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Having difficulty recognizing truth

Unread postPosted: Fri Jun 16, 2017 3:58 am
by Paradox
Hey John,
It's been a while since I have posted here. I have done my best to keep up with your work, I am reminded of home when I read your words. Thank you.

DOB 10/12/1992(As a reference point)
I have been struggling on my spiritual growth... I feel as though my connection to divinity is no longer working for me. That connection has been meditation. I feel as though I have forgotten the essence of meditation. Nowadays when I try, I just fall asleep. The insight and higher frequency ideas and truths that I loved so dearly have stopped coming through. As a result I feel lost, like all of my ideas now are old and outdated. I now rely on Google, you, and old text for most of my knowledge. This isn't inherently bad, however I feel as though I have no inner reference point. My discernment feels clouded.

My intent when meditating is to bring light/love into my mind and body and get answers to questions that I have.

My notions as of now is that meditation is the act of closing my eyes and trying not to engage with my mind while keeping my body relatively still. However I often get sleepy​ relatively quick in this case. I feel as though I am missing something integral in meditating.

From your perspective, is there anything that you see that may help me out?

Thank you.

Re: Having difficulty recognizing truth

Unread postPosted: Mon Jul 03, 2017 12:46 pm
by geniusjjf1
Greetings Paradox,

And thank you for posting your query. This response was delayed since I was not notified by email of your post for some reason. Hopefully, you may find inspiration and clarification in the following belated response:

To be clear, using a DOB as a reference to this query requires many hours of constructing, studying and interpreting dozens of charts. However, the general nature of your query can be addressed within the principles of metaphysics that you already have within your grasp and by which truth may be discerned. Although your query originates within a space of intense personal concern, its implications are broad in scope, and therefore, important to many. Even so, such a broad scope would require a book to address. Be that as it may, here are a few important concepts to consider that may lead to clarity by breaking down the salient points of your query.

Your comment about "struggling" with spiritual growth indicates more of a frustration with the continuity of your past efforts than with the actual progress escaping your current awareness. It follows, then, that you would question and doubt your current "connection to divinity." However, you can lay such fears and concerns to rest simply by knowing that you exist within Divine Mind as do all universes in all dimensions. In other words, it is quite impossible to NOT be connected. Thus your query is actually a reference to your physical awareness and the effects you are experiencing from certain meditative techniques that are not yielding familiar effects within the current frequency-set.

You will notice that the above theme is addressed in my monthly blogs, so it should not be surprising that certain techniques of opening awareness-mind to a higher resonant frequency of perception that have worked in the past are not yielding the same input. How could they? We live in a dynamic universe. At the risk of oversimplifying the massively complex reality of a galactic time-wave shift, consider the following simple analogy. Meditative techniques are tools to focus the mind on different resonant frequency fields, like the crystal in a radio receiver that resonates with a certain carrier wave frequency. Yet, if the carrier wave changes as the plasma-field morphs into another charged state, the "station," as it were, "appears" to be gone to the receiver—yet it still exists on another timeline.

Understand, the answers to every query are encoded within the query itself. Therefore, the key you seek is encoded within your following comments about how you are now receiving answers from the more mundane sources of the internet and the ideas broadcasted by the minds of others. The question remains: what does it matter if the answers which you seek are found elsewhere than your familiar meditative state? Or on another "station," in our simplistic analogy. Clearly, the familiar cannot remain so when the entire matrix of resonant frequencies are shifting into a new spiritual overlay.

Such a shift implies simultaneous expansion and compression of certain perceptual constructs of awareness-mind. Now, consider the juxtaposition of your familiar meditative "space" of mind with the mundane world of this awareness-reality. In other words, that sacred space you once enjoyed as your "private" source of inspiration is now public, and a new, deeper level of your personal connection to the Divine Mind is now manifesting within you. The only difference is that the techniques for "going within" have changed. Whereas, in your former timeline you used certain meditative techniques to receive the insights you needed, now you are receiving those insights from the formerly mundane world of sensory-awareness-mind, AND, your deeper connection to the Divine has compressed into what was once known to you as the dream world!

