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Unread postPosted: Sat Jul 16, 2011 2:26 pm
by geniusjjf1
SUBTITLE: "The Transformer"

THEME: "Cosmic knowingness is yours for the taking by opening to The Genius Frequency of unlimited thought."

This query is the most amazing thus far, in that it asks us to recapitulate and reiterate some 10,000 years of teachings in a few pages. It is rarely the "facts" that achieve true knowledge, but rather the process of thought which opens minds to a higher frequency of understanding.


Unread postPosted: Sun Nov 08, 2015 12:00 am
by Paradox
I have been focusing intent in/on my Heart area and I am getting some kind of response, however I don't want to jump into conclusions.

What I do so far is focus on my heart chakra throughout the day with the intent of feeling the Pure Light energy. Is the Pure Light something that I can feel before tuning into the Genius Frequency?

Where should I focus my efforts?

I am assuming:
    -Technique/methods are not too important.
    -Beliefs/Dis-beliefs are not important.
    -Intention is key.
    -Keeping my frequency above what the intellect can handle is key.
    -Higher frequency thoughts and visualizations are also key.
    -Focusing on the Heart area is key. (Just focus though? Should I visualize?)
    -Commanding my Chakras to operate together and on the Genius Frequency is key.

Is there anything that I am partially understanding or missing?


Unread postPosted: Sun Nov 08, 2015 10:38 am
by geniusjjf1
Greetings Paradox: Clearly, "getting some kind of response" should suffice as a validation that your efforts are bearing fruit. And you are wise to be reserved in your assessment.

Focusing on your Heart Chakra "throughout the day with the intent of feeling Pure Light" is a most excellent "intent" to transcend the altered-ego's limited identity. Yes, Pure Light exists beyond the sensory range of the body vehicle's density, so it would likely register to your being as an uplifting "feeling" by degrees. Thus, even ecstatic moments can be experienced.

However, such a level of Conscious-awareness cannot fit into a linear breakdown. Can we state such a linear progression, from Pure Light to The Genius Frequency—are they really different states of being? The intellect is prone to creating cause/effect equations when it is not capable of discerning the True Cause of any manifest reality.

Your assumptions are excellent and very well thought-out:

- It is accurate to state that "Techniques/methods are not too important" in and of themselves—but they are to you if they yield the proper results. For example, if a guru teaches THIS is THE technique to attain enlightenment and it does not resonate with your incarnate purpose, then it is certainly not important. But if you are guided to use different techniques that DO work for you than it is most important, indeed.

- The same is true for "Beliefs/Dis-beliefs." Perhaps, we should discern that beliefs are NOT necessarily synonymous with dogma. Most often, the altered-ego must use a belief system as a crutch. In that regard, we can state that generally, dogma is a precursor to enslavement and the beliefs of someone else are not important if they do not augment your pure intent. But if a belief proves to be useful to your greater transcendence, albeit temporarily, then use it to your advantage. As you progress, you will outgrow that belief and open to a greater level of being.

-Yes, intention most certainly is key. However, one would be wise to not confuse the meaning of intent with willpower. Contemplate how that truth would affect one's efforts to transcend the 3D limitations of this realm. As you well know, Intent and Desire are related.

-Yes, achieving and maintaining a resonant frequency beyond the intellect's normal floating point of sensory-analysis is definitely key. It normally requires diligent effort to maintain, but it should not become a contest or struggle, lest your scalar resonance will be reduced to polarized awareness again.

-Yes, focusing on the Heart area is key in every conceivable way you might imagine—by thought; by visualization; by feeling; by action; by stillness; by emotion; by the altered-ego; by relationships; such "focus" is a holistic endeavor.

-"Commanding Chakras" is an interesting choice of words. We should monitor the quality of our intent and the direction that our efforts are taking us on our journey. Perhaps, it would be more instructive and beneficial to be a Conductor rather than a commander. Orchestrating your Chakras to work together toward transcending the gross vibrations of collective memory requires finesse, knowledge, and above all, Love/Light/God/Mind. --jjf


Unread postPosted: Sun Nov 08, 2015 7:03 pm
by Paradox
Thank you so much for your response. Your non-polarized advice is most helpful.


Unread postPosted: Sun Nov 08, 2015 8:57 pm
by geniusjjf1
You are most welcome. Perceiving this reality from one's Heart-Of-Hearts is an ongoing, dynamic process, yet it is not time dependent because it is a Centering Principle of Divine Love. As a Sovereign Being, your story is unique in all the universes and shall be celebrated by countless entities...jjf