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Emerging From The Well

It is done. Another Grand Cycle is completed, while yet another is initiated from the Divine Template.

Whereas, 2012, The Year Of Rebirth, was received with terminal anxiety by the collective, fear-based altered-egos , in reality, such great cyclic transitions are interwoven time-waves. Thus, as in the birth of any being into a world, the life-force transitions from its previous state while simultaneously assembling its new form, by degrees, into a new experiential reality within another time-wave cycle nested within the galactic fractal.

And so it is, in the unfolding time-arcs of the material universe, the coming and going of the life-force between multiple expressions of its Divine Origins is a simultaneous continuum. Although the intellect, as a binary construct, is obsessed with its own sense of transience, that which it senses as its extinction, the Heart-Mind perceives same as a life-unto-life continuum, an I-AM Bestowal unto an I-AM Bestowal in an unbroken expression of its eternality within infinite creation.

Thus, even the physical realms of manifest form in this life-zone, rebirth is a never-ending process. In any given moment by which you measure time, billions of your cells are expiring, yielding to the entropic nature of this dimension, while simultaneously giving birth to new cells by which it sustains its persistence in time.

Therefore, the Earth, as a living being, is also in a constant state of renewal, a simultaneous and unbroken state of rebirth, so that the significance of any date, as measured by any calendar or clock, is a always a relative perception, and never an absolute. Thus, in the infinite expression of life-unto-life, cycle-unto-cycle, there are relative moments of lesser and greater degrees of rebirth.

It is this "greater" rebirth within the infinite continuum of which we speak as a significant demarcation of your existence, a greater rebirth in the midst of infinite lesser ones. This is the context of all true wisdom of the ages as a scalar reality, an unfolding totality within Divine Mind.

ENTER 2013:

Collective Illusions:

In order to properly comprehend the reality of a Sovereign Being, one must first decipher the unreality of the collective-mind in the context of time. For here we perceive all that manifests as group-mind as crystallized thought-forms embedded within the psyche as a collective interference resisting future potential. Here, sovereign expression of one's infinite potential is repressed by historical consensus, the agreement of a collective past in which a counterfeit future is seeded.

Therefore, group-mind can neither exist in real-time, nor can it initiate anything novel, new, or progressive. It is the embodiment of inertia, entropy and preconceived filters which resist, by its very construction, all expressions of sovereign potential. Therefore, freedom exists as a paradox to group-mind, since it is enslaved by its historical agreements, which it struggles against by imprisoning itself in its own resistance to the freedom it claims to seek.

Such collective illusions are used by the counterfeit-hierarchy to great effect, since a desired future outcome is always in opposition to its past. Thus, the false-logic of group-mind equates liberation with destruction in a struggle for a future that can never manifest; for any group emerging victorious in such destruction bears the same historical template as the previous one it struggled to destroy.

In truth, a group is inherently conspiratorial, since it can only exist by consensus, which perpetually overrules the sovereign constituents of which it is comprised, and from which it gains its perceived temporal power. Thus, it is claimed that groups have their own desires, goals and identities, yet such is a grand deception. For group-mind is merely a perceived reflection in a given time-wave in which it dwells as a collective illusion.

It is important to remember that all so-called evil intent is a deception and all deception is totally dependent upon exchanging effect for Source. Thus, there can be no lies, but only a reversal of truth through mass codification of false-logic. Here, sovereign beings must contend with illusions that collective-mind maintains as mass-reality, so that all sovereign experience, realization and truth is judged by a consensus-reality representing its own past programming.

Enter The Sovereign:

Yet, buried in the archival graves of human history one finds key figures, Sovereign Beings who were the catalysts for liberation from the very group-mind claiming its identity. Thus, the paradox of group-mind is clear, since a sovereign being must first struggle to overcome the resistance of a group-mind in order to liberate those in bondage to its illusory identities. Then, the paradox comes full circle as a new group-mind is formed that identifies with the values and actions of the sovereign being who deposed the previous one.