Your query reflects more of a concern for "where" the inspiration you seek is coming from and "how" it is attained, rather than the manifest inspiration, itself. Now, the question remains, why would you consider such a change to be of concern or somehow representing a loss when it is merely a shift into the next phase of your awakening. We are all creatures of habit, my friend. So one of our challenges in this realm is to stay open to the unfolding reality of the greater changes and not cling to the familiar details of techniques. After all, if such an awakening forever remained in the realm of a specific meditative state, there would be no realization of that state manifest in THIS realm.

The shift implies that you must now take your previous techniques to the next level. In other words, if the answers you previously received in your familiar meditative states have shifted into the public-awareness, and you are now encountering a dream-state in its place, the next level of your conscious-awareness involves the far more complex techniques of lucid-dreaming. That is not to say that such is a mandatory requirement on your journey. It is simply another level to consider. However, it is always far more important to manifest the love and light of which you speak in the world of our brothers and sisters. After all, in the spiritual realm of light, all is shared and there is no such thing as personal survival at the expense of another being. Consider then, your level of awareness-mind that was previously confined only in your meditative state is now part of your daily life as integral with the simple, mundane affairs of tying your shoes and going to work, etc.

In conclusion: we are not speaking here of either/or scenarios. It is always an "all-of-the-above" consideration and how to blend the proportions of each facet of the Divine Crystal of one's life in order to catalyze a Whole-Light being at some point along the way, regardless the realm of its realization. Know that all you have attained from your meditative work thus far is not lost, but is compressed into the level of awareness that you once considered mundane and, therefore, accessible only to your higher mind. Yet those are artificial constructs of the intellect. As-Above-So-Below.

In other words, there is no reason to abandon your meditative techniques. Just improve upon them. Yet, ironically, in order to accomplish that, you must first abandon your preconceived expectations about the "effects" of such techniques and seek that which is the next step by reevaluating the purpose of your actions and how they will contribute to enlightening and uplifting this world.

Re: Having difficulty recognizing truth

Unread postPosted: Mon Jul 17, 2017 8:34 am
by Paradox
Thank you for your response.

I did find inspiration in your words as I have been reminded that All is Divine and that Truth can come through any one individual. You are right to say that it is needless to worry about how Truth comes to me. I see now that the issue behind the question is that of discernment.

This issue of discernment has become the metaphorical weeds to my spiritual growth. If I could break down my discovery into a simple belief statement, it would be: I don't trust my ability to discern information. This is a huge discovery for me as I have been hampering myself in two ways:

1. When I resonate strongly with information, such as your blog and your first book, I tend to lay my discernment aside. This backfires as I dismiss my own doubts and disagreements and I know that my disagreements are exactly what I need to pay attention to become aware and renounce the false beliefs that I hold.

2. And the reverse is true. When I find myself disagreeing with a particular idea, I tend to dismiss the whole message rather than just disagreeing with a particular point.

It's clear that both of these are based in fear, and that both of these can get in the way of comprehension.

I recall reading one of your posts about discernment, and you mentioned using intuition and resonance to discern whether something is true or not. Is there anything you would recommend to help re-develop discernment and intuition?

I have so many queries, it would feel unfair for me to ask so much of you and not give you something in return for your time so I sent you a donation. Thank you kindly for your help.

Now, you mentioned how truth that used to be in my dream-state has shifted into public-awareness, and how now there is a deeper truth that is now in my dream-state. You also mentioned lucid-dreaming and how I could consider taking my techniques to the next level. In an uncertain way, this makes sense. I have awakened in my dreams three times already and I told myself that next time it may be enlightening to try meditating while lucid.

I usually accidentally slip into a lucid dream when I meditate and just breathe while "trapped" in sleep paralysis, but I don't know how to induce it. However, thanks for pointing out these deeper experiences that are transformational but often ignored.

Again, thank you for your time and help. My intention is that I will lay my doubts about my intuition and Heart-of-Hearts so that I can shine my light and love unconditionally for the benefit of all.

Re: Having difficulty recognizing truth

Unread postPosted: Tue Jul 18, 2017 10:24 am
by geniusjjf1
Greetings Paradox,

Let me first express my appreciation for your love-donation. Such contributions help to offset the cost of running the websites. And, as always, it is an honor to know that others are benefiting in some way from this work.

