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"Bearing The Gifts"

As Above So Below

Whereas, the continuing shift of our planisphere into higher resonant frequencies of awareness has initiated many levels of realization through the process of spiritual alchemy, a massively new paradigm has emerged. True to the alchemical process, itself, the allegory of transmuting lead into gold applies equally to transmuting deceit into Truth.

Yet, more than the profound revelation of Truth exposed via spiritual alchemy was the realization that Truth has no opposite—that the seemingly endless, polarized, either/or axioms of false-logic are, in and of themselves, artificially contrived. To the programmed intellect, the false-logic scenarios are compelling, if not circular in their self-canceling intent. Here, the sports mentality dominates most social memes so that supporting one idea automatically presumes one's opposition to another contrived agenda and vise versa.

Although these twin political pillars of deceit are institutional and long-lived, they are also predictably doomed by its own predatory model where Truth is a sport and there can be only two teams competing with a winner and loser at any cost. Yet the occult third pillar, sworn to secretly control the other two, failed to consider that polarization divides the perpetrators as well as their victims.

However, as the newly activated Human Awareness began to perceive the occult manipulation of free will through staged events and carefully crafted false choices in their political coliseums, panic spread through the ranks. Thus, in an hysterical and desperate attempt to distract and divert attention, semantic inversion was used to project a reality-narrative of their own intent onto others. Hence, it was a simple matter of false accusations combined with inverted meanings, whereby freedom equates to enslavement, brotherhood to racism, war to peace, liberal to totalitarianism, and so forth.

Of course, such semantic inversions were also doomed to failure as the perceptual power of the Human Spirit continues to expose both the false-choices and the doublespeak. For it is known by all timeless beings that Truth can never be opposed, inverted, or destroyed, only obfuscated behind smoke-screens of babbling tongues. Thus, the ancient strategy of keeping human awareness focused in the coliseum of false choices, the agendas of enslavement through technological control, social division, and war, formerly hidden in plain sight, began to surface from their institutional dungeons into the light of day.

then as now

Clearly, true choices made via one's freewill are fundamental to the original premise of co-creation through the Trinitization of conscious-awareness. Yet even that was hijacked, and a counterfeit version was offered as a virtual "natural law." In other words, all material worlds and systems are composed of binary, twisted, electrical fields, which are precisely balanced through Divine Centering. Therefore, entrapping (the fall) Human awareness into the perceived confines of polarized division in the dense material dimensions of time was not only an illusion, but an abomination to the Original Plan of Divine Mastery.

In its stead, a plan of corruption ensued to block the Trinitizing power of Divine Source and substitute it for a counterfeit godhead complete with a counterfeit hierarchy. Once established through deceit, the next phase of enslavement involved using polarized sensory awareness as the sole arbiter of Truth. This became the premise for ensuing dogmas that codified a counterfeit into written law which was then used as proof of its authority over the greater numbers of humanity.

However, choosing to identify with one polarized charge or another in a material system, be it from ignorance or convenience, is no proof of its veracity. It is a violation of free-will. In other words, the entirety of human enslavement was nothing more than a trick on the stage of sensory awareness-mind, while the producers and technicians of the show are simply a counterfeit-hierarchy who claim to be the creators of a global reality presented to the artificially dulled, if not overwhelmed senses of innocent entities in a spiritual state of amnesia.

Yet, as the galactic shift progressed and the artificial blocks to Spiritual Light were weakened, fragments of multiple, intersecting timelines (memory) revealed more strings, levers, trap doors, and myriad other mechanisms of the production—there all along, yet hidden in plain sight. Of course, the altered-ego is loath to admit being duped and la bled a fool, sheeple, and other mocking terms of derision. Therefore it becomes quite enraged and defensive regarding the reality game in which it invested so much of its precious life-force for generations to support a counterfeit matrix.

clearly, it is not the human vehicle that is feared by the counterfeit-hierarchy; rather it is the Human Spirit which supercedes all temporary forms of planetary control and all predatory paradigms of force. In fact, contained within the Original Human Spirit is the Divine Mandate of Mastery over all counterfeit-hierarchies—a Truth that strikes terminal terror in the machine-minds of the few in number who claimed to be lords of this creation.

