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"Assimilating The Gift "

The sovereign Shift

Whereas, the shift into the New Template of Spiritual Awareness continues into its second decade of resonance with the next harmonic in the Galactic sequence of time-waves, 2014 revealed yet another layer of awareness cognition. As always, it is the subtext of the human collective that can be so identified and analyzed by virtue of its scalar values. Therefore, such evaluations can be quite different for each sovereign entity, since each embodies a unique matrix of time-waves.

Thus, for every resonant harmonic that vibrates its particular node in the sequential movement of sensed time-waves, there are infinite variations of unique experiential realities within the seed-crystal of Heart-Mind. Even so, we can map the psychic terrain, as it were, by which the unique journey of each sovereign entity within the greater resonant field of a given time-wave are shared, since that field forms the energetic topography of a measured time frequency.

Contemplating 2014 yields much understanding as regards a wide range of focal points within the shared sensory-states of the human collective awareness-mind. Indeed, the subject matter impinging upon that mind-field is analogous to an avalanche, where individual events are blurred by the sheer speed of the revelations in every conceivable area of life. From the mundane to the inter-dimensional; in every sector of society; across the spectrum of individual and institutional power; lifting veils of secrecy accelerated on multiple levels so that the connections between seemingly disparate events became visible to even the casual observer.

When an expanded matrix is revealed on such a level of awareness-mind, paradigm shifts are required as the collective resonance with a greater level of reality is suddenly manifest, like the surfacing of a great continent from the waters of the deep. Here, everything is the same, yet nothing remains as it was in the collective reality. And so it is that every sovereign entity in your dimension was exposed to some facet of the greater preexisting energy constructs, as the veils were lifted, stripped away, or otherwise dissolved.

Thus far, the struggle has been to clarify one's position, one's relevance, and one's purpose in both an historical remembrance of a predetermined time-wave (past), or a preexisting time-wave (future potential). Yet, each are actually the same, given that the Source within each entity is also the same. Here, multiple adjustments to these revelations must be accomplished simultaneously, even as other entities continue their fixation on retrogressive, collective mind, and the programming associated with the illusive security of counterfeit agreements as broadcast by the towers of babble forming the web of your collective mind in the technological matrix of shared awareness.

All such mind-control is rooted in the common language of a culture used to convey an interpretation of reality that is most conducive to maintaining the status quo. This is not to say that such languages are restricted to the written or verbal word-constructs; for linguistic constructs incorporate ALL shared sensory frequencies, i.e., pictures, olfactory signatures, emotional triggers, feelings, body-language, etc., which are all subsets of a higher form of consciously-aware communication.

ENTER 2015

Therefore, in this year in your measured counting, a greater majority will become cognizant of these linguistic programming techniques on multiple levels. Yet, far more importantly, many linguistic constructs used to articulate a higher level of unfolding connections, discovered via the enhanced resonance of the so-called galactic shift into a different energetic domain (age), will resonate with those whose intent is True.

Indeed, we continue to reference these temporal changes as accelerating time, subconscious revelations, consciousness shifts, and so forth. All these constructs have been used and each conveys a portion of a greater reality that we can share through our respective linguistic programming. Here, the intent is to use other language constructs to convey another facet of the scalar crystalline shift into this new resonant-field of unfolding time-waves.

In this Year Of Transformation, beloved, it is imperative to cultivate a higher frequency harmonic of perception by any meditative technique that may facilitate your awareness of the greater psychic topography available to you. In other words, you must embrace the potential for personal transformation by sensing a level of your being that is much larger than the miniscule sensory radar blip of common perceptions.

The commonly held belief that your being ends at the surface of your skin is the source of your self-denial and inability to expand your effectual connections with the One Source of your Love-Powered existence in your current time-world domain. Such beliefs form the shackles of the material realm and the fear-based survival mentality programs by which the counterfeit hierarchy enslave your awareness-minds.

For if The Source, THE ONE, occupies infinite space and time, as it is kwon to your senses, and each of you is a Sovereign extension of that Source, how small can you perceive yourself to be? And why would you do so? The common linguistic references to your insignificance is woven throughout your cognitive programming, so that you identify with the myopic vision of the counterfeit hierarchy.

Clearly, if you are convinced of your isolation in a world of competitive consumption, you also unquestioningly accept the programs of helplessness and victimization. While proof of such an artificial construct may appear obvious and incontrovertible, it is a convincing illusion only because you identify with the ephemeral nature of the material frequencies of your vehicle in a dimension where every one is subject to continuous transformation through entropy into other energy states.

