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Contemplating OBE's

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Contemplating OBE's

Unread postby geniusjjf1 » Mon Oct 15, 2018 8:02 am

I would like to share my part of a dialogue with a client regarding OBE"s (out of body experiences) where certain aspects of its purpose are contemplated. Here, the individual's query involved a concern regarding a lengthy examination of the 4th dimensional experiences in book one of The Genius Frequency, in which OBE's or so-called astral-travel are not otherwise encouraged as a spiritual goal in and of itself.

However, this client shared many wonderful experiences as a result of studying at the Monroe Institute and several other top researches in the field of OBE's. Since The Genius Frequency work gives many reasons for not recommending such deliberate activities as a goal to achieve, the client was compelled to ask if such a practice should be abandoned or pursued. The following statement was given to this specific individual in order to properly understand such experiences in the context of this dimension, and this life:

In some ways, it [your statement] answers your query, as all questions do on some level. Therefore, a proper response will restate the obvious, more often than not. Now, the admonitions offered in TGF [The Genius Frequency] regarding 4th dimensional explorations are directed more toward those who entertain the popular cults of curiosities and outright attempts to align themselves with forces beyond their infantile capacities to control, whether in a bid for power over others, or simply a need to overcome low self-esteem. Of course, it's a rather big universe, and there are near infinite levels of beauty even in the 4th dimension.

Therefore, your experiences, as described, are your own and they are reflective of your innate desires for beauty, love, and the transcendence of sensory limitations of the dense levels of this realm. For this reason, it is also stated in TGF that the 4th dimensional realm is largely what one makes of it since it reflects directly and instantaneously one's present state of mind/body/spirit. In other words, one's 4D experiences are a mirror of one's own intent and one merely selects from all previous dreams of this realm in the now moment, out of time, as it were, and without the delayed reaction of the dense levels of same (slower time). Thus, there are no broad sweeping generalized judgments regarding anyone's sovereign experience in any realm! One always, and without fail will discover a facet of oneself in all experiential states.

Being familiar with the names of the brilliant and intrepid teachers you mentioned, who have explored the more rarefied states of cognition to expand our knowledge of this realm—the emphasis is on THIS REALM—it is clear that all such exploration is a result of expanding the sensory resonant fields of awareness. In other words, the idea of 'going somewhere else' or otherwise escaping this realm is a futile fantasy—given the Hermetic Axiom, "as-above-so-below." That is not to say such an escape is your intention, but it is to say the the true purpose of your experiences in any realm, at least for now, is to better understand THIS ONE; for all is mirrored and nested in the Divine fractal of infinite Mind.

As you eloquently stated, some of your experiences, astral or otherwise, resulted in your enhanced appreciation of this dimensional experience. And that is exactly as it should be. And therein is found the answer to your question: your quest in this life is not really to escape to another, but to become a greater "capacitor" of the Light here on earth. It is most unfortunate that, throughout history, so many have missed the point of expanding one's consciousness-awareness and, instead, become addicted to the denial of this life. Ironically, there are countless souls who work so hard to leave the very dimension they worked so hard to enter, learn, and master as genuine co-creators of yet another sacred realm.

The fact is that no one is here against their will. Such an experience is always a carefully planned, monitored, and assisted endeavor, yet is is never a fait accompli. Destiny is a chosen direction in life, a "destin-ation" that one aspires to with the ultimate goal of mastery as a cocreator in THE ONE. Thus, even a carefully planned entrance into this realm of experience is permeated with infinite potential even within its inherent limitations of density and the resonating frequencies of sensory-mind at any given moment in time.

Therefore, our quest of Mastery would be incomplete if it were limited to only higher-dimensions of experience. Thus, to be a master in the 5th dimension in no way guarantees mastery of this one. True mercy is the reconciliation of one's decisions and intent more than one's accomplishments in a relativistic system of polarities. The experience of this realm is not about being a light unto oneself; rather it is about being a Light unto others who join in the great progression of "Jacob's Ladder" connecting all worlds and Mansions of THE ONE, each to the other.

That completes the main statement to address the query of OBE's. Perhaps, readers of this post might gain a more comprehensive understanding of such matters.
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