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The Children Of Man

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The Children Of Man

Unread postby geniusjjf1 » Sun Feb 24, 2013 10:11 am

New-Age Elitism:

In the daily discourse of our lives, certain conceptual seeds are planted that, although well-meaning, imperceptibly grow into another specie of poisonous weeds. And like watching the ground, or the hour-hand of the clock, there does not seem to be anything happening. So we busy ourselves with the immediate mundane affairs of life until, "suddenly," years have elapsed and the seeds of corruption are in full bloom.

Insidious Divisions:

We are speaking here of the prevailing attitudes of those who claim to be "in-formed," "educated," "savvy," "in-the-know," and countless other trappings of the altered-ego that seeks to differentiate itself from the corruption of mind/body/spirit that is always projected upon others, and almost never self. Thus, in the well-meaning attempts to uncover the insidious divisions of humanity against itself, the seeds of one's own division are imperceptibly growing in the mind.

Here, much of what is bandied about as our "awakening" turns out to be better described as a projection of our own weaknesses and struggles onto others. As we learn of the principle strategies of ruler-ship over others, that is, what we have come to know as "divide-and-conquer," the natural tendency is to look for it "out-there," to identify the culprits, point judgmental fingers, and pontificate the merits of our awakening. It is THEY who do these things, divide one against the other, instigate oppositions, never us. It is always THEY who are weak, who lag behind the curve in this massive grade school of earth.

The Sheeple:

Who is not familiar with the term "sheeple?" — clever word, indeed. People who act like sheep are now labeled, (herded?) into the corals of condescension and derision. Thus, those judged to be the "sheeple," so described, are despised as ignorant fools and idiots. They become the butt of the cruelest of jokes and dehumanized by what has become the smug, self-righteous, pompous new-age elite, who long since retired from their "Paul Revere" missions of alerting their brethren to a menacing threat, to now sit in judgment of the greater numbers of humanity.

Imperceptibly, at least to themselves, those new-age heroes of our times, the humble, courageous, seekers of truth who would risk their own ego-death to expose the machinations of a counterfeit hierarchy of the social-controllers, have stumbled into the very trap they claim to have escaped from. And now having earned their new-age degrees, they have set themselves apart from the humanity they claimed to champion. They have ascended to thrones of self-righteous indignation, casting all manner of scorn not only upon the perpetrators of evil, but those "sheeple," the masses of humanity too "stupid" to comprehend their fates.

Self-proclaimed liberators now express themselves with bombastic pretense, dehumanizing those who they once claimed to love. They have conveniently forgot that only moments ago they too believed the lies, perhaps even their own, and, after a long struggle of searching the caves of the subconscious, finally emerged with a few crystals of truth for their efforts, with which they adorn themselves, becoming a walking trademark for a new movement that requires their leadership (ruler-ship?).

So, they label their own greater humanity as so-called dumb-animals assembled into herds, which is exactly the same condescending reference used by the elite to justify their inhumanity to man. To the so-called power-elite greater humanity is referenced as the dumb-eaters, and to the new-age elite (those who have "awakened") their brethren are the fools who love sports, pleasures and nice things, all of which were promised by the so-called powers-that-be — yet proved to be the bait in a trap of control. However, this does not make humanity, as a whole, stupid — it makes them BETRAYED by those whom they entrusted their life-force. Yes, they "believed," they "trusted," in the same way as a child believes and trusts their parents.

So, we must ask ourselves, what type of parent would look down upon their children as stupid cattle, ignorant sheeple, and rail against their naivete and ignorance with self-righteous indignation? What type of parent would betray the innocence and trust of their children with callous disregard and ultimate contempt? What type of parent would use their experience of age to mock the child-like excitement to be in a fantastic world of sensory awareness with a physical body to co-create their world?

The New Realists:

With tragic irony, many of the new-age dreamers on this planet, the ones who set out to dream a better dream, to reinvent a new life in which all could be elevated, secretly lust after the illusion of credibility within the very system they claim to expose. In their lustful desperation to become "credible," to gain support for their positions within the greater social hierarchy, they betray the very dreams by which their awakening has manifest a new angle on reality. Sensing the ever-growing discontent with religious dogma and its internalized hypocrisy, they seize the opportunity to acquire the label of "scientific" by extolling only the facts, the same sterilized data staring back from under the microscopes of a myopic mind. Thus, we have the new realists, those who swear by the same transitory sensory reality that corrupted those whom they claim to have transcended.

The "new realists" are the prognosticators of doom and gloom, obsessed with the corruption of our times and fully convinced that they are the final arbiters of Truth. In fact, they have come to espouse their own brand of worship, whereby they cower and bow to those they claim as "all powerful," omniscient powers-that-be. They preach their own brand of hopelessness as they elevate the technological arms of the corrupt to ever higher levels of ultimate control over their hapless herds of humanity.

Jacob's Ladder:

So what is the point of all this? It is simply to point out how easy it is to slip into the same corruption one may claim to expose. In other words, the ancient maxim of "you become that which you hate," is ever-operative, if not imperceptibly subtle. We must constantly evaluate our motives and states of awareness so that we dwell in the space of Love/Light/God/Mind; for such a state has no opposite in this or any other world. If we are to be true way-showers in this world, we must be centered in compassion for those who are less able to gain a foothold on the path of Truth.

One is wise who tames the altered-ego and realizes that EVERYONE LEADS AND EVERYONE FOLLOWS in the Divine Precession into a true enlightened state of healing and liberation from the transitory worlds of sensory deprivation! For in Truth, each of us is simultaneously a leader AND a follower in the spiraling, crystalline staircase connecting our inter-dimensional natures as children of THE ONE. This is true for every soul on this planet. Only the delusional forms of corruption will lead one to believe they occupy the pinnacle of anything in this universe.

It is compassionate Love that binds all to all, and it is the universal structure of Jacob's Ladder that allows each Sovereign Soul to participate as Divine Co-creators in the infinite expressions of that Love in untold universes of creation. Those behind each of us needs our Light as way-showers, just as each of us needs those ahead of us to provide same. In this way, we are Sovereign Creators, yet equally participants in the mutual upliftment of all.

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