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"Portals Of Healing The I-AM"

The sovereign struggle

Whereas, 2012 marked the Omega of the counterfeit-hierarchy, 2013 marked the Alpha of the Sovereign Human. However, it is the nature of all material manifestations in time that every rebirth traces its historical steps. Just as the fetus relives its journey through the dominions of its historic decent into matter, so too does the rebirth of an age reveal the genetic memory of its journey through time.

And so it is, all that went before in the conspiritorial corruption of the Divine Seed within Human Masters of this earthly realm, is now recapitulating as a temporary transition into Divine Rebirth. The Divine Imperative of this Rebirth is to reestablish the Spiritual connection to Source, requiring the disintegration of those primal influences, known as the counterfeit-hierarchy, whose intent it is to block that connection.

However, the dynamics of the Great Shift of an Age is by no means a surprise to this counterfeit-hierarchy. For their fate was known, even at the time of their pre-earth rebellion. Such knowledge has always been sequestered within the body of so-called occult records, and deliberately veiled from mass-awareness. Their belief is that, somehow, they will circumvent "The Changing Of The Guard," found throughout the mythological archives of human memory—a strategy that is ultimately doomed to catastrophic failure.

an old story in disguise

That strategy has always been to abort the Spiritual impregnation of The Great Shift with the full force of a technological armada, designed to outflank and usurp personal sovereignty. Here, the attempt to corrupt human potential, by dividing self against self, was not the endgame. Its more insidious effect was to prove humanity to be a failed specie in need of technological reengineering—a fourfold assult.

It is a very old story, is it not? The so-called "gods" found in all historical accounts are distinguished only by prowess of artificial technologies and the abomination of spiritual gifts, corrupted for personal gain. Thus, the other half of this dual assult falls to the part of the counterfeit-hierarchy in charge of politisizing religious dogma, so that the ancient "gods" of technology will be heralded as the actual progenitors of the Human creation.

the last stand

Altogether, the current transitional gestation period in the rebirth of the original Genesis creation template only appears to strengthen the existing usurpers of Human-kind. In Truth, we are witnessing only the residual effects of an obsolete and doomed counterfeit-hierarchy. Here, their numbers include both incarnate, earth-bound beings, as well as their off-planet counterparts, presumed to be the ancient "gods," and to whom all life is demanded as sacrificial payment and proof of loyalty.

In the midst of the most desperate throws of a "last-stand," the counterfeit-hierarchy suffers the delusional obsession that the residual effects of their past dominion, in this age, is proof that they will not only prevail, but emerge from the Great Shift of the ages in a final victory won and enforced through genetic, technological, and spiritual manipulation.

a discerning mind is crucial in order to avoid the massive campaigns underway in preparation for accepting the "return" of the heretofor invisible counterfeit-hierarchy, which will emerge in great haste, even as the existing social hierarchy is exposed and their powers disintegrate in the light of revelation.

Therefore, agreements have been made and oaths sworn to share in a counterfeit "invervention," where a so-called "higher power is accepted to save the "failed specie," that which they judge Human Creation to be. Yet, those entities who pronounce this judgment, both visible and invisible, number among the original 1/3rd who have labored tirelessly for thousands of years to remove Human Destiny as co-creators by direct issue from THE ONE.

ENTER 2014

Therefore, the year demarkated as 2014, is marked with a deep, internal awakening and desire to ascertain the True connection to THE ONE, the ONLY SOURCE in which we dwell as Divine Offspring. Given that the counterfeit hierarchy are also aware of this awakening, the level of deception will reach unprecedented levels. Yet, the discerning mind perceives the strategic efforts to usurp this unstoppable awakening.

the inception of this last phase began centuries ago under the auspices of science, the new age religion of materialism. Using the divide and conquer strategy, a political war was staged against religion , and credibility gained through technological elitism. Yet, in what is termed "bait and switch," the technology of materialism was only substituted as another false god of power to dominate the Human Creation.

And so it is that in the midst of a great campaign to revive the ancient drama, in preparation to accept the "return" of your presumed progenoitors and lords, shall the greater 2/3rds of the Angelic Realms assemble in preparation to support and guide those who seek only a direct connection to THE ONE through the portal of Christed Light.

counterfeit return

Here, the deceivers who first appear in the counterfeit "return," from their ancient technological thrones, will, for the last time, seek to reestablish their dominion of Earth and the enslavement of the Sovereign Human Creation. And for the last time, they will demonstrate the illusion of wonders through technology as proof of their divinity. Yet, their true intent will be quickly revealed once they are accepted as the gods of man, thus, recapitulating the original drama of their corruption. Ultimately, the fallen 1/3 of corrupted angelics will appear and disappear as the gills and tail of the developing fetus, as the Human Spirit is reborn in bodies of Light.

understand, then, that this final phase of the Great Cosmic Shift has been anticipated from its inception. And though the details of their countermeasures to avoid the inevitable disintegration of their powers over the material dominions of time-worlds have remained concealed, their malevolent intent has remained unchanged over millenium.

for as the veils of their clandestined existence have been incrementally removed, they have reformulated their strategies to usurp the belief systems of the Human Remnant who refuse to acquiesce to the totality of their deception. Thus, they are attempting to merge their material religion of technology to the political religions to simulate prophetic revelation by signs of supernatural wonder, that form the foundation of most faiths within those beliefs.

consider, then, that every spiritual belief system within the Earth realm includes what is termed "the return" of their respective gods or rulers to reign again as the overlords of their human subjects. Yet, there is only one entity among them who does not claim such power; for that which is to be "returned" is not a totalitarian subjugation through force of enslavement to a false god. Rather, it is the original connection of the Human Creation to THE ONE, as it was originally intended.

