do. However, there are certain phase-angles formed in your current galactic position that amplify such resonant circuitry.

Hence, 2011, by your counting, may be termed the year of the time-tunnel, whereby the time-locks are opened and multiple past/future mirrors mingle in the NOW. And so it is that vast waves of so-called secrets, like awareness-tsunamis, are shaking the counterfeit foundations upon which collectivist illusions are built. Know also, that these great waves are moving in both directions as they converge in great revelatory moments.

Mistake not that such revelations are reserved only for the so-called elite, for they are equally relevant to each sovereign entity embodied in the midst of this time-wave matrix. Hence, for each, the past/future time-lines are converging before one's very eyes, so that which was a subconscious past, now appears to awareness as a future event. Clearly, such a convergence is terrifying to the altered-ego, which predicates its identity on a perceived timeline where the past is inevitable and the future looms with foreboding mystery.

Thus, to the altered-ego, the so-called orderly march-of-time from left to right is now looping and collapsing in on itself, like the ouroboros, portending that which it always feared -- its self-cancellation. There is nothing new in such fear, of course, as the altered-ego instinctively knows its transience within the cycles of time, for it is a product of time's waveforms. Yet, ironically, it fears not its future annihilation near so much as its becoming the image in the mirror of its past.

Tunnel Vision

The question, then, is not what time it is, as measured by some relative calculations, but rather, the perceptual limitations imposed by awareness, which is produced by time itself. For in truth, one "travels" nowhere in the journey into time's dimension. The obsession with the so-called time-line is a two-dimensional blinder worn by those minds conditioned to perceive time as the binary, circular ouroboros. From such perceptions, rituals are born and grow to monstrous proportions, in increasingly desperate and futile attempts to repeat that which forever changes.

There is also the perception bound by the shifting serpentine wave as polarized intervals, where oppositions manifest like a great pendulum, where each extreme is offset in time by a half-life function relative to its center point. Here, the infamous "arrow of time" is punctuated by reversals in both material and psychological states, each on their own level and in their own time-wave cycle. From such perceptions, an historical rendering reveals the tidal forces by which civilizations, individuals, ages and even mountains come and go in their cyclic alpha/omega journeys.

And then there is the perception bound by the serpentine spiral-wave, which is passing through itself, around, and within myriad vertical, parallel waves. Thus, one perceives the tree of life, as it were, bound by spiraling unfolding states of matter otherwise known as time. From this perception, one gains the understanding that life, in all of its forms, already exists in its totality, while one's awareness scans each segment as an incremental progression in time. Whereby, primitive awareness perceives its connection to the Earth, and higher awareness perceives its connection to the sky and all levels in between.

In all of these perceptions, awareness participates in a relatively isolated time-arc, or segment of reality to which it ascribes a measured, incremental date to a stage of unfolding. Thus, the circle, wave and spiral all represent different values of time, yet all are interconnected, interacting and nested within the greater space of mind. Yet awareness, in whatever form it manifests, is oblivious to the totality which contains any time-frame, or unfolding point within its replication, by which it appears to persist from one moment to the next.

transcending clocks

In light of this understanding , the haunting and mysterious question: "what time is it?" will only yield another relative value, for all such measurements are relative to another time-frame so that their values are continually shifting. Now, since all time-values are based exclusively on memory, and since memory cannot think, one must contemplate how the meaning of time affects your beingness, which is, ironically, timeless at its core and in its essence.

Contemplate, then, that since time and memory are identical values, consciousness may traverse any time-line of its choosing to experience. Yet, in such choosing, one's conscious-being must divide into the duality of awareness; for time is a reflective motion in its mirrored space which creates awareness that perceives itself in stages of unfolding.

And herein lies the key to transcending the myriad clocks which imprison awareness, binding it to the serpentine waves. For in this, your time, the convergence is upon and within you, wherein your past/future memories are tunneling, as it were, into a NOW moment. Here, the NOW moment IS the tunnel itself and by its conscious structure the opportunity to free yourself from the relativity inherent in all time-based perceptions is amplified.

Thus, in the grand recapitulation of your time, all things past and future are made anew. And in this life-review, just as you experienced in each Omega/Alpha transition between physical incarnations, all that has been and all that can be is revealed in a timeless moment of realization.

Here, the only difference is that such a timeless event of your rebirth will be present in this, your current physical state. And in the same manner, you will choose the time-line in which to manifest and the life-path upon which to journey. In a time-wave such as this, you will live multiple lifetimes within this current one, so that you may perceive how each affects the other and set straight your path.

Therefore, within this your current body you will know your other bodies, each in their time, yet all together as a multidimensional manifestation of your conscious-essence divided into multiple time-continuums. Here, awareness of your awareness will change to being conscious of your awareness, as it was in the beginning, is now, and ever shall be in the fullness of a timeless Heart, should you choose to be who you truly are, free from the bindings of time and the absence of unconditional Love/Light/God/Mind...

Awaken now!
There is no other time in which to do it.

.:.En.:.Light.:.In.:.THE ONE.:.









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