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Unread postPosted: Sat Jul 16, 2011 2:55 pm
by geniusjjf1

THEME: "Understand that you most assuredly are connected to the stars, but you most assuredly are NOT controlled by anyone or anything."

Our intent is not to do battle with any established teachings. The result of such debating is only to pit one mind-center against another, giving rise to the defense mechanisms of the altered-ego, thereby strengthening its position by settling the dispute based upon what it thinks it knows, or rather, what has been taught (programmed).


Unread postPosted: Wed May 10, 2017 10:41 am
by geniusjjf1
The synchronicity of events in life is always remarkable. A case in point is a query submitted to me by a woman whose brother was contemplating a marriage. Given their family's far eastern cultural roots, it was only natural for the sister to seek astrological advice from a practitioner well-known to the family and widely regarded in their circle of friends as a reputable source. The prognosis for a successful marriage was considered good with some reservations, enough to prompt the sister to seek a second opinion. Thereupon, she became more confused as there was little agreement on the potential success of the marriage among different practitioners.

Of course, the act of a sincere search will always set in motion a response from Universal Mind. In her case, she happened upon my astrology website,, and began to peruse the many essays on astrology posted there for personal contemplation on many areas of the discipline. Her interest grew, which led her to explore my main website whereupon she decided to purchase The Genius Frequency Book. It was in that book that an important metaphysical concept of personal mastery and freewill began to resonated with her Higher-Mind. Clearly, this was a liberating moment as most astrologers give the impression that everything in one's life is controlled by astrology.

Studying the book open new channels of understanding which prompted her to consult with me for further clarification. Perhaps the knowledge imparted on her behalf will be of some interest to others who may happen upon this forum. Therefore, the following is a response to her query regarding the efficacy of astrology and how to properly evaluate its truth and put it in proper perspective in our lives:

In my view, the study of astrology, as important as it is to our understanding of life, cannot be taken out of the context of the bigger picture. Unfortunately, most astrologers do not study much of anything other then their specialty.

Your level of discernment is quite profound, as you have realized the "bigger picture" by which to prioritize many levels of Truth. Your query reaches far beyond the nuances of astrology to embrace a greater level of Truth. Therefore, a proper comment would require a very lengthy consideration. But first, it would seem prudent to confirm your insights into the importance and veracity of astrology. So the short answer is that you are, indeed, correct in your understanding that "all is connected" and that "each entity has the potential to alter any astrological influence through the power of their sovereign will to make decisions within a given set of influences.

Having said that, let us contemplate a few points that may help to clarify the nature of astrology as a subsystem of resonant forces within the greater universal mind.

1) Just as there are no "bad" birth charts; there are also no "bad" relationship charts. And by "bad" we mean that the wholesale condemnation of any chart is left only to the charlatans who exploit others under the auspices of "experts."

2) In contradistinction to above principle, there are no "perfect" charts either. The implications of this principle are self-explanatory; so neither can "absolute" judgements be made in terms that guarantee a relationship will survive and grow or not, regardless the astrological influences found within their charts. For any relationship is like a garden—even though there are natural forces which give it life, it must be tended to by both entities in order to manifest a desired outcome.

3) Given that everything in the universe is connected, we must consider the reality that no two entities meet by chance. Indeed, in every case, there are karmic considerations involved with both entities, and in almost every case, the two entities have interacted in previous lifetimes. Although we can perceive many aspects of past lifetimes through the lens of astrology, the ability to perceive previous specific relationships with other entities in past-lives are extremely rare. Actually, the manifest behavior of two entities toward each other is a far more revealing indicator of past lives together in various positions; i.e. lovers, parents, siblings, work mates, even enemies, and so forth, than their charts might reflect.

4) Used properly, astrology is a tool from which a picture of dynamic resonant forces can be revealed by superimposing two charts as one and plotting the specific behavioral biases that will manifest over time. Moreover, the real-time transiting planets can accurately predict the dates and times of maximum harmony and mutual support as well as the psychic storms that can jeopardize even a strongest relationship.