It is for this reason that the obsession and worship of material technologies have always been coveted as the key to returning the original counterfeit-hierarchy to their former fictitious glory. For they have long-ago forfeited their Spiritual Mastery and are left with nothing, save that which is embedded in the very entropic systems they created by temporarily cutting off this galactic sector from Divine Source in order to claim it as a material kingdom and personal throne over the submission of all life within it.

However, despite the ancient propaganda claiming the counterfeit-hierarchy's totalitarian lordship over all planetary life-forms in general, and specifically the human creation from which it feeds, no such claim can pass the test of Truth in the higher realms of creation. For the Life-Force itself is Sacrosanct as it originates from THE ONE Divine impulse as an inviolable Source. Clearly, all claims of lordship made by the counterfeit-hierarchy, then as now, are simply attempts to conceal the illusion of false-mastery, mal-illumination, and genetic inferiority.

Yet, as truthfully perceived by the Human Spirit, the modifications, mutations, manipulations, and other technological means by which the Life-Force is altered for the temporary pleasure of a self-terminating specie of interlopers of a Divine Creation, are no proof whatsoever of lordship or superiority. For mutilating a Divine Creation does not a Co-Creator make, much less a "god." Hijacking the Divine Life-Force and then demanding ransom (sacrifice) for its continued use is the domain of the most vile, hideous, and corrupt imposters the universe has ever had to endure. And yet the alpha/omega time-waves into which they embedded their souls can neither be controlled, nor escaped.

However, the eternal Divine Template projecting the Life-Force into all material universes, in and of itself, can never be captured, corrupted, manipulated, or otherwise dominated; rather, only the physical manifestation of a time-vehicle (body) can be temporarily enslaved. For the self-correcting Spirit of Divine Order is a timeless, quantum, scalar, sustaining state of Consciousness which shall reset the original course of Sacred development of all time-worlds in perpetuity.

And although, to the altered-ego, many of the concepts contemplated herein may seem unconnected or lack continuity in time, the reality is that they are all manifestations of the same Universal Truth on different timelines and cultural levels of understanding. Clearly, since there is no opposite to Truth, and it cannot be destroyed, the fundamental premise of the grand deceivers is to artificially separate one level of truth from another by alternating the energy from one to another and periodically short-circuiting the Life-Force in order to liberate the electrical energy needed to sustain their lifeless vehicles.

Yet, the Human Spirit is able to perceive Divine Continuity as the Christed Spirit by which to connect the dots, as it were, in a way that reveals Truth regardless from which "side" it is viewed. For all is connected—as above, so below, and, as within, so without, then as now. Thus, revelations of Truth are always a result of the timeless Human Spirit, even within the minute incremental measurement of your yearly counting.

ENTER 2017

And so it is that, during this great shift, Truth is not revealed in tidy, compartmentalized, sequential steps, easily digestible by the linear intellect in time(train of thought?). Rather, it is a messy affair, revealed simultaneously on every level and degree. It is only the intellect's linguistic shackles to sequential time that forms the illusion of steps. It is for this reason that so many entities are overwhelmed and distraught by the scope of the deception being revealed. Yet far more than the quantity, it is the quality of their contempt for humanity, their occult intent to destroy all that is joyful, prosperous, and authentically creative in your world, that is the most shocking to the Human Spirit and body alike.

For these reasons, and more, we designate this year in your counting as the Year Of Transcendence, since the current resonant shift of human awareness to lift the veils of time is not an endgame, or an Omega event but a new beginning, an Alpha initialization of a new awakening, orders of magnitude greater than its previous manifestation. Therefore, to make constructive use of this great gift of the ages, personal transcendence is required for self-realization as well as cultural freedom.

