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Language Of The Matrix:

We take so much for granted, as we describe the world with our words. And we believe those words to faithfully convey objective facts, or even subjective beliefs. As we read the words on this or any other page, the words are "interpreted" in real time, as the eye scans the lines in a linear motion. We speak to each other in words which allegedly have the same meanings. But what are these "words," and how is it that they have come to dominate, even shape our perceptions of life?

Generally, we analyze, or otherwise process, the reality perceived in this time-wave of our existence through a cognitive gestalt. That gestalt is comprised of the ubiquitous programming through which an "interpretation" of reality becomes our experience. This makes it the perfect place to hide things in plain sight, since it is the very last place we question as the arbiter of our reality. It is most shocking to the altered-ego to learn that this "gestalt" is not something that the intellect analyzes, or uses, or manipulates in order to know reality, THE INTELLECT IS THE GESTALT.

Synaptic Computers:

The intellect is the operating system of awareness-mind, designed to process data-streams. However, like any computer operating system, only specific binary sequences can be processed. Any data stream for which the intellect has no reference or ability to process will invariably "crash" the system. Thus, the program is built through what we term education. Such a programming regime becomes an actual physiological structure within the body.

When we are indoctrinated with the language of our respective cultures, for example, the language becomes mirrored as synaptic connections. The short of this very long story is that it is our language itself that shapes, filters and otherwise interprets reality. Clearly, the intellect itself is nothing if not the sum of its linguistic archives. But what is language? Here, is another question that is often discarded because it immediately creates a paradox for the intellect.

Deconstructing Language:

In order to apprehend the answer to this question, we must shift out of our intellectual comfort zones, which "assumes" that it knows anything at all about the term language. We must replace it with yet another word in order to gain some deeper cognition of that which language deems to be self-evident, a priori facts about its construction/program. So, at this juncture, we will replace the word language with SYMBOLS. For all languages are, in their essence, a symbol set.

Thus, every letter of every alphabet is a symbol, and every word created by them forms yet more symbols, and so on and so forth. Moreover, all symbols from which all languages are derived represent some facet of the fractal we experience as life. The point of all this is that we will not in any way realize the great shift in our age into anything redeemable until we restructure our synaptic associations with the symbols by which we communicate truth.

Here, we see that all languages are fragmented symbols devoid of any coherent meaning. Thus we are not in the Omega of the so-called "iron-age," or the "metal-age," the "nuclear-age;" rather, we are in the Omega of the age-of-Babble. The reality is that all languages of the world have been weaponized through distortion of their symbolic coherence as actual functional components of Universal Truth. Therefore, all wars are wars of language, all religions are religions of language, and all science is yet another language.

Enter Meta-Language:

Somewhere, deep in our Heart-Minds resides the pure seed-form, the sacred template of life, from which symbols may be apprehended in their actual state as a living reality, not a trick of the mind, a hacking of the computer matrix, otherwise known as the intellect. Since the intellect itself is a language construct, a synaptic structure of neural pathways that form energetic relationships, it is a foregone conclusion that the intellect itself is utterly incapable of knowing Truth, much less reinventing itself.

And so it is that until a true Meta-Language, as a living symbolic gestalt is nurtured and allowed to emerge to replace the deadly intellectual constructs of the old-age, the cognitive dissonance we have come to accept as "personal opinion," then the self-canceling languages serving a serpentine agenda will persist in the form of struggle, suffering, injustice, and war.

Here, the Meta-Language of which we speak is a function of resonance with a universal living reality. It is independent of any current languages, and therefore of all intellectual constructs which program counterfeit meanings as synaptic constructs. Clearly, the current program cannot reinvent itself because it is locked into the language from which it is derived. Given that the source of resonance from which a true Meta-Language emerges is Heart-Mind itself, there is nowhere else to look than within, and there is no other language that resonates Living-Truth than THE ONE language of light by which universal Mind exists as eternal Source.

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