And as Sovereignty is awakened within the soul of each Human entity, a portal is opened by which liberation from the hive-mind manifests as a causal reality, rather than a reactive effect. Hence, group-mind is simply a force-multiplier of Sovereign Beings who synchronize with THE ONE's Intent to Bestow eternal Love/Light/God/Mind as a Divine Imperative. Thus, a group effect is the result of a sovereign action that enhances the lives of those who share the journey.

Here, we see that a group is not an entity unto itself, but a reflection of multiple Sovereign expressions of THE ONE. Thus, "where two or more are gathered in my Name," is not an affirmation of a group entity, for such a manifestation cannot exist apart from Source as a causal reality. Clearly, a group, by its very definition cannot be sovereign; only those few who speak for the group enjoy some temporary illusion of sovereignty — hence, the dictator.

Divine Responsibility

In this Year Of The Sovereign, the rebirth of your co-creative responsibility has come full circle, even in the face of the collective-mind imprisoned by its own mediocrity, peering out from behind the bars of its historical failures. Here, one's realization as a Sovereign Being is initiated by a direct connection to THE ONE Source of Infinite Bestowal and validated by same. For it is such a realization that marks the perpetual victory of Human Divinity over consensus reality.

Thus, the hallmark of Sovereign Being is ultimate responsibility as a co-creative expression of THE ONE. Here the Sovereign Being knows that casting judgments of blame, fault and retribution are all entrapments suffered by group-mind as an escape, a denial of one's contribution to any collective action, thought or deed within the matrix of 3D reality. For collective-mind can only and ever be a byproduct, an effect of Sovereign causality. And a Sovereign Causality can only originate on behalf of THE ONE.

In the scope of this Divine Co-creative Sovereignty, personal responsibility is not a burden, but a Divine Right. Thus, it is neither a moral issue, nor a relative choice between polarized effects of the time-wave that forms collective-mind. To think, act, Love and co-create your life on behalf of THE ONE is to become the force-multiplier of the only possible causality.

Sovereign Validation

Thus, in this contemplation, you must ask the question: By what criteria is my perception of life and the action of my Intent validated as a meaningful contribution on behalf of THE ONE? Clearly, such validation shall never come from the mind of the collective, for such mind is, in and of itself, only an effect of a causality to which it collectively reacts.

Here, hidden in plain sight, is the reality that the idea of a collective-mind, a group-mind, is an illusion; for, in truth, it is a collective-body without a mind by which it can think of its own accord. Thus, it is utterly dependent upon some entity who seeks temporal power by assuming the identity of that collective body. However, such an identity is also an illusion, since the group itself is a reactionary fiction, not a sovereign causality.

Therefore, a Sovereign Being seeks not validation from a reactionary fiction, nor any representative thereof. Since there is only One Causality from which all multiple realities originate within unfolding time, a true Sovereign Being is self-validating to the degree that Divine Source is one's only Identity. This Identity is otherwise known as the I-Am-THAT-I-Am, a self-validating expression of THAT which is Cause, Source, Origin, Divine Sustenance and Eternality perpetually re-birthing Life within the womb of unconditional Love.

Sovereign Perception

Now contemplate another question, beloved: Through what agency or representative thereof is your reality defined? The answer is centered in the sovereign realization that every level and dimension of that which you are comprised is a direct expression of a Singular Causality. Therefore, no agency, social identity, nor representatives thereof, can define your sovereign reality as a universal being.

For a true Sovereign Being is a living Christed Connection expressing THE ONE, "THAT-I-Am" as a manifestation of an Eternal Bestowal of Life-unto-Life. Here, your Sovereign Identity in all Mansion Worlds is not a reflection of life through institutional and political mirrors, but a co-creative function of Divine Power.

Thus, to a Sovereign Being, perception of time, itself, is a polarized temporal effect, unified by The Divine Centering Power from which time-worlds emerge and unfold as infinite cycles of creation. Here, reality cannot be ascertained through vicarious reflections; for such reflections are the distorted interpretations of counterfeit authorities that seek false dominion over one's Sovereign Reality.

