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"The Third Choice"

Whereas, the previous year of transcendence was marked by shocking exposures of the occult workings of a vile counterfeit-hierarchy on nearly every conceivable level of personal, social, and cultural degeneracy, all seekers of Truth and lovers of the Light were impelled to transcend not only these disgusting revelations, but the equally shocking complicity of a once-trusted, yet fraudulent, toxic institution, otherwise termed corporate, monolithic, mainstream media in all its varied forms.

Ironically, the insidious nature of social networking, so cunningly designed to data-mine and then counter their own unmasking with an "official" narrative of lies, morphed into the very tool by which their occult criminality was exposed and disseminated throughout human awareness. Notwithstanding, the hysterical media campaigns of malicious gossip in lieu of truth, the Light of the great shift of the ages burned away the festering veils of hypocrisy and falsehood faster than they could be fabricated.

By the conclusion of 2017 few could doubt that the counterfeit-elite sponsored so-called social engineering programs via primary media messaging, where false-narratives consist of manufactured gossip presented as fact. This counterfeit "reporting" is then used as preconditioned false-memory used to trigger programmed responses. Such responses are further directed through social/entertainment media via programmed celebrity cult-leaders.

Once triggered, their hapless cult members become automatons of anarchy, embolden by lawless dispensations, and motivated by self-loathing through victimization, guilt through blame, and violent retribution for imagined offenses, all of which are perpetuated through a faceless political ideology of fictitious equality—an enforced tyranny of the human condition sold as collectivist-freedom.

With counterfeit badges of self-victimization, the misnamed, mindless cult of "social justice warriors" are neither social, nor just, nor warriors, but rather dupes and shills being used as expendable fodder by their invisible handlers. Here, every manner of degenerate behavior is funded by their controllers for the purpose of dividing an otherwise unified society through hatred, bigotry, jealousy, rage, envy, and contempt for all that is beautiful, constructive harmonious and loving.

The discerning mind sees through the smoke and mirrors of media propaganda designed to convince its hypnogogic viewers that their dissemination of filthy gossip actually speaks for the vast majority of souls. Then, with serpent's tongue, they solemnly express self righteous indignation and vow to expose the very corruption which they, themselves a minority, represent through inverting Truth, whereby they accuse others of that which they perpetrate behind the facades of deceit.

Clearly, the manifestation of such despicable levels of human depravity, so shocking and distressing to the soul, required the sincere efforts of the greater majority of truth-seekers to transcend in order to remain free from the false-choices being offered by a treacherous cabal of duplicitous tyrants and self-serving hypocrites who have sworn oaths to renounce their sovereign sparks of THE ONE Light and attempt in vain to destroy the true preexisting Divine Unity of all potential human masters.

ENTER 2018

Clearly, once such degenerate forces are transcended through resonating with the Absolute Values of an open-ended, Infinite Creation of Divine Mind, one's powers of discernment come into focus. And while much has been iterated in this work regarding discernment, it is important to remember that it is a process of higher mind, rather than an ancillary function, or static state thereof.

In other words, Divine Discernment is a faculty of mind by which one perceives the essence of reality rather than the simulated appearance, or symbolic interpretation of same. Here, the discerning mind untangles myriad webs of deceit spun around the counterfeit-intellect of academic sophistry in order to perceive the only true and authentic choices available in this material dimension.

Yet, to primitive, sensory-awareness mind, all electrically polarized thought-forms are equal and opposite. Here, such primal equations entrap the pattern-seeking intellect into believing either choice is simply a matter of personal preference, and, by logical extension, all opinions are equal and opposite to all others. Such are the roots of sophistry, its offspring of nihilism, fatalism, and socialism, indeed, all forms of self-canceling, self-destroying, self-consuming, self-enslaving philosophies of fear, death, and victimization, all under the guise of counterfeit-equality, superficial diversity, counterfeit-unity, and duplicitous peace.