5) The resonant dynamics of any two people are far more complex than the fairy-tale, or shallow hollywood romance scenarios that most use as a reference. There are 12 primary areas of life in the charts of each entity, making 24 dynamic influences of each to the other. Moreover, there are 12 major and minor planetary bodies, as well as dozens of asteroid influences in each chart which combine to form many hundreds of dynamic influences between two entities. Therefore, a relationship can be strong, weak, antagonistic, or mutually supportive in some areas of life but not others. Thus, astrology cannot be used to judge a relationship as good or bad, but it can reveal what type of relationship it is—its strengths and weaknesses—that can serve as a proper guide to their journeys together.

6) The true power and usefulness of astrology can be summed up in one word: "Timing." We live in a timeline of sequential, unfolding time-waves that functions as wheels within wheels, or clocks within clocks. Therefore, EVERYTHING EVENT FORMS A CHART! Thus, astrology is not only about the timing of the birth of an entity, but of any formal declaration sanctioned and witnessed by society at large or between two or more entities. Thus, a chart is formed on a day a marriage is consummated, a business is officially formed, a career of job begins, a partnership is formed, a contract is signed, and so forth. Given the multiple time-waves (cycles) in life, it is easy to understand that when something is started (given birth) at a specific point in the matrix of multiple time-waves, it is locked into the progressive influence of that moment extending into future cycles, which of course are predictable. From this perspective, WHEN an entity chooses to manifest an idea into a timeline determines the "weather patterns," as it were, going forward. However, like the weather, there is no predetermined outcome that predicts how or what an entity may decide in the course of their actions. Thus, like the weather, an entity may choose to enjoy the sunshine or hide from it; or protect oneself from a psychic storm or flagrantly and recklessly gamble one's well-being by foolhardy disregard of the forces. Moreover, the timing of an event also indicates the character of the chosen enterprise both qualitatively and quantitatively. Herein, we discover the true usefulness of astrology as a navigational tool in life.

Thus, contemplating the above 6 principles developed in my work, a greater understanding may be forthcoming. Having said that, we can return to your query and to address the core of your insights with more depth. While the above points outline astrology's use as a tool to reveal hidden dynamics in our lives, it is not to say that we cannot function without it. Indeed, astrology is a language which can explain some aspects of life better than other languages. However, the core metaphysical principles of life, as you so wisely stated from your study of my work, encompass all other disciplines within it. Therefore, there is a place for astrology, numerology, psychology, psychic insights, as well as the mundane aspects of careers, mutual goals, values, and other personal desires that may or may not be shared by both entities.

So, we come full circle: Thus, in the grand picture of a "connected universe" we already know that your brother and his potential spouse did not meet by accident. And no astrology is required to know that there is a powerful attraction between them by virtue of the fact they are considering a lifelong commitment to each other. Such obvious evidence is a-priori proof of something profound. As a tool, the real value and usefulness that astrology can add is the understanding of the "mechanics" of their relationship dynamics. In truth, the potential success or failure of their relationship over time depends upon their mutual decisions as each new dynamic unfolds. In other words, given the dynamic moving forces of the real-time transits with their natal charts all relationships will be tested at different points in their time cycles. There are no exceptions to this law. Just as one must build a home to withstand the periodic storms, a couple must also prepare for periodic psychic storms that can shake the foundations of their bonds.

Thus, all the rules of spirituality apply to relationships as well as one's solitary life. Yet, for a relationship BOTH entities must strive to walk the "high road" and help each other through their individual as well as combined trials. Doing so will yield profound strength, joy, and happiness. In that way, as individuals, and even more so as couples, the potential exists to be an influence on one's astrology as well as being influenced by its psychic forces in our lives.

This concludes the main points of the consultation with my client. Hopefully, sharing the above discourse has provided others with some useful insights into this fascinating and profound ancient meta-science of astrology.