Therefore, Divine, inviolable Truth can never be perceived by proxy, nor may it be defined by an authority outside Divine Self. Does this mean that you are infallible? Of course not. It means that all Sovereign Beings existing within time-worlds are in a perpetual state of becoming, unfolding Divinity as Sovereign Identity within THE ONE.

The altered-ego, however, is an intellectual relativity, a proxy identity defined by its reflection within a collective body in a futile search for an identity defined by its sensed reaction to stimuli. Thus, the altered-ego and all who claim to represent it, is a counterfeit-master, a beast with appetites that must be appeased. Hence, to such a beast, a Sovereign Being is a terrifying reality, since the beast, itself, is a mass fiction that must suffer its Omega as a temporary construct in the face of an Eternal Reality which it cannot fathom.

Sovereign Divinity

The Sovereign Being realizes and inherently understands that sharing one's Divinity has nothing whatever to do with submitting one's identity to any earthly counterfeit-authority. For a Sovereign Being, by its very definition is a co-creative extension of THE ONE.

Yet, the Sovereign Being remains compassionate, for it is secure in its Eternality and its identity is aligned with THE ONE Source from which life is a perpetual Bestowal. Thus, by virtue of its eternality, a Sovereign Being can only give life, perpetuate it, and enhance it as a blessing for all life to share as a celebratory experience.

The Divinity of a Sovereign Being is synonymous with the Source of perpetual Life and is not the product of any effects found in reactionary organisms that march through time beneath banner, flag, symbol or secular ideology. Thus, there can be  no exterior body or force which can represent, dominate or subjugate it by any means.

Sovereign Divinity precludes any exterior illusions of one government, one group, one religion, one race, or one world, for that matter. For such collective entities are composed of many, yet all such collective fragments are preceded and sustained by THE ONE. Therefore, the nature of THE ONE can only be truly represented by a singularity, and that singularity is each Sovereign Being who expresses that Divine Reality.

In Truth, each of you is an embodiment of the Divine Template from which all universes are created in an act of unconditional Love. Every Universal Law, Principle, and Divine Function is embedded within every cell of your being — yes, even in the physical dimensions of time. Therefore, your Sovereignty as a Divine Being can never be found in any exterior location, nor can it be granted by any outside agency or authority. For the exterior powers, principalities, and dominions of earth are counterfeit in their similitude.

Sovereign Realization

In this Year Of The Sovereign, those entities who sincerely strive for spiritual freedom to co-create the Divine Bestowal within this realm shall encounter the personal portal within Heart-Mind. In the process of accepting and nurturing one's Sovereign connection to THE ONE, the collective illusion shall be exposed by degree, as does the Earth as she perpetually turns into the Sun's rays.

And to those same souls, who seek to reconnect with Source, the only Causality, the altered-ego's insoluble sensory paradox shall transform into a transparent membrane between worlds of infinite creation of Life-Unto-Life, which is to say, the

Know also that the realization of your Sovereignty unfolding in this cycle manifests in perpetuity as a past/present/future reality. Thus, in each NOW moment of realization, your past will be liberated from its self-made prison of victimization, by degree, as judgments of blame and retribution are transformed into compassionate responsibility.

It matters not how long in the counting of time you have suffered the oppression of a collective tyranny, nor how many betrayals you have endured. For all is revealed in its time; and the time for your Sovereign Realization is NOW. However, as it is so with any Divine Gift, there is no natural force, no cycle of time, nor any entity outside self that can manifest that which you choose to deny.

Know then, that your Sovereign Realization is yours alone to manifest. Yet, know also, other Sovereign Beings in all dimensions add to your efforts to realize same. For THE ONE Sovereign Reality centers all others as ONE in their co-creative manifestations of perpetual Life.

Let thine eye be single and step through the portal of your Divine Heritage which awaits you! And as you do so, ALL LIFE, everywhere, shall be uplifted from within.

Now is the time. This is the hour in which to claim the Divine Bestowal as your personal Identity with THE ONE.


.:.En.:.Light.:.In.:.THE ONE.:.









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