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SUBTITLE: "Co-Creators In The One"

THEME: "If you entertain the notion that there is nothing that you can do to improve your life and the condition of the world, think again."

The query reflects three dimensional thinking. "Control" is a great illusion upon your plane of existence. You may choose among preconditioned thought-forms. You may create thought-forms upon The Divine Canvas. But you may not control thought-forms. If that were possible, your entire universe would be in a hopeless state of enslavement by unscrupulous entities. Since the framing of your question necessitates a better a better foundation of understanding, we shall digress, as usual, to discuss the process of creation before we directly answer your query. Free your mind now to explore the process of creation, then you may fully grasp the intricate reality of thought-forms.
"Wisdom is the Art of Reading
Between the Lines of Life"

"Imagination IS Reality!
Reality IS slow motion."

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