It is for this reason that the balanced, dual energy charges inherent to all material creations in the far-flung universes tend to overwhelm the sensory mind simply because such ELECTRICAL CHARGES FORM THE SENSES in the first place. Clearly, the altered-ego is analogous to fish in search of water; for it is not possible that the elements from which the organs of material perception are formed can perceive themselves, save through the spark of Divine Mind centering the sovereign human spirit within every cell in one's earth vehicle.

Thus, we come to realize that discernment is the true perceptual power of metaphysics by which Causal connections are made to that which appear to sensory-mind as isolated effects. In other words, a discerning mind perceives that which truly CONNECTS one reality to another, one idea to another, one language to another, one sovereign human to another, and so forth. Yet, the question remains: what is the relationship of that which is termed Cause to its subsequent effects in time?

Geometry Of Choice

Notwithstanding that this work is replete with references to pyramidal geometry as universal thought-constructs of THE ONE, it bears repeating that the primary 2D visual reference of such angular relationships is the triangle, symbolizing the abstract geometry of God's threefold nature, the spiritual values of Its Conscious, unified relationships, and, by extension, the numeric, mathematical principles of all matter-universe templates unfolding in time.

Therefore, the electrical dualities by which the material worlds coalesce into timelines of relative values (density) are more illusion than reality. In other words, the Source of energetic thought-form constructs from which matter manifests as space/time simulations transcend the binary, black and white, relative values in the illusion of empty space. Thus, the increased resonant frequencies of a floating-point of conscious-awareness will always reveal a multidimensional dynamic, fractalline, interactive, intelligent modalities of thought, otherwise termed, the universe.

Here, the discerning mind of the human spirit transcends the seeming duality of matter and perceives the illusion of false-choices within that limited sense-domain of awareness. In other words, the illusion of free-choice is rooted in the binary code of a black and white logic of matter. Offering false-choices is the one and only skill set of the counterfeit-hierarchy. However, such a simple premise must not be underestimated; for the altered-ego, itself, is binary code processor that only simulates the function of freewill.

Thus, without the third choice of transcendence, of Knowing the reality of Source Centering all matter- realms, one remains shackled to an illusion of choosing where there is no choice, and a delusion of grandeur that one's actions are causal when they are actually secondary-effects of yet other effects in time. Clearly, false-choices result in predetermined outcomes for the obvious reason that it is a function of a binary logic which is always predictable as a self-canceling Alpha/Omega time-wave cycle.

In other words, transcendence implies resonating with the trinitization principles of Source. Such is the state of true sovereign freedom when one chooses the Third Choice of THE ONE Source Centering all creation. Clearly, the binary machine language of false-logic is always a time-wave effect and never True Cause. Therefore, the geometry of Cause is tertiary and when one factors that principle of creation into one's decisions, true freedom appears on the horizon of one's potential mastery of all material domains.

class wars

This is not to suggest that such metaphysical realities remain completely occult to the human awareness-mind. Ironically, the trinitized principles are embedded in all matter, and it is common knowledge to all who contemplate the laws of the physical world. For the universality of such principles of creation cannot be hidden, since nothing of substance can be constructed without them.

Indeed, the abstract reasoning of objective thought has, and shall always, rediscover the same spiritual templates from which all space/time, past/present/future constructs are simulations of same. Yet the two sides of this simulated coin, as it were, are separated by the respective neo-occult languages of counterfeit-authorities through which truth is fragmented, compartmentalized, and ultimately weaponized.

Clearly, the counterfeit-elitism of those who learn and used such languages, be they mathematics, astrophysics, chemistry, biology, physics, and all their related branches, is based upon the occult segregation of knowledge. It is through such linguistic exclusivity that scientific cults have replaced the ancient mystic cults as a means by which to maintain a counterfeit-hierarchy which can only exist through artificially enforced counterfeit social classes.

In other words, the occult, crypto-languages used to reference multidimensional realities are sequestered by the counterfeit-elite, while the binary, black and white equations of entropic annihilation are foisted upon those whom they consider human rabble. In this way, the counterfeit-elite segregate such a contrived class as subhuman and deemed unworthy to be privy to a better life, much less a life of their own sovereign potential as Divine Masters of all material domains.

