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"The 7th Ring Of Time "

Journeys Through The Well

during your many descents into time's spiraling well , its circular walls formed by past lives moving like secret shadows animated by some mysterious wisdom born of countless cycles into earth's 3D experience, one inevitably reaches a turning point. That point is the convergence where past secrets, so long hidden within time's folded memories, begin to converge with a future that reflects all that is found within the well of time.

Here, past reflections and future projections are indistinguishable, one from the other. And while such a convergence is common to the entire solar body and children-planets within its greater sphere, its effects within each sovereign soul are unique, since each converges (is birthed) upon the time-waves at different points. Therefore, one's purpose in time's journey cannot be defined by the collective time-wave matrix, apart from the decisions made within its cyclic convergences.

thus, each soul enters an age within a time-wave individually and by choice, and its collective conditions, as well as its potential, is known beforehand. The only true unknown is the personal decisions made that define one's being. Hence, the term soul-searching means to go within, to find one's God-Connection.

throughout your journeys, thus far, each moment in your time is a convergence of one mini-cycle with another, and many others with many more. And while each is predictable in its measured space/time periodicity, your choosing to be the I-AM of your true essence is yours alone and may not be predicted. For those moments are uniquely yours, and as regards each fulfillment of purpose, it matters not what time cycle is measured.

Although it may seem that as each ring of time converged with another you strayed farther from that fulfillment of purpose that defines your I-AM, the Truth is that your journey through the wells of time lead back to self and the Source from whence that self emerged into time's unfolding waves.

enter 2012

thus, you enter each well of time through a time-tunnel into the womb of time to co-create your life, cycle by cycle, where each is a fractal replica in the greater tapestry that is your timeless being. Know, then, that every cycle is an alpha/omega event on every level in your 3D manifestation.

Therefore, every breath, and every heartbeat is an alpha/omega event, as are the greater cycles of ones entry and exit from that plane, as well as those from age to age. Since all is scalar, it matters not how long or short is its measured value by any clock or calendar. And so it is, from heartbeat to ages, cycles within cycles, waves within waves, rings within rings, the colossal galactic pulse resonates with earth at varying angular qualities along its solar/planetary journey.

however, it is far more important to know that the alpha/omega is used as a polarized language construct, a truncated partial equation that cripples your conscious-awareness. Here, your language is consumed with the notion of omega, the end of something not clearly defined, yet suggesting something ominous — a recipe for collective paranoia and personal fear. Clearly, all such paranoia is inherent in a polarized psyche, ignorant of its origins yet certain of its ultimate demise.

Yet, the answer is reverberating deep within every beating heart, for all life is trinitized by its sacred bestowal, its intimate, sovereign connection to Source, a reality denied by the binary programming used for social engineering. Therefore, polarized equations are self-canceling, while trinitized unity is ongoing, so that one gains nothing, save fear-based trauma, when obsessed with terminal illusions.

in truth, your journeys into time are more properly conceived as alpha/omega/alpha events. This is far more than simple word-play, beloved, since there is no death, no endings to any phase or cycle of life that does not give birth to more life. Thus, to flatly state that everything has a beginning and an end is an absurd distortion of a grand reality — there is nothing born that is not reborn.

harmonic rings

and so it is, all descending and ascending journeys through time tunnels are births and rebirths, each contained within grander cycles, rings of time, some of which are known as ages, characterized by an archetypal vibration. Thus, for the Earth realm there are twelve, each demarcated by an axial position within its parent galaxy's ecliptic.

yet, these twelve ages unfold in their time within seven grander precessional movements by each colossal daughter arm arcing from the galactic heart center into the even grander mind of THE ONE, forming cycles and rings beyond counting. Here, the 7th and the 12th converge to form the 19th harmonic.

this harmonic now rings like a crystal bell within the celestial waters of Heart-Mind, sending ripples cascading through oceanic mind, cymatically organizing its universal scalar connections independent of all time-waves within your local system. Know then, galactic and cosmic mind speaks only through The Heart-Of-Hearts, and such has always been its scalar communication channel.

This is the vibration of the Heavenly Prince that presides over celestial mechanics as well as the Heart-Mind of every living being within all galactic domains. As such, it triggers the next phase-shift in time's unfolding, expanding further the current revelations of a counterfeit-hierarchy, to a universal reality denied by fear-based social programming.

now in your time, revelations unleashed by this cycle are such that the secrets of your true spiritual origins and identities call out from within your deepest reality as eternal beings. Yet, unlike the previous phase-shift where the world's secrets were unleashed upon the unsuspecting and naive collective, in this phase one must invite, allow and intend to know the Prince Of Peace within your being. For such is the intimate nature of your sovereign connection to THE ONE.

counterfeit choices

in the 11th phase-change of your millennial counting the naked emergence of truth was unleashed and with that revelation many elected to exploit those who were unprepared for such collective revelations. Thus, self-proclaimed prophets abound and their pontifications merely carbon copies of fear-based manifestos.