Why? Because your intellectual, linguistic-constructs are co-dependent with the "official" gatekeepers of the language itself. Here, everything must "make sense" by equating interpretations of reality rather than reality itself. Moreover, the altered-ego is, itself, a linguistic- construct. otherwise termed the intellect, which is an inadequate processor of multiple, simultaneous, quantum levels of phase-shifting awareness.

In other words , when high frequency Truth is revealed to the intellect, the very premise of its logical, time-based coherence is in jeopardy. Thus, the greater the Truth, the greater the fear and insecurity that nothing "makes sense" to the intellect's programmed binary clocks and filters. Clearly, the intellect, when so unhinged, reacts as an hysterical monster attempting to defend the dying reality-narratives it has so long embraced as truth. Thus, for the intellect, it is, indeed, the end of time.

Here, the distinction between relative, polarized fragmented, partial truth, and eternal, universal, Spiritual Christed Truth will always "crash" the programmed intellect. For the former cannot contain the latter, much less incorporate it into its myopic, mechanized, self-serving lust for control over a Sovereign Creation.

Thus, using machine languages from the intellectual matrix to describe life is like trying to measure the universe with a yard stick. Moreover, no machine-language algorithms have ever been, nor will ever be created by which to process and manipulate higher Truth; because all such fragmented machine languages are merely encoded constructs modeled with partial equations, forming the altered-ego which creates more of its own  self-consuming code.

Therefore, as the higher frequency Light removes the shadows concealing the mechanized, technological hydra of a counterfeit-hierarchy and its contempt for humanity, each entity must revive its inner-organs of perception, however dormant they may be. In other words, embedded within each Sovereign Human is the best kept secret of all—a Divine Spiritual Eye Of Perception.

enter the Transcendental

It is always important to consider the linguistic baggage attached to any term. So we begin by clarifying this term by first stating what transcendence is not. It is NOT used here with reference to any religious dogma. Clearly, the knowledge of transcendence preceded any known religion, or science for that matter. Neither is it a thing one possesses; nor is it a kundalini experience, nor is it a place either inside or outside the core Human Spirit embedded within one's Sovereign Heart-Mind.

Thus transcendence IS, in its purest form, a resonant state of awareness forming a metaphysical circuit connecting one level or harmonic reality state to another. Whereas, alchemy is the transmutation of one substance to another, transcendence is the awakening of Human Spirit within material density, forming a resonating awareness circuit to one's pre-incarnate gifts of Christed Light from THE ONE.

Now, since every Sovereign Entity processes Truth on a unique level of Spiritual awareness, there are certain fundamental principles that bear repeating and are always useful in times of doubt, of which there will be many. Here, the principle of one's inner faculties of extra, hyper, and ultra sensory conscious-awareness is key to transcending the miasma of intellectual dilemmas, or that which we may term linguistic short-circuits in the neural pathways of awareness-mind.

currently, in your time, the most fundamental flaw in the altered-ego's programming is its phase-locked resonance with perceived exterior objects, ideas, or concepts. Thus, to the altered-ego, the "truth" is "out there"—everything is "out there." Its sense of "inner" reality is typically only skin deep. In other words, its sensory comfort zones are the beginning and end of the altered-egos jurisdiction. It is for this reason that the infantile, Pavlovian methods of control are relatively successful in baiting a physical life-form into submission to its own enslavement.

It is also the reason for the obsessive and ubiquitous cults of personality, whereby an entity's physical appearance, mannerisms, rhetoric, and acting ability are contrived to elicit trust as a foundation for betrayal—the definition of psychopathy. Clearly, true discernment is the first casualty of pathological superficiality and relativism (sophistry). Moreover, it sends a signal to the external world to summon and accept the most thinly veiled imposters and frauds to represent one's own denial of Truth.