Once so divided, and classified according to their artificial segregation of linguistic and financial isolation, the next step is to offer the majority of disenfranchised humanity a solution of counterfeit-unity patterned after their own self-imposed religion of predation. Clearly, a cultural disease can only beget more of the same. It is for this reason that their "solutions" are a trap, and inevitably produce the opposite of that which they claim as equality and a mockery of true freedom.

defining unity

And so it is that the counterfeit-hierarchy offer empty promises of counterfeit unity, mock freedom, and false equality, only to those who submit to their control as an enslaved class of mindless drones. For those who forsake their sovereign minds are, by default, the willing victims of diabolical group-think. Such is the inevitable result of all primitive, binary formulas that attempt to simulate the trinitized reality of human potential.

Thus, the counterfeit-elite's campaign of group-think is synonymous with severing one's connection to Eternal Source and, as all parasitical entities demand, swearing oaths of allegiance to a counterfeit godhead. Obviously, since the latter have severed their connection to THE ONE, they are left with no option, save their religion of predation. Therefore, when they speak of unity, they prey upon the natural human spirit of Love, and through false promises form this bait and switch tactic, they hope to secure their temporal energy source to maintain their temporary power.

Such illusions of unity are an abomination of all that is true and real in the Mind of THE ONE. This is not a mystical statement; for, in nature we see myriad, near infinite variations on every theme. Ask yourself, beloved: Where is the wisdom, the beauty, or the spiritual power in creating only one flower to inhabit all the lands of earth? What mindless, inhuman stupidity, what insulting, vacuous mental derangement, would conceive of such an idea, much less proclaim it as the inevitable result of evolutionary "progress?" Where, indeed!

In Truth, to "be one" is a sacred cosmic law that precedes all created universes. Yet, to the would-be enslavers of humanity, it means to submit to some cellular or insect-based simulation of human existence, where all sovereign individuality is violently suppressed, and any difference found between one entity and another is designated only by their function as a cog in the social machinery of a grotesque and heinous matrix of mechanical idiots who exist at the pleasure of a counterfeit-elite.

When the discerning mind penetrates the absurd sophistry used to equate mock diversity with counterfeit equality, the true motive of contempt is readily perceived. Clearly, to the counterfeit-elite, all pronouncements of diversity are a euphemistic code for equal opportunity enslavement. To the discerning mind, it is the infinite uniqueness of each sovereign human master that so terrifies the counterfeit-hierarchy. For their mortal fear is born of their own sworn oaths to reject Source and attempt to simulate a causal force when they are only an effect.

It is for all these reasons that the idea of counterfeit-unity, counterfeit-equality, counterfeit-justice, counterfeit-freedom, to name a few, are perpetually framed in the future-tense. Yet, in order to sell that which one already possesses, it must first be denied. Thus, someday we shall achieve that which already exists, but only if one embraces the enslavement of group-think in the counterfeit social politics of tyrannical ideologies that promise to reduce each sovereign human potential master to a cell in their hive mind.

authentic freewill

Indeed, the idea of choosing where there is no authentic choice is inherent in the binary logic of machine-mind. However, it is also the most seductive of all intellectual and emotional decisions. Hence, one primary lever used in the great game of deception is the illusion of a counterfeit freewill masquerading as freedom to choose one or another side of a self-canceling equation. The seduction of such illusions resides in its logical premise that appeals to the altered-ego's pride in detecting logical patterns in the seeming chaos of its survival.

Proper discernment reveals that the altered-ego makes the fatal assumption that because an equation is logical, it must therefore be self-limiting and self-validating. In other words, an either/or premise is like horse-blinders to the altered-ego. Its vision is instantly restricted to the parameters of the equation as if there were no other possibilities. The nature of the altered-ego is to seize upon the polar opposites of a logical equation to the exclusion of all other considerations, and agonize over the preconceived outcomes.

