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Science As Religion

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Science As Religion

Unread postby geniusjjf1 » Sun Feb 17, 2013 10:17 am

Anyone who follows this work is aware of the liberal use of scientific syntax and its ancillary terminology. As mentioned in other postings, the reason for this is simply to avoid the largely corrupted religious terminology that is loaded with occult distortions. However, this is not to suggest that modern-day science, as an institution, is discovering anything other than a new language-set to describe the same ancient laws, principles and other universal truths found throughout the ancient archives of human mind. It cannot be over stated that neither current religions nor science has a monopoly on Truth, nor should they be allowed to gain your confidence in their so-called leadership and authority as gods of human destiny.

We must bear in mind that both of these institutions have been vying for control over the body/mind/spirit of humanity for thousands of years, i.e. back to the Atlantean demise, which is currently replaying the same drama. In other words, it is not a new story. Should anyone be lulled into be-lie-ving that the institution of science is poised to liberate us from some primitive religious ignorance, you would be wise to think again about the underlying motives driving such claims.

Old gods in new clothing:

The same historical occult high-priests have merely exchanged their black robes for white ones, while continuing the same destructive games of control. This will result in the same ultimate tyranny until we realize that the entire drama of these dual institutions is an artificial division controlled by the same diabolic entities found throughout human history. As such, they represent themselves as the so-called eye in the pyramid of power to create a counterfeit-trinity. Yet, their true natures are that of a counterfeit-hierarchy vying for the enslavement of human-kind into a hive-mind of ultimate subservience.

When we step out of the vicious competition of these two beasts, and look at what mainstream science has become, the two are nearly identical in their methodologies. Here, science, as an institutional control mechanism is wielded by the same type of radical, fundamentalist extremists, the most cold-blooded, maniacal, inhuman manipulators ever known to infect the human arena of life in this dimension, whose ultimate goal is to remove the human spirit and create a machine-man. It is for this reason that technology is literally worshiped upon the sacrificial alters of war beneath the arrogant flags of progress, as a means to subjugate, and ultimately remove, our sovereign potential as co-creators of Divine Bestowal. And like any fanatical religion might dictate, science would have us believe that it is the new savior of our age, if we would only bow down to its no compromise, iron-fist authority, and subjugate our spirit to the technological gods of a horrifying, soulless matrix.

The Unified Self:

Therefore, as we speak of the new "meta-science," and the new "meta-religious" languages, understand that the ultimate purpose of this shift is to ultimately attain a Sovereign Connection to THE ONE, whereby, each unique soul/mind/body complex that is the human reality in this universe emerges as a true liberated being, a true co-creator in the universal scheme of the worlds of time and beyond. Here, each sovereign entity becomes the "eye" in their own pyramidal existence in whatever time-world they choose to explore and enhance with the Divine Bestowal of infinite life.

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