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"Knowing The Gift "

Shifting Awareness

As the unfolding time-wave frequencies continue to unveil deeper levels of cultural programming, the nature of language itself is surfacing in ways prompting many to question the information stream fed to a fictitious collective—the temporary number of any sector of society who accept the official interpretation of events by which they are reasonably predictable.

Indeed, the nature of time, itself, is revealing that it is a variable quantity rather than a fixed rate. Altogether, the deeper anxieties catalyzed by these frequency shifts have manifested in varied ways according to each Sovereign Being's chosen matrix of decisions.

Such awareness-shifts affect every nuance of one's life, from personal relationships, to physical and psychological health, to one's sense of security, to one's belief system, or simply to question one's sense of purpose. The list is endless as awareness-shifts affect countless moments in one's life, most of which are so fleeting as to escape detection, while others are so potent as to be life changing.

And while most only consider large-scale events as noteworthy, such events are merely a cumulative effect of minute decisions converging upon multiple time-lines perceived by a greater number of entities. In any case, another level and dimension of self reflected by the convergence of the shifting awareness-waves is now emerging— which will be embraced by some and rejected or ignored by others.

Now, given that the same input frequency can trigger many varied responses from an entity, ranging from utterly subconscious programmed reactions, to consciously-aware intent to reinvent one's life in service to others, the perceived changes in the world are anything but unified. Yet, the totality of our life-system is composed of cumulative, individuated intent so that the changes, while oftentimes imperceptible, are also quite profound in its past/future unfolding.

It is for these reasons that one would be wise to perceive the "bigger picture" while avoiding the trappings of judgment, hopelessness, self-loathing, or simply reactionary, polarized scripted behavior. Although a seemingly overwhelming task, letting go of the altered-ego's programmed scripts, even for a moment, allows one to perceive life from the center, rather than the circumference of time's spinning wheels.

Thus centered in one's Heart-Mind, Divine Orchestration becomes evident and even the most disturbing circumstances evident on the world stage are not sufficient to permanently alter its Divine Intent—for all stageded circumstances are designed to trigger pre-programmed responses which cannot be sustained. Here, the great mystery of freewill within the Divine Template begins to reveal its profound complexity and ultimate beauty. It is all a function of Centering one's life-force so that polarized emotional charges do not destroy one's Sovereign integrity.

Know then, the extant qualities of each designated year, as set forth in the messages of this work, are not confined to mundane, relative calculations. Indeed, each phase of the harmonic frequencies and the qualitative changes they may induce are cumulative in their effects—each nesting within the other as the Divine Template Overlay is established within the spaces of matter. And when critical mass is reached, as it were, final choices will be made, given that the harmonic frequency-set of the planet will only support thought-forms of healing and celebration of Life.

ENTER 2016
Although such solar cycles are miniscule demarcations in the Galactic Rhythms of the greater creative matrix, they do serve as a point of departure by which many can enjoy a moment of overview, regardless the degree of conscious-awareness. Again, taken as a totality of simultaneous NOW Moments, each yearly message represents an additional wave-form of awareness as each is nested in the greater fractal, becoming more than the sum of its parts in your time.

Thus, 2016 is designated the year of the Alchemist since it is a natural unfolding quality of shifting Galactic time and related awareness-waves. As with all such shifts, it is important to contemplate that a vibrational quality of the Divine Template preexists and is not subject to any time constraints. In other words, the yearly cycles reveal or resonate with certain aspects of that preexisting Template, yet they neither create nor confine them.

Therefore, all the cycles implied by these messages are always simultaneously interacting as a totality within Divine Mind—while the matrix of events in the time-wave itself is incremental and relative to each individual's capacity to resonate with the timeless qualities within their core Being. Yet, such a resonance is not an imposition on the freewill of any Sovereign Entity. It is a preexisting, standing-wave of Conscious-Mind centering all time-wave creations with which one must choose to resonate. Thus, the inner-cycles of local time unfolding within the greater cycles of Galactic time are NOT causative in and of themselves—in fact, neither are the Galactic cycles.

Any reality that can be truly Causative in the universe is a function of the Divine Template and its Centering power that sustains any given time-world. It is for this reason that true transformation can only be a result of Divine Entrainment, as a choice to resonate with and "Assimilate Divinity." It is NOT, as some might claim, an isolated act of self-will born of self-serving intent.

In other words, freewill is NOT synonymous with willful-intent. Clearly, choices must be made as a function of Mastery by which the Gift of Life is perpetuated throughout all dimensions. However, one's instrument must be tuned to the greater symphony in order to enjoy the timeless nature of one's Sovereignty in an infinite universe creation.

enter the alchemist

contemplating the preceding understanding is critical to maximizing one's potential to resonate with the Divine Template Centering Heart-Mind using the unfolding frequency-harmonics formed by this phase of Earth's positioning within the greater Galactic time-wave. Here, we realize the essence of Alchemy: the Centering of one's Sovereign Being within the Still Point of Infinite Life activated through the action of Divine Intent by which to transmute various levels of energy from one light-matrix to another.

