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The Aquarian Conspiracy

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The Aquarian Conspiracy

Unread postby geniusjjf1 » Wed Jul 20, 2011 11:21 am


And so it is that one prophetic realization predicted by the archetypal mind in this, our galactic timeline, is the awakening of sensory-mind to the facade of programming that has enslaved it by controlling its perceptual reality through language syntax, enforced by the gatekeepers, the so-called experts and other counterfeit high-priests of sensory mind that interpret reality on behalf of those who have entrusted their faith in their presumed honesty as conveyors of truth.

There is another prophetic realization promised by the so-called Aquarian Age, which is the massive revealing of secrets into the cognitive arena of sensory mind. The key word here is "sensory" which is not to be confused with "conscious." At any rate, as shocking as these revelations are to the collective and individual nervous systems, we come perilously close to asphyxiating our conscious-awareness in the miasma of nefarious personages who masquerade as rulers and the tragic events they deceive themselves into believing are acts of god.

However, in the big picture, can anyone actually believe that the current revelations are something new? The so-called secrets were never secrets to conscious-mind, only to sensory-mind programmed by intellectual syntax, represented by what is termed the altered-ego. Are we to believe that the corrupted perversion and weaponization of every conceivable natural law and every accessible level of metaphysical or spiritual technology is a true revelation? Hardly.

Such that we now witness in our time is simply a recapitulation of thought-forms entrapped in the 4th dimensional mind -- that the 3rd dimensional mind is now becoming aware. From that perspective, nothing whatsoever is revelatory -- just recapitulating cycles within a larger clock in the face of very short historical recollections.

Here, we discern that sensory-dialogue is not only a reflection of "effects" in time, but a simulation of those effects!! This includes all the so-called technologies, be they physical or meta-spiritual. For example, manipulating DNA is touted as "breakthrough" technology and it is even claimed that life can be created in a test tube. Yet nothing whatsoever is created, only effects injected into other effects. For DNA, in the first place, is not the Cause of anything. It is also an effect -- a memory matrix assembled in a conscious mind-space,.

The same applies to the macro level of technology. Cyclotrons, accelerators, "haarp" devices, particle beams, gravitic lenses, and so on and so forth, are also manipulated effects. The point here is that this is a very, very old story. So why should we waste our precious time watching reruns when we can "dialogue" something within our NOW moment.
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