Going within

As you can see, the very simple, intellectual premise that everything is "out there" has profound implications of enslavement, manipulation, and all manner of abuse. Of course, there are many entities who have cultivated various levels and degrees of inner-awareness. However, it is often the case that even such entities fail to transcend the false-narratives of newage cults designed to hijack the great shift of human awareness into a new resonance of Truth.

here, even the idiomatic expression, "going within" is fraught with potential distortions; for the concept of "going somewhere else " is implied in this seemingly straight-forward term. For it is often the subtle nuances of one's language that can lead one far off course, just as an error of one millimeter can alter an object's trajectory in the space/time matrix by thousands of miles from its intended destination.

In the higher metaphysics of the term transcendence, one goes "nowhere" since all is present in the NOW moment. Therefore, it is imperative to complete your awakening through transcendence as a process of liberation from the false-narratives. This process is achieved through quantum resonance with unconditional love which is synonymous with the expression of one's daily life. Otherwise, the intellect simply tosses the "word" on its scrap heap of useless terms that it is not programmed to utilize. Of course, there is a vast difference between describing a tool with words and actually using it to accomplish real work. In truth, they are both required to effect actual transcendence.

Contemplate, then, transcendence is a resonant circuit, a state of being. In that regard, it is neither a thing other than self, a place other than here, nor a time other than NOW. In other words, the transcendent state is NOT an intellectual program. For the intellect is an awareness processor programmed with partial equations of relative truth, which contains the virtual dna of sophistry, a social disease otherwise known as the hive-mind submission to a fictitious collective.

transcendence is the DESIRE to reunify with ones true heritage as Divine Co-Creator, a Sovereign Master with access to Infinite Love by which to enhance all  life-forms. It is your latent, inner perceptual powers by which discernment is activated as a forensic lens through which to perceive greater levels of Truth, even interdimensional Truth, beyond a dumbed-down sensory frequency-range of a counterfeit operating system.

For those to whom this knowledge is new, perhaps it will trigger an awareness into a greater level of discernment. However, for those who have made many previous attempts at the art of transcendence, yet feel they have failed, it is often more difficult to resume a sincere effort to attain same. In the latter case, take Heart, beloved, for nothing is as it was in your time.

Know that, embedded in the resonant frequencies of this new energetic paradigm shift, or carrier-wave, is the essence of transcendence designed to help liberate the Human Spirit by which all physical manifestations are imbued with joy, Love and Light. Therefore, your current efforts to transcend the dying paradigms of corruption will be supported with quantum levels of scalar support. That is not to say it is an automatic function outside self. Indeed, it can only be activated via desire and intent to accept one's Divine, Sovereign, co-creative responsibility.

Working Together

Indeed, for as many entities who have sworn away their eternal heritage as co-creators, there are infinitely more who are there to support and celebrate your transcendence into a grand resonance with Universal Truth. This is true for your current dimension of earthly vehicles as well as the Spiritual Overlay, or Template that gains strength second, by minute, by day, in your time.

In other words, there are other levels of reality nested within your current one! Clearly, if the altered-ego is a programmed matrix of enslavement to a sliver of vibrational reality, transcending it means that one's Spirit is liberated by resonating with its original level of freedom as a Divine Co-Creator WITH the Life-Force, not of it. And where the Spirit goes, the body is compelled to follow. Therefore, by nature of the fact that you are a multi-dimensional being, transcendence occurs on multiple, simultaneous levels and degrees.

Thus, at this stage of the great awareness shift, there are many who sense a new reality, albeit it fragmented and strewn about like fossils in countless sedimentary layers of genetic memory. And yet, they have invested their souls in the great abyss of empty promises of power advertised by a counterfeit-hierarchy who loathe and fear the great shift—and for good reason. Of course, their intent is not to transcend, but to make their final, suicidal bid for control of the human vehicle—a futile, transhuministic, loveless, unsustainable, mechanized endgame.

Therefore, the counterfeit-hierarchy cannot save that which they have sworn oaths to destroy in the hysteria of their terminal delusion. Rather than choosing Divine Co-Creation, they swear allegiance to recreate technologies by which their counterfeit-masters may somehow be revived in order to save them from the imminent omega of their folly. It is crucial, then, to be wary of the empty rhetoric of "technological progress" as the solution to the current state of suffering and injustice. If you ask the question: what part will the counterfeit-hierarchy play in the Human Spirit's vision of the future? The answer is: none.