The discerning spirit will surely know the confusion of the intellect in recognizing that which separates the signs and wonders of a false god from the True Return of Divinity to the Sovereign Human Creation, as it was before the "cross" contamination of genetic manipulation, and the subsequent entrapment of the fragmented Human Light Body into those corrupted genetic vessels.

one is wise who knows that the strategy of deception remains unchanged over these many ages, for it is always to simulate Truth with a thousand masks to disguise a replication of the original infection of the Angelic Realm as the "will" of god who "rules" with an iron fist.

it is crucial, then, to KNOW that, by universal laws of Alpha/Omega governing all time worlds, that EVERYTHING will "return" as a function of the Omega of all converging cycles of a Great Age. Yet, all that returns, shall not transend the Omega of its cycle. Indeed, THEY are returning in your time, beloved. However, the question is: Who are THEY, and what is their intent? Their purpose? Their aganda? Their allegiance? Are they souless? Loveless? Hybrid insects? Robots? Angry, jealous gods? Giants of antiquity? According to cosmic law, it is likely that all of the above shall, on some level, "return" to the scene of their crimes!

signs and wonders

it is crucial to remember that the Adamic Creation, otherwise termed Human, existed before dwelling within the earthly realms of time. As True Light Beings of direct issue from THE ONE SOURCE, you are not of this realm. Neither are you a product of evolutionary root races, nor do you originate from some bizarre hybridization by which your existence is owned and operated by those interlopers of the Original Plan. For you are neither your body, nor your personality, nor are you a creature of time.

through trickery and deception, the innocense of the Adamic Creation was exploited by those infected angelics, who were presumed to represent SOURCE. Once the entrappment of the Adamic Creation into the genetic root races was consumated, the counterfeit-hierarchy asserted their rule through the display of all manner of power over the forces of nature by which to demonstrate god-like powers and establish their counterfeit kingdom.

thus, your ancient memory archives are filled with "signs and wonders" as perpetrated by legions of false-gods, who then, warring between their own ranks, used the remnant of the Adamic creation as fodder and food for their horrific deeds. Therefore, your ancient records cannot chronicle the beginning of the Human journey from the bowels of the Earth. Rather, the majority of them merely document the exploits of infected angelics run rampant over the material worlds.

and as each of their respective kingdoms were laid waste from age to age, always doomed by the seeds of their own destruction, they "returned" in yet another age to exploit and deceive through the signs and wonders of their misappropriated and waning powers. Thus, in this final age of ages, the culmination and recapitulation of all the previous cycles is unfolding.

yet, their plan is simple: unleash all manner of tribulation upon the earth, and as humanity cries forth for relief, more levels of the counterfeit-hierarchy will make their appearance, from above and below. Although shrouded in secrecy, rumors will abound, implying hopeful remedies, even ultimate salvation, through their powers, in return for accepting them as rulers.

thus, many whose minds are ruled by the religion of scientific materialism, will be awed by the wonders of high technology of those who appear in ships. While those ruled by religions dogma, will be mesmerized by seeming miraculous wonders of mind over matter and psychic powers. And there shall be manifestations on enough levels that all major group-mind-sets will choose from among their demonstrations those that "appear" to fulfill their programmed expectations of a superior being or race and their promises of salvation in return for allegience and control.

Know then, that these initial signs and wonders are not of your future fulfillment, rather they shall be only the fulfillment of the false-gods, whose plans were foiled in every previous age. Know also, that their effective control is entirely dependent upon Human acceptance of their propositions, promises, and directives.

angelic discernment

listen, beloved, you are wise to discern Source from effect during this critical juncture; for in the unfolding of time, you will witness a parade of false gods, from above and below, who manifest in time to claim ownership of the Human Creation. In Truth, such beings, masqaurading as 1st Cause, are only the secondary effects of a corruption which comprise a minority of celestial entities. For it is accurately written that they number only one third, in proportion to the greater Angelic contingent of beings devoted to sustaining the original creation template from which we, as Sovereign Masters, were endowed with the sustaining life-force, other wise known as Love/Light/God/Mind.

be clear and steadfast in your discernment, beloved. For the Human Creation, existed even before the earth's formation, as Masters destined to uplift all lifeforms that might appear in worlds of time. As Divine Issue, there were no angelic interloculars authorized to contain, dominate, or rule the Adamic Masters. They work directly with THE ONE as emmisaries to worlds of time. It was to this Divine Plan that the most prideful of all the angelics took issue, and in that singular, timeless moment, infected one-third those angelics working with the dominion of the fallen light-being.