As always, the keys to the answers we seek are often embedded in the query itself which implies various levels of understanding. Here, you are wise to contemplate the nature of discernment in the context of your search for Truth. And while the references in points 1 & 2 are very articulate and insightful, perhaps the fundamental premise of discernment is in need of some further contemplation.

In general, consider two ideas set forth in the query regarding where truth comes from and that of disagreements. The short of it is that all truth is already resonating within you and, as stated in the previous response, it matters not which string resonates with the note. Secondly, the use of the term "disagreement" is vague. It is a function of intellectual validation. However, one may very well disagree with truth as a defense against a script or belief, yet one may also agree with a distortion if it resonates with one's current level of understanding. If you are referencing a "healthy skepticism," that is a different story. It is important to consider the meanings of the words. Thus, "agreeing" or "disagreeing" is not a function of discernment; for the latter is a function of resonating with Truth, which centers all polarities.

Now, there are certain conceptual conundrums and paradoxes running throughout all the related works in question, and one of them is the nature of the intellect, where it is repeatedly stated that "memory cannot think," the altered-ego IS the intellect," "the intellect IS a linguistic program," and how "I-dentification" with such mental constructs obfuscates our innate ability to discern Truth.

In other words, one cannot very well use the intellect to judge anything outside its programmed purview. Thus, to discern Truth using the intellect is like a fish searching for water. Here, the intellect is a program of polarized logical formulas by which we negotiate and communicate the electrical nature of the material world. One is wise to remember that soon after a certain age of indoctrination, we must first UN-learn false paradigms before we can discern a truthful one. But this is a never-ending process in an infinite, open-ended universe.

Continuing: if the intellect is a linguistic program, and all things read, written, or spoken are linguistic constructs, and the "brain is structured memory and memory cannot think," and the "altered-ego IS the intellect," and the use of the ego-reference "I" is a reference to the sensory-centric logic of the intellect, then who exactly is the "I" that judges your ability to discern? So when you state that "'I' don't trust my ability to discern," you are actually saying that you are skeptical of your intellectual programming. And if so, why would that be a problem? In other words, to question, or to seek more understanding is not a "disagreement," which is simply an argument that opposes a viewpoint or idea.

Thus, we are speaking of an inverse proportion of discernment (innate to the Heart-Mind) to intellectual judgment (innate to sensory-mind), where increasing one diminishes the other. That is NOT to suggest that the intellect is inherently bad or useless. It is being used right now to communicate something to you. The intellect is a necessary binary operating system inherent to and mirroring the physical sensory body that we must used to negotiate this dimension. The problem is that it is loaded with countless corrupt programs that are running likes scripts in the background of sensory thinking processes, which are intercepting and reinterpreting the input to fit preexisting programs. When sensory data fits the program we feel comfortable, and when it doesn't we feel anxious, insecure, or fearful. Therefore, in terms of functionality, we cannot compare a hammer to a flashlight. Discernment is not a function of the intellect.

Since true discernment is NOT dependent upon intellectual programming, it is more directly accessible through the faculty of intuition, the power to resonate with universal Truth even within the polarized nature of the material world and a sensory mind tuned to a portion of its frequency-set. Clearly, this implies a level of mastery which is beyond our current ability, yet building within as we speak. So relax and be secure in your "intent" to know truth with purposeful devotion.

Perhaps, now your brilliant insights into the components of "fear," "disagreements," and other aspects of sensory judgements can be put into proper perspective, for they are based upon the primal pleasure/pain, flight/fright cellular responses of the physical vehicle. This is simply part of the life experience in this dimension. Thus, discernment perceives only universal, timeless, and shared reality, termed Truth, even as agreeing or disagreeing, fear or pleasure, are functions of the intellect.

Clearly, discernment is a faculty of Heart-Mind quite beyond such sensory judgments. Discernment, then, is like the light revealing that which is hidden. Whether one agrees or disagrees, or is fearful or accepting of that which is revealed, is a function of the intellect which is always in the process of remodeling its understandings of the world. Thus, discernment is not about picking sides or choosing one polarized charge or another, but about "perceiving" the spiritual reality behind all such phase-shifting realities.

With that said, continue to meditate, yet do so without expectations! It is not for you to determine how your answers will come. Yet they always have and most assuredly always will.

Some things to contemplate...