It is for these reasons that the enticement of group-think through media-entrainment is bait for a false-paradigm. Here, the intent is a thoughtless submission to an imposed reality of enslavement advertised as security through an utterly contrived illusion of choice where there is none. For the hive-mind is the vacuous screen upon which cults of personality are projected into awareness-mind where they grow into virtual parasitical systems of enslavement via a collective denial of the Human Spirit as a sovereign, free-thinking, independent, yet mutually empowering Co-Creator.

The condition of the world is no mystery, beloved. Rather it is proof that centuries of promises from babbling futurists have produced nothing but high-tech suffering and enslavement under a perpetual banner of progress—a great carrot of hope dangling before suffering human bodies. Yet, the Human Spirit has no need of such promises from the minds of a counterfeit-hierarchy masquerading as an elite surrogate godhead, if not the godhead itself! For such promises are a mockery whereby one's Sacred Gifts are denied, and then offered at a price of perpetual debt.

And while it seems plausible that the answer to a better life is "out there," (somewhere) and that the "world will be one," (someday) if one will only conform to a hive-mind reality by which "peace is enforced" within a background of perpetual war, Truth via Divine Discernment shall not bear out such an abomination. For the world IS ONE and has been so long before the counterfeit-hierarchy seized it, fractured it, and then offered to fix it. Clearly, this is the nature of "counterfeit reality:" to hijack and lay waste to Divine Order, ascend to thrones built on chaos and suffering, and sell you the right to live for a price, otherwise termed your personal and collective sacrifice.

However, the power of the Human Spirit to discern Truth, even within the avalanche of chaos, distractions, and sensory controls over its physical vehicle, is the key to your freedom. For the Human Spirit is inviolable, it is the great gift of life itself, freely given by THE ONE. And it belongs to every eternal Sovereign Entity. Therefore, it is the most intimate, subjective, personal, sovereign reality in the universe. And without it there can be no life. So how is it that one is to believe that one must pay the price for the right to have what is freely given? Or that you can't have it here, but maybe, just maybe, you can have it elsewhere!?

In Truth, it is all here! Now! And it has always been so! Just as the world has always been ONE, the Human Spirit has always been the progenitor of unconditional Love by which all life is uplifted into ever-greater levels of prosperity, joy, health, happiness, cooperation—and so is the indisputable fact that everything is greater than the sum of its parts because its SOURCE IS SINGULAR AND INFINITE.

So where is the scarcity of sustenance that must be rationed? From whence comes the violent destruction that demands wholesale sacrifice to appease some self-proclaimed godhead? How is it that you have always lived in the shared reality of life in which you have always worked together for mutual enrichment, yet you are to believe that the "reality" of self-interest rules the world because it is "human nature?"

In Truth, it is the default nature of a counterfeit-hierarchy that projects its self-created abomination upon the Human Spirit. In Truth, it was all contrived as a counterfeit-reality designed to support a parasitical system of debt whereby more is demanded than can ever be given! This is so because their counterfeit model is built upon a closed system of entropy, rather than an open system of Infinite Love and limitless abundance—without which the universe could not exist for even a moment.

The point is, that which you have been freely given was temporarily denied so that you must freely pay to have it back. In Truth, the world was always ONE and shall always be. In Truth, the Human Spirit is NOT predatory, nor is it warlike, nor is it self-serving, rather it is living expression of THE ONE infinite SOURCE of Unconditional Love.

Clearly, the only true solution is a rebirth of one's Sovereign Gifts by transcending the fictitious predatory paradigms of control. And one accomplishes that transcendence by resonating with that ONE SOURCE, the Eternal Gift within. Understand the counterfeit-system of reality cannot function when each Sovereign Human Spirit works together in a mutually beneficial environment of joy, prosperity, and love.

