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The Mayan 2012 Phenomenon

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The Mayan 2012 Phenomenon

Unread postby geniusjjf1 » Thu Dec 27, 2012 12:47 pm

Projecting Fear:

Now that the ominous date of 12/21/2012 has come and gone, there is something profound that we should consider in all that came to pass as a result of this singular date, which most calculations correlated with the Mayan termination of the long-count. Notwithstanding the near impossibility of such a correlation between time-measurements using entirely different time-waves as their point of reference, the Mayan calendar and its speculative implications created a phenomenon unto itself.

Those who bothered to study the sources know the significance of the Mayan time-wave calculations had no relevance to any notion of an end-of-the-world prophesy. The point is that there was no actual interpretation to explain the enigmatic termination of the Mayan calendar by its creators. In truth, all such hysterical musings are fear-based fabrications, embedded within a newage narrative. As such, social programmers see to it that all emerging areas of interest, be it numerology, astrology, astrophysics, science, myth, religion, or countless other social platforms, receive their morbid mind-control vaccines, injected into the electronic veins of mass communications to stimulate antibodies, as it were, to attack all that is hopeful and good within the human heart.

The explosion of hyperbole, speculative doom, end-times projections, and apocalyptic fetishes, were concocted by those who always lust after the attention generated by the fear of catastrophe, judgements by wrathful gods, terrorism, and mass annihilation. It all makes for attention-getting headlines in the human mind — in a word, the exploitation of fear, Period.

Power Of The Galactic Shift:

However, when we dispose of the collective programming and perceive the core reality of its spectacular hollywood-style diversion into a psycho-paralysis, we find something profound, something hidden in plain sight, as is the case for all mass-reactions to fear. That "something" is that the Shift-Of-The-Ages, in point of fact, actually did occur!

The point of this contemplation is not to belabor the reams of astrophysical and metaphysical calculations which accurately track the angular velocity of our solar system relative to the Galactic Core. For all such calculations are well documented. We are speaking here of interpretations of those calculations as a social phenomenon that caused a world-wide collective meme.

When we focus on the great diversion of the media hype, we find that something profound, did, indeed, occur in plain sight. Thus, in the concerted effort to marginalize, satirize, and otherwise discredit the very headlines that the media-machine, itself, worked so diligently to sensationalize, we find that it was all a coverup, a manipulation of the collective. Isn't it strange and obvious that billions of dollars in "airtime" was devoted to hyping false-prophesies only to prove them to be hoaxes?

The fact is that it was a deliberate obfuscation of a cosmic/metaphysical event that did, indeed, actually occur! The proof? Simple. Never before in the history of the human experience has a singular concept, captured the collective attention of THE ENTIRE GLOBAL COLLECTIVE MIND. Never before has a so-called radical, fringe idea forced every level of the matrix to respond in some way. The media, in every form, and every personality which reflects its gross corruption HAD TO RESPOND! They had to address this "obvious hoax." WHY?

The Coverup:

Since when does the entire global media machine respond to meaningless fringe hoaxes, except in brief passing, a sidebar for comic relief, a chance to broadcast the arrogant claims on the interpretation of reality. The fact is that the Mayan Calendar became THE topic of attention, globally. The fact is that EVERY major player in the media cesspool was forced to deal with the reality of the great shift of the ages. That is an a priori proof that something quite profound happened — hidden in the mockery of same. As always, the mockery was a declaration of arrogance and superiority, to secure their positions as the final arbiters of reality — now shut up and go back to war!

No matter how you choose to look at it, dear friends, the fact is that something profound, something cosmic, something universal, something extraordinary has happened. The great shift of the ages has, indeed occurred. The game was to simply attach false interpretations to the meaning of this event and THEN to expose those false interpretations, and thereby, discredit everything related to the reality. It is the same techniques used to conceal the UFO phenomenon. It is their oldest trick in the book.

The fact is that the evidence of a profound new reality is found in the social programming techniques used to conceal them. And when you analyze the effort of the global media to commandeer this new reality, manipulate its interpretation, give it unprecedented airtime, and trash the results into the dumpster of hopelessness and false-reality they so desperately try to control, you have all the proof you need.

That the Mayan Phenomenon seized the attention of the entire global collective mind is, in and of itself, a priori evidence that the shift of the ages did in fact occur and with it comes the disintegration of the entire counterfeit-hierarchy, which is inherent in such a Great Shift!!! Perhaps, that is why they worked so hard to discredit the true meaning of this world-changing event.

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