This is not to say that one is either an Alchemist or one is not. It is to say that every living being is an alchemist by virtue of the fact that the Process of Life itself is alchemical in nature. Therefore, there are as many degrees of alchemy as their are life-forms that exist or have ever existed in time.

again, designating 2016 as the Year Of The Alchemist does not imply that such a cosmic principle begins or is exclusive to such a microscopic measurement of a time-cycle. Indeed, such is the case for all time-cycles as they are nested within a greater Galactic resonant Light-fields. Yet different phases of the time-waves resonate with different awareness frequency sets, which is the basis for the knowledge of "progressions" of the ages.

Therefore, since sensory-awareness is a function of a specific set of time-waves, certain phases of those waves resonate with different awareness fields. Such resonant progressions have been known to ancient cultures for millennium. However to the current scientific dialectic, such phase changes are construed to be what they term an "evolutionary theory" of predation.

now, in terms of human awareness, the current earth/solar cycle is resonating with a Galactic energy field that naturally predisposes the sensory-mind to noticing another aspect of life to a greater degree than the previous cycle. That aspect is herein termed the alchemical process of life. In that regard, the awareness field of every life-form on the planet is affected during this transiting phase and, to the astute observer, the changes can be perceived everywhere.

Such astute observation also reveals the designation of Alchemist (capital A) which only manifests in the human realm of Mastery. Therefore, the same resonant field may yield quite different manifest results depending upon the level of conscious-awareness utilized by each Sovereign Being experiencing their particular time-wave within earth's time-domain.

riding the wave

and so it is that human awareness oscillates with the planetary time-waves and, together, they spiral around an elliptical axis weaving through the Galactic sectors otherwise known as the ages. Such a synchronized, symbiotic relationship is identical in function to the autonomic nervous system that recycles the life-force throughout the human vehicle.

In that regard, the alchemical processes of life ebb and flow just as all other life systems in this dimension. However, there is a great difference between a subconscious, autonomic process and one that is interactive with one's conscious-awareness. Only the latter state opens the portal to a Sovereign Being who resonates with Divine Intent; and only then can one enter the realms of the Alchemist as a Causal Being rather than an awareness reactor.

In other words, even though every life-form is a manifestation of Divine Alchemy and a living process thereof, to be an Alchemist in the Causal meaning of the term requires some degree of Conscious participation in that process. Perhaps, it is now more clear as to the nature of this cycle in your time. Here, the earth enters another harmonic where the sensory-mind expands its frequency domain of self-aware perception.

It is very much like surfing a great wave on an awareness ocean. If one is not aware of that wave, it will have a reactive effect. However, if one is aware of it, its powerful momentum can be used to augment one's own. In another analogy, it is like using gravity fields to slingshot a craft around a planet to gain free momentum.

However, 3D analogies can only expand one's cognitive awareness to a limited degree, since we are referencing a multidimensional reality. In that regard, it is important to contemplate the fractal nature of all such time-cycles and to realize that they are not here one moment and gone the next. Rather, each is introduced into the greater matrix of the energy/light systems to ADD to the totality of each preceding cycle.

This means that every cycle elucidated in this work as a yearly message is cumulative as well as periodic. Indeed, one entity may realize an awareness influence from years past, while another will become aware of a cyclic influence in advance of its natural timing as a premonition, and so forth.

A Master's View

As you contemplate these thought-forms, know that all cycles of influence described herein are local in nature. This implies that using such influences, as described above, is only an aid in opening one's personal portal to the Master's View of life as a Divine Alchemical process. Given the human condition of entrapment in the dense matter-spheres, it is important to use the natural resonance of the local system to assist in liberating oneself from its cubic confinement.

Of course, using the local matrix of forces is only useful as a temporary step to expand the resonance of one's physical awareness-body to entrain with Conscious Heart-Mind. Again, as stated above, it should be clear that there are as many levels of alchemists as there are life-forms. Thus, there are libraries teaming with volumes filled with countless formulas, rituals, techniques, procedures, and so forth. Much less, however, can be found that elucidates a true Master's Conscious Alchemical nature as a function of Divine Intent.

In Truth, all true Masters are alchemists of the 1st order by virtue of their direct connection to THE ONE Source and the Divine Intent by which Divine Alchemy is a normal function of Being in a state of infinite co-creative participation in an open-ended creative alchemical process.

Given the attenuation of the Divine Alchemical processes of life in your local life-zone during this phase of your solar cycle, you are given yet another gift of Love and another opportunity to add another level of Light to your existing Light-Body. Should you choose to resonate with the current awareness shift, you will begin to realize that the potential to be a Master Alchemist is part of your Divine Makeup—indeed your heritage so long hidden in plain sight in your time.

Now is the time. This is the hour in which to claim the Divine Bestowal as your personal Identity with THE ONE.

John J Falone

.:.En.:.Light.:.In.:.THE ONE.:.









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