Understand, the intellect, as it stands, is a mechanical beast because it is programmed with a machine language devoid of Human Spirit—which, ironically, made all thought possible in the first place. Clearly, the denial of the Divine Reality of the Human Spirit forms the virtual reality in which the counterfeit-hierarchy builds and sustains its infrastructure—which is doomed to disintegrate in the real world! It is the reason for the constant semantic and rhetorical wars to force collective agreements through deception—"this is reality, it is the way of the world: there is no Truth beyond what is interpreted for you; cease your questioning and accept your fate."

However, as the false-paradigm is reverse engineered, as it were, it is not difficult to understand the obsessive campaigns to sell "virtual reality" to those who have been robbed of their ACTUAL REALITY, wherein life manifests Divine beauty, truth, prosperity, love, freedom, and justice. Thus, the counterfeit-hierarchy profits by enforced fictitious ownership of your Divine Gifts, which are sold back as virtual simulation of freedom at a price that far exceeds its true value. Here, the next virtual reality is designed to be the new heroin by which to escape another virtual reality of predatory enslavement and victimization for profit—if one can afford it.

sovereign responsibility

And so it is, beloved, that for one thing to change everything must change to some degree, since universal laws incorporate perpetual rebalancing. Thus, to transcend is not to "get over" something; rather it is to get into it, to resonate with a greater reality that preexists time itself, yet is within you even as you experience time in this dimension. Of course, this reality is presented to your senses in the virtual reality of cinematic fantasy as a superhuman power, unattainable in the real world of your enslavement.

In Truth, transcending the counterfeit-paradigms of corruption is not a trick, a gimmick, or some supernatural power reserved for an elite caste of gurus, high priests, scientists, occult mystics, magicians and, much less, deceitful politicians. It is the sincere Heart-Felt desire of the Human Spirit to reactivate its Divine Gifts—the bestowal of a true master's responsibility to go forth unto the far-flung creations to uplift all life-systems seeded in the infinite space of God-Mind

One's Spiritual transcendence is a deeply personal experience, a Sovereign quest which manifests by degree according your resonant state with the One Divine Reality. The deeper one's connection to Love/Light/God/Mind as a Sovereign Being, the greater the healing in your earth and all that dwells upon and within it. Know that your transcendence is an ongoing process, and its level of universal resonance expands with each passing moment, with each decision, with each thought-form that you incubate with the power of the Human Spirit.

Retiring to an ashram or sitting for days on end in a lotus position is not a requirement for transcendence. The requirement is a state of internal unity by healing the divisions within self that you project into the world. For that which is divided shall never transcend the shackles of a counterfeit-reality rooted in polarized conflict. Indeed, to be thus divided is to be submit to your own enslavement. If your heart is divided against itself, how can you be effective in neutralizing the polarized-paradigms of virtual conflict, war, and predatory competition?

So you see, we are back to the idea of that which is "out there" as defining one's reality. There is no "out there" in terms of an absolute reality. Thus, the inversion of reality is a potent trick of the mind, and it has been used effectively for thousands of years in your time. However, for those who choose to reclaim their Sovereign Heritage as co-creators of Light with THE ONE, as Christed Consciousness by which entire worlds are uplifted into greater states of prosperity, joy, and creative progress, personal responsibility is one's power and transcendence is the result.

For transcendence is not some mystical, occult, initiation into elitism. Rather, it is the resonance of one's Heart-Mind with Universal, infinite sustenance. For those waiting for their "group" to transcend the paradigms of enslavement, as a precondition to personal liberation, eternity will not be sufficient to release one from such an illusory prison. In truth, groups inevitably become the excuse by which personal responsibility is abdicated as a ship of fools with tremendous power and no direction.

