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Trouble Controlling Thought-forms

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Trouble Controlling Thought-forms

Unread postby geniusjjf1 » Mon Nov 06, 2017 10:31 am

Greetings to all seekers of truth:

The following is my reply to a fellow seeker who studies "The Genius Frequency" work and is troubled by a seeming lack of control over thought-forms. It was a general query, yet it reflected a common misconception regarding the nature of thought-forms, a theme present throughout the work. The reply to the query is deemed to be potentially useful to others who read this forum and is included in this post. Since the exchange was personal, any identifying info is withheld out of respect. The statements in quotes below are fragments of the query followed by my lightly edited reply:

I'm having trouble controlling my thought forms and remaining in higher frequency states whenever I have to go to college or whenever I have to go into the city... I feel like I need alot of time to myself and that somehow all of my situations would resolve themselves if I tap continuously into The Genius Frequency.


Given that your query is framed in the most general terms, this response cannot exceed the level of the query. Presumably, the "problems" you "can't seem to fix" refer to your stated "trouble controlling thought forms." Let me preface the following by stating that we live in a dynamic, shifting time dimension wherein we travel like ships on the ever-changing seas of resonant energy fields. Now contemplate that those shifting energy fields are, for all intents and purposes, composed of thought-forms that we encounter from moment to moment in our daily lives. In the ship analogy, does the captain control the weather or the ship? Clearly, the latter. Here thought-forms are analogous to the weather. In another analogy, if thought-forms were raindrops, it should come as no surprise that one would become wet to some extent while traveling through it.

Now the question becomes: Who is the "I" of which you speak that has "trouble controlling" that which cannot be controlled? This leads to the understanding of discernment, whereby you perceive the difference between your own self-generated thought-forms and those of others, circulating like weather patterns through which you journey. Clearly, you cannot "control" the forth-dimensional sea of thought-forms in which you have your being; you can only navigate through them on your journey home. From another perspective, the reference to "i" is a time-awareness vehicle only, because it is derived from the altered-ego/intellect which is simply a human language construct. Put yet another way, the altered-ego "i" is a self-aware function of linear time, whereas the "I-AM-THAT-I-AM" is your timeless consciousness that transcends all timelines because it centers all time-dimensions. Thus, "being in the world and NOT OF IT," is the mantra of an authentic Master.

It is important to properly discern your circumstances, my friend, and not take them out of context. For example, the word/symbol "culture" is as overused as it is misunderstood. No doubt you remember the reference in the book to the "petri dish" in which thought-forms grow as a culture--because everything grows in time. Therefore, your college or city experiences are not IN a place, but OF a "culture," a giant matrix of thought-forms fed by and growing in the minds of all who support and/or participate in it. Again, we return to the ship, sea, and weather analogies. When you enter that intellectual weather dynamic, as it were, of your college, city, workplace, friends, institutions, etc., your job as a potential Master becomes how to discern truth, how to navigate that cultural sea of thought-forms. Again, you cannot actually "control" the thought-forms you encounter, but you can discern the difference between your timeless being and the time-vaults of illusion. Only then can you resonate with the reality you know as Truth. In many cases during this galactic phase-shift, however, a culture can be so toxic to your well-being that you must remove yourself from the overwhelming threat of debilitating corruption.

Also, you would be wise to consider the artificial, pulsing, electromagnetic, microwave, and RF grids within which you travel. Clearly the density and power of such forces are amplified exponentially in populated areas. Since such forces are carrier waves of information, they, themselves, become a massive matrix of thought-forms to which you are exposed in the course of your day. Consider also that the current culture of technocracy is designed to convince the beings within its field-effects that the thought-forms they become aware of are actually their own! Without proper discernment, then, it is little wonder that so many are corrupted, and consequently, led away from Source.

If is for all of the reasons so stated that your inner being directs you toward the solace of peace, or "time to myself," as you aptly stated. However, you would be wise to consider that the intellect is not capable of "tapping" into The Genius Frequency, since the altered-ego is a product of awareness, i.e. sensory-mind, which is mutually exclusive with higher realms and dimensional thought-forms. Thus, the intellect is quickly corrupted without the gravity of Heart-Mind to center it on the wheel of life. For corruption can only exist on the rim of that wheel and never its true center.

Unfortunately, the intellect is a creature of duality that is important for negotiating the material realms, yet is prone to becoming a cesspool of toxic thought-forms when disconnected from the centering power of Heart-Mind. If you have not already availed yourself of the thousands of pages of essays, yearly messages, and blog posts on my websites, perhaps you will find comfort, inspiration, and clarity in studying them as supplemental material to the main work. Indeed, navigating this realm is not for the faint-of-heart and weak of spiritual will. Thus, discernment must be cultivated and fine-tuned through proper study and the intense desire for truth.

In respect and gratitude,
John J Falone

This concludes the response to the seeker's query. Hopefully, others with similar circumstances who happen upon this post will gain some useful understanding...
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Reality IS slow motion."

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