However, that which has been hidden from your cognition these many ages in your time, is a reality known by the vast majority of beings in other dimensions and even other Earth-like worlds. That is, the reality of your Divine Issue into the greater realms of God-Mind, and the subsequent entrapment into a karmic shell-game of judgment, and annihilation by a counterfeit court of corrupted angelics who loath your potential Mastery that remains as a Constant Feature, a Divine Template, as it were, within the spaces of your being.

divine template

For when you seek your True Essence within the spaces of your being, you begin to grasp the relativity of the material senses, and the scalar potential of God-Mind from which you emerge into myriad creation, both in and out of time! In other words, the True nature of your being transcends the relativity by which you compare yourselves to other objects on a lower frequency range of cognition. Clearly, such relative comparisons render your physical vehicles an insignificant speck, desperate to survive the crushing magnitude of hostile forces.

In this year of Transformation, however, you will gain the crucial understanding that each Sovereign Issue of the human vehicle contains the Seed Crystal of a Divine Template which is infinite in its scope and by which relative comparisons become mere interference patterns in the lower mind frequencies of said programming.

Knowing that crystalline structures are derived from a fractal thought-template, they function as a scalar matrix, and operate as a so-called quantum event, where time-waves are not a factor. This implies that relativity is not applicable to measuring your being in an infinite universe! Indeed, you are NOT small and insignificant, for in the realm of your true heritage, you may occupy any space and time required in order to extend the Divine Template to every facet of the universal crystalline constructs you witness.

divine entrainment

Therefore, since that Divine Template centers every cell of your physical vehicles in your respective dimensions, the question arises as to how one may use the current truncated awareness-frequencies to effectively recapitulate the Divine Transformation into your current time-space? The answer is through the power of entrainment. All academic interpretations and linguistic constructs presently available apply to and are useful in gaining a greater resonance with the Internal Template of your Divine Source.

Suffice it to say, the first step in engaging in such entrainment is to first comprehend that the Divine Template preexists within the spaces of your beings. Therefore, there is nothing to get, nowhere to go, and you are not trying in vein to attain something that you do not already possess. Thus, if the Divine Template is resonating within you, like a tuning-fork made of light, your effective transformation hinges on simply removing the interference patterns embedded in the linguistic programming of your social-matrix and paying attention to the results.

Of course, the programming also contains the fear-based coding of anxiety, whereby said interference patterns are interpreted to be survival/security modes in a reality-game of their choosing. The anxiety-coding equates to the emotions of fear of removing the protection of security, whereby vulnerability and weakness is associated with harmony, peace, love, etc. The effective result is to induce fear of one's Divine Template; a most clever and devious illusion, is it not? Thus, through perpetual insecurity and the perception of an insignificant and powerless existence in a world of hostile forces, antagonistic to life itself, one ceases to resonate with the Divine Template.

Therefore, the entrainment needed for a Sovereign Being to resonate with Source requires serenity, peace, and the relaxed confidence that exists as an integral part of that Divine Template. Thus, when the interference frequencies, or noise, is filtered out of your background atmosphere, the entrainment to your Divine Template occurs of its own accord. That is the simplicity of the Divine Transformation that the programmers of the counterfeit hierarchy are loathe to allow in their domains of influence. For it is well known in their circles of corruption that entrainment to the Divine Template equates to assimilating same.

Assimilating Divinity

Therefore, to entrain one's essence with the frequencies of the Divine Template is to assimilate Source in any given dimensional state in any realm of one's experiential reality. Moreover, to assimilate is to be assimilated, since all is derived from Source. Understand, since the Divine Template is scalar as an infinite construct, and perfectly balanced in its expression in any dimension, assimilating its Eternal Attributes can never be realized from the outside.

It is for this reason that all external systems of knowledge, be they scientific or religious in nature, will inevitably fail to enlighten, much less liberate one's essence from the karmic wheels of time. Clearly, these systems are not designed for such realization, for they are calculated to prevent same. The carrots of enlightenment dangling from the exterior sticks of social programming are actually hooks by which one's energy is expended in utter futility. Such energy is the food of the parasitical counterfeit hierarchy.

Thus, the internal "knowing" of your Divine Essence, is neither a superficial, intellectual construct, nor can it be given by anyone within the matrix of the illusion designed to preclude such a realization on a multidimensional level of reality. Your Sovereign connection to THE ONE is part of your original spiritual DNA, as it were, and is not something foreign to your current existence. Choosing not to identify with that reality is your choice, where there is no choice, for your essence is IN the world, yet not OF the world.

In this year of Transformation, another level of clarity will reveal the timeless message of the Masters, whose lineage you share, and that exists as a spiritual construct, whereby the Divine Template is the Spiritual DNA, as it were, that exists as a singular reality centering your being. You may term it as an achievement, an attainment, an ascension, but Truly, is is none of these constructs. It is far more accurate, however, to contemplate the term, "allowance."

For the reality of your transformative power to return to your Divine Heritage is to Allow, Assimilate, and Transform your identity from the terminal fate of a programmed identity into the authentic entrainment with Source.

Now is the time. This is the hour in which to claim the Divine Bestowal as your personal Identity with THE ONE.

John J Falone

.:.En.:.Light.:.In.:.THE ONE.:.









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