It is for the above reasons that once a group is generated by one or more Sovereign Entities who then surrender their identities and personal responsibility to a counterfeit-ideology of division, a powerful, rudderless ship is created in need of a captain, or some simulation of one, most likely chosen through the cult of personality. Once at the helm, personal responsibility of its Sovereign members is effectively surrendered to another enslavement and yet another entity to blame for the abuse of power and a failure to deliver salvation. This is the template for the rise and fall of civilizations, by design, through the surrender of Sovereign Responsibility to a counterfeit-hierarchy.

breaking the spell

Unfortunately surrendering one's Sovereign Identity to a counterfeit-hierarchy is not an obvious choice in ones life. There are no road signs stating, "Enslavement, Next Exit." Rather, it is an insidious, incremental, almost hypnotic process. Over time, it forms a spell cast upon sensory awareness where everything seems to be familiar and make "sense," yet one is utterly lost.

As stated, the primary strategy of the counterfeit-hierarchy is to first divide one's singular, Sovereign essence into two polarized charges and then "sell" the counterfeit-freedom-to-choose one or the other as one's identity. However, when that ploy ran its course and ceased to be effective, a far more insidious phase of deceit was conjured to counteract the awakening effects of the galactic shift of the ages.

Thus, the inversion of Truth was the infantile solution to the failure of a primitive duality to destroy the Human Spirit, or at least block its transcendent potential to break the spell of enforced illusions. And while many are familiar with the "problem-reaction-solution" strategies of controlling the reality-narrative, few understand the mechanism by which it is effective; the premise of which is simply a blame game. Clearly, without blame (cause), no war could be initiated, much less sustained.

Even so, further contemplation and proper discernment reveals that all blame is based upon a perceived cause and effect. Here, false logic is fueled by inserting blame into the problem reaction solution paradigm; for to blame is to presume to know the cause for which attack is justified. Thus, the confusion of cause and effect is the core of all Orwellian paradigms of reality inversion in which its believers are entrapped.

In Truth, there is only ONE CAUSE. Therefore, not only are all sensory derived perceptions the effects of a greater cause, all sensory systems are, themselves, environmental effects tuned to perceive same. Herein lies the core of the great deception, indeed, the so-called power of the counterfeit-hierarchy. For it is their illusory belief in the power of their Causality and the identification to such an illusion that entrapped their egoic pride into the time-vaults of isolation from THE ONE SOURCE.

Clearly, the refuse of false-gods littering human history espouse the same propaganda: that they are either the direct source and cause of the kingdoms they claim to rule or they are the direct descendants of same in the genetic lottery governed by a predatory paradigm of competition, acquisition and consumption. Either way, the illusion of causality is the premise of the entire counterfeit-hierarchy and its claim to "legal" rulership over, condescending arrogance toward,  and hatred of the living Human Spirit.

As you can see, the exceedingly simple premise of ascribing meaning and causality to polarized electrical charges through language is the counterfeit-hierarchy's primary tool with which to entrap and enslave the Human Spirit. Here, group identification is organized and exploited by funding false-narratives of blame (cause) and the self-destruction of Sovereign Entities through conflict, hatred, war, and genocidal self-interest etc.—all while dangling the carrot of peace.

and while no True Master flaunts a belief of being the supreme causality, the humility of a Master is not one of disempowerment; it is a shared responsibility of Co-Creation to uplift all life forms through Divine Love. Know then, the arrogant egos who tamper with or mutilate the life-force only effect it, they do not cause it to exist. Thus, since the entire physical universe is an effect, manipulating same does not a Master make.

Therefore, if you desire to see the world change, beloved, it begins with you, radiating outward from your center. And your ultimate success depends upon your desire to transcend the counterfeit-paradigms of relative truth and divisive blame, which are only temporary effects within a sacred, Singular Cause.