Thus, that which is perceived as good and evil, evenly divided and opposed, each to the other, is itself an illusion; for one-third of any sum does not one-half make. Here, the serpent's knowledge of the electrical polarization of the material worlds of time is used as proof of the equal duality of the godhead from which to choose, at your pleasure. Yet, once that false premise is accepted, it is a small step to suggest that the "dark-matter" is actually the more prolific and powerful of the two in that illusory division.

and so it is, that the Human Creation preceded the rebellion of the fallen angelics, who, so infected with their self-induced prideful, jealous rage, swore by the essence of their gifts as Living Lights, the ultimate destruction of that new creation of THE ONE—Adamic Creation, so despised and reviled among their ranks. Although, it is often repeated that God banished these infected beings from the "kingdom," in truth, they banished themselves; for by their own declaration of oaths, their powers were cast into the dominions asigned to the Human Creation by their own intent and will.

yet , the greater two-thirds of all the Angelic Hosts in service to THE ONE remained pure and devoted, in their totality, to implementing the Christed Light, as the ultimate portal to reconnect the Human Remnant of Adamic creation to Divine Source of THE ONE. This, contingency plan, was not known by the infected angelics in that fateful moment of their declaration of intent that sent shockwaves throuought the universes.

know then, the ancient, iconic imagery of one dark and one white angelic whispering their equal and opposite directives into the dual hemispheres of the Human brain, is also part of the great deception; for, in Truth, there are two Angelic beings of Light for every one of darkness. Know also, that, since the moment of the great angelic infection, their lights were confined to the material words of time, the only dominion in which the fallen one-third have any influence; for their powers are bound to the Alpha/Omega cycles of time in which the days of their influence are most certainly numbered.

thus, in the Great Shift of the ages, the rogue angelics seek, one last time, to manifest in the Earth realm, even as the Greater Angelics have assembled to assist those who may discern their Divine Essence embedded within the fractal seed within the Human Heart-Of Hearts in Divine Love, healing, peace, and eternal life in the Many Mansions of THE ONE.

Therefore, KNOW that the sensory intellect is incapable of discerning the true Angelics, for it is conditioned to equate high technology and power over nature as the criteria for superior intelligence. However, True Discernment is a function of the Heart-Of-Hearts, that Divine Seed within every true Sovereign Human. For the True Angelics are distinguished by the Divine Presence of unconditional Love, openness, transparency, and Truth through a Christed Vibration that cannot be simulated by any of the counterfeit-angelics.

the validation

understand, each Human Sovereign is a unique fragment of the Divine SOURCE and is not subject to the will of any angelic, much less, any manifestation of same as a physical, astral, or interdimensional appearance. Indeed, it is your prerrogative, even your duty, to test and question any such manifestation directly and without hesitation, as to their true allegience, purpose and intent of will.

Should any such entity declare they are your progenitors, gods, rulers, or superiors, they shall, at once, reveal their counterfeit source. And should any so-called superior "race" confess to or acknowledge another creator being, or even one they believe to be "their" god, it shall be another deception. For that which they might believe as source, is only an unknown effect of command and control of their biological systems.

know then, beloved, whosoever shall refuse to ackowledge and respect your Divine Sovereignty, or refuse to satisfy your right to validate their true identity, allegience, intent, and purpose, or should act in any way clandestine, in secret, or through force of their will against your own, such is your assurance of deceit.

the proof

Know also, that the proof of your Divine Origins is verified by the monumental effort, over millenium, to seek voluntary agreements of the Human Creation as the only means by which they might rule those whom they hold in contempt. For if their powers were authentic and the Human Creation was a failed experiment, as they arrogantly proclaim, why then should they labor over millenium to establish power over humanity?

If theirs were a true power of the gods they claim to be, there should be no struggle to subjugate beings, who by their own judgment, are profoundly inferior creations of their own devices! Yet in a dozen great ages, they have failed to permanently assert their alledged dominance as rightful rulers of these lower dimensions. WHY?

the answer is that your essence contains the original, Divine Seed, issued forth from THE ONE. And no angelic, in any dimension, may presume to act as counterfeit source by which to subjugate such a Divine Creation of Beings. That is why the counterfeit-hierarchy has not, nor shall ever succeed to realize their self-proclaimed status as gods of man.

Pay no heed, beloved, to the relentless ovations of your inferiority as a pretense for accepting their presumed powers to effect your salvation. For it is YOUR Divine Essence, as direct issue from THE ONE, that they must confess and respect. In Truth, YOU are the Angelics in your own right, and you have the Greater 2/3rds of the entire Angelic Hosts to support YOUR RETURN.

Let thine eye be single and step through the portal of your Divine Heritage which remains within you! And as you do so, ALL LIFE, everywhere, shall be uplifted from within.

Now is the time. This is the hour in which to claim the Divine Bestowal as your personal Identity with THE ONE.


.:.En.:.Light.:.In.:.THE ONE.:.









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