Here, information tsunamis are heralded with declarations of collective denial, such as "everything you know is a lie," which falsely states that nothing was known in the first place. In truth, nothing has been revealed that was not already known, save the most heinous and grotesque betrayal by those who falsely gained the trust of so many gentle souls.

yet, Heart-Mind knows there is no lie ever invented that opposes Truth; for all lies are merely forms of denial, packaged and sold as counterfeit belief systems offered as choices where there is no true choice, save which illusion to purchase or in which to invest one's life force.

there are entities who make it their business to define reality by programming the perception of your world and you are said to be free to choose it — to be a predatory realist, or a weak and ineffectual dreamer! Yet, all such self-canceling programs are wholly dependent upon consensus as their source of power, subject to evaporation unless their agreements are continuously reaffirmed, reformulated and redefined through mass hypnosis. Thus, within this contrived matrix, one may only choose between one "fact" or another, while Truth remains an inviolable reality, untouched by such counterfeit choices.


thus, from within the well you shall emerge, should you desire to reclaim your Divine Bestowal as a sovereign master of your journey through all time, past and future. For desire is your innate gift of life directed by intent to co-create same, and emergence is rebirth into greater being in the fullness of the potential embedded within life's resonant vibration within your Heart-Of-Hearts.

however, emergence from well of fear is not automatically imposed upon any entity who chooses to deny the Bestowal. Thus, in this year of rebirth, such denial will prove to be a most difficult task, since the galactic harmonics simply will not support programs designed to deny your true heritage as co-creators of life. For the bell tolls within your Heart-Mind, and its 19th harmonic is an intimate message reverberating within each Sovereign being within its greater heart.

Therefore, the answers to the enigmatic omega of your collective times shall not be found in the programs which effect the denial of the message that you are a greater, timeless being. It shall not be found anywhere outside the core essence of your Divine Bestowal. For your many journeys have spiraled into the center of your origins as a celestial being, issued into the sacred thought-space of Divine Mind.

and from the same well of time through which you experienced a thousand prior journeys, you shall emerge via a rebirth that begins a new ONE, a timeless ONE as a co-creative master, if your desire intends it to be so directed into this moment, unqualified by the relative values of time and its phase-shifting periodicity. Here, your rebirth may manifest in the blink of an eye or in a thousand steps in time; for such things matter not in the reality of each sovereign being's eternal moment.

centering being

If there is an end to anything, beloved, it is only the serpentine illusions spoken with forked tongues uttering their babbling machine-mind languages. If there is anything that cannot be sustained it is the self-canceling constrictions it imposes in a futile effort to control its undulating, yet finite time-wave. And if there is any fear, it is that which the altered-ego identifies as a serpentine head consuming its collective body.

know that all such human folly must play out in the fullness of time's unfolding waves, as lust for personal empire winds down via the same entropic formulas upon which it has built such abomi"nations." Know also, however, that such formulas are phase-locked into the circumference of the great wheels upon which it is propelled through its inevitable cyclic fulfillment, whereby that which is sown is also reaped with uncanny exactness.

it is for this reason that prophesy is easily perceived, and easier still is it fulfilled. For any point in time's past/future can be seen from one's timeless center, around which all temporal effects run their course with mechanical regularity. Thus, that which is feared is not a future apocalypse; rather it is a replay of past-life scenarios which appear as inevitable outcomes that the altered-ego is powerless to change.

Therefore, that which is truly reborn emanates from its timeless center in which all time-cycles, and therefore all possible life scenarios, are equally within reach. Here, a true Master controls not effects in time appearing to the senses as cyclic events; rather, it is time itself that is controlled through Divine Intent from which all time-worlds are issued into existence.

yet, such control is not through interference by some brute force that seeks retribution. It is accomplished through Divine Intent to manifest a timeline from the reservoir of infinite potential which celebrates the gift of life, even in the midst of one that is dying in the omega of its fulfillment.

Therefore, allow your rebirth to proceed from its eternal center within your Heart-Of-Hearts and fear not the appearances flashing on the mirrors of an age that must fulfill that which is seeded within its cycles. Know then, the Source from which all life is birthed into all universes, seen and unseen, is the same Source that exists within each sovereign being sharing the time-space of Love/Light/God/Mind within a reality the senses cannot comprehend, for they are merely subharmonic effects in time.

Go within, beloved fellow masters, and allow your rebirth to proceed; for the harmonics in your time, even in the midst of sensory shadows, are aligned like a thousand suns shining within each Sovereign, Sacred Heart.

Awaken now!
There is no other time in which to do it.

.:.En.:.Light.:.In.:.THE ONE.:.









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