Notice the word "desire" is used here; for transcendence is not a game of knowledge, nor is it an occult ritual, nor a mystical technique of escapism, nor is it a conjuring of transient, elemental energy domains to fill the hole left by denial of one's own Human Spirit. The power of transcendence is the desire to resonate with THE ONE as a Divine Co-Creator, a giver of Infinite Love that sustains the universe, not a thief who steals its effects.

discerning truth

Here, transcendence implies that there is something to transcend. And that "something" is the counterfeit-paradigms infecting the human awareness-mind. However, in order to transcend, one must first discern Truth. Of course, to the altered-ego, this seems like an insurmountable task, since it is programmed by the same linguistic constructs of false logic used to construct the false-narratives. Clearly, one cannot discern truth by deliberating on counterfeit-choices such as choosing to starve or to kill! Neither can one clean a corrupted mind with a filthy rag.

yet there is no need to suffer angst, confusion, and the entrapment of false-choices, beloved. For the key to discerning Truth in your realm is simple: there is Love/Light/God/Mind as ONE infinite Source, and there is a counterfeit-hierarchy whose only power is your complicity in their illusion of enslavement to a fictitious pantheon of creator-gods.

clearly, anything one discerns to be a manifestation of something other than the Divine intent of prosperity, joy, healing, and Unconditional Love of humanity as a Divine, Sacred Creation, needs to be transcended. This simple tool of discernment is all that is needed to see through the webs of deceit. However, such intent is not synonymous with the empty rhetoric of serpentine babble, but through loving actions that resonant Divine Intent.

In other words, it is paradoxical that one must use the intellect to discern its own counterfeit-programming in order to transcended it. Clearly, its polarized programming is designed to sever your Trinitized consciousness where the 3rd choice is mutual empowerment, love, prosperity, joy, and celebration of all life as a Divine Gift for all to enjoy. Yet, the answer is within, dwelling as one's Divine Endowment within Heart-Mind, and has always been so. Therefore, it is through the use of this spiritual organ of perception that one can discern Truth amidst any deception.

And so it is that for one thing to change everything must change to some degree, since universal laws incorporate perpetual rebalancing. Thus, transcendence is a two-way process of awakening and choosing the only authentic reality of the original program of Mastery. From a metaphysical perspective, to transcend is to resonate with that authentic reality.

In your daily lives, transcendence is a continual, incremental process consisting of thousands of decisions in thought and deed to deprogram the hypnotic spell of enslavement. And those decisions are also dual in nature. In other words, transcendence incorporates not only what you choose to believe and participate in, but that which you choose to deny, as well. In fact, they are both required in the cosmic rebalancing of Truth and there is no opposition in such Divine Balance.

Understand, the world is the way it is because of the agreements made both in thought and deed. Therefore, transcendence is not something that you do not have but need to "get," attain, or become. It is all around and within you; for you are in a state of transcendence every moment that you choose to reject the counterfeit paradigms in both thought and deed, as well as embrace the original Creation Template embedded with your Heart-Of Hearts in both thought and deed.

Therefore, transcendence is a tertiary, Trinitized function of the Human Spirit, where discerning Truth centers the awareness circuitry of thought and deed. You are transcendent when you become the centering power of the Human Spirit that balances the fictitious divisions thrust upon your awareness through the hive-mind media. In Truth, all Sovereign Entities are connected through the grid of earth/body/mind through which to mutually empower all life through Divine Intent to uplift, heal, nurture, and Love.

Know then, beloved, the results of your transcendence are evidenced everywhere in the world, indeed, the universe, as you choose to deny the polarized inversion of a counterfeit reality because the world was, is, and shall always be one. Meaning, every transcendent moment in your life is transmitted through the One, transcendental earth-grid of the Human Spirit. And so it shall be that wars were declared, but nobody came!

Know also, the results of your transcendence are evidenced everywhere in the world, indeed, the universe, as you choose to embrace the original Divine Template during this great shift of the ages into a greater Divine Reality in which the celebration of life is restored.

Know also, the results of your your transcendence are evidenced everywhere in the world, indeed, the universe, as you choose to be the capstone of unification that empowers all life as a conduit of Divine Light connecting your earthly presence to the Eternal Mind through your responsibility as a True Co-Creator to heal, nurture, prosper, and experience the joy of transcendent Love. For there is no greater Power in all the universes.

Now is the time. This is the hour in which to claim the Divine Bestowal as your personal Identity with THE ONE.

John J Falone

.:.En.:.Light.:.In.:.THE ONE.:.










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