The idea that any value or quantity can be inserted into either side of the equation to arrive at a different conclusion is not within the scope of a polarized intellectual process. The reason is that the altered-ego rapidly accumulates equity, as it were, in its investment of time, energy, awareness, and pride into struggling with choosing where there is no choice. Hence, becoming heavily invested, it's obsession is to win, to be right, even when in an obvious "no-win" situation. Such is the admonition, "pride goeth before the fall."

Even more daunting to the altered-ego is the reality of a third variable by which the original binary equation is transcended. Here, the very idea that its struggles are in vain, its energy wasted, and its pride insulted, the altered-ego will mightily resist a way out of its dilemma. It is for this reason that transcendence is a function of trinitization whereby a third choice of higher order of unification is an ever-present part of all creative life functions that resonates with Eternal, timeless, Source.

Clearly, authentic choice always transcends the illusions of duality in the material realms, so that when a polarized equation is presented to the intellect, and neither choice is truly unifying or mutually beneficial, or if its outcome divisive in no uncertain terms, such is a choice where there is no choice. In the higher dimensions of Truth, the illusion of a binary material limitation and the false choices of a dualistic trap do not affect the entities who exercise their Authentic Choice on every level of their lives.

going forward

And so it is, that in this year of choosing, it is imperative to discern the contrived entrapments issued forth from the serpent's tongue of duality. For such is the strategy of the counterfeit-elite to divide one entity against the other in order to assume control through the illusions of false unity.

Thus, going forward in time's illusion, the continued unfolding truth in the midst of deception will accelerate in a way that will help to reveal the option of a true third choice. Here, the duopolies of politics, business, and social ideologies will be exposed for the treacherous enslavement they represent.

Clearly, the insidious left/right paradigm upon which the counterfeit-hierarchy is built is disintegrating under its own weight of hypocrisy, contempt of all sovereign beings, and its use of duplicity as the be-all and end-all tactic in their relentless campaigns of divisiveness and anarchy, and control—a recipe for tyranny and the very opposite of what is promised to the victims of their occult injustice.

All such games of deception use the slight-of-hand, so to speak, to manipulate the programmed intellect with false-logic. In other words, the greatest skill of the counterfeit-hierarchy to seduce their prey into enslavement is offering a choice where there is no choice. For example choosing two equally corrupt options is a counterfeit choice whereby either outcome is virtually identical.

However, through transcendent discernment, and a sincere desire to connect to Divine Source on ever-greater levels of manifest realization, one will always have the Third Choice available. This is not to suggest that such a choice will always represent an actionable decision; for the Third Choice of transcendence is often simply opting out of both sides of a corrupt equation of false logic.

A personal choice

Clearly, finding one's quiet space, be it in meditation, nature, or in the company of love ones, is an absolute requirement for finding and maintaining one's center where the Golden Thread of God's Infinite Love connects to one's sovereign singularity of purpose within the context of eternal life. For only through centering one's being can clarity be achieved, even within the spinning wheels of binary time-waves that the human body experiences as the sensory cognition of life.

In all cases, the Authentic Third Choice, when centered with and by Divine Intent, will serve as the portal to personal transcendence. For those who are led to believe in the illusions of group-think as a form of empowerment and security, their awakening and their concomitant suffering will be needlessly delayed. Know then, beloved, the process of transcendence is a wholly and intensely personal affair, as is every connection to THE ONE via the Heart Of Hearts.

And as one's personal connection, i.e. one's resonance with Source, rises in frequency and strengthens in amplitude, so too does one's power of discernment gain strength to penetrate the most devious of illusions. And with increased discernment comes ever-greater peace of mind, clarity of intellect, and joy of spirit, as the true spiritual template within the simulation of the material world is revealed to one's spiritual eye of one's eternal soul. This is the essence of the great awakening.

Now is the time. This is the hour in which to claim the Divine Bestowal as your personal Identity with THE ONE.

John J Falone

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