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Redefining Science

Unread postby geniusjjf1 » Sun Jul 17, 2011 11:01 am

Clearly, the polarization of the mind, i.e. left/right brain, subjective/objective reality, etc. is the perceptual structure that splits the psyche into every form of abomination that corrupts life itself.

The idea of using a different term with which to reference a concept or gestalt may seem a bit superfluous. However, it is far to easy to overlook the sheer power of words to shape perceptual reality. The idea that excursions into mind, consciousness and multidimensional reality, to name a few, could be construed as the exclusive domain of science is laughable at best. Only a massive altered-ego could sustain such mockery of all that humanity has experienced by compartmentalizing an infinite creation into absurd linguistic boxes.

Given that the intellect itself is a program constructed from such boxes, we shall simply remove the artificial, polarized strictures with a more realistic and workable title of Meta-Science. Doing so opens the potential for truly profound dialogue and understanding. Clearly, if one is to free oneself from the matrix of programmed reality, one must remove the strictures and perceive reality from the Source, the Center, not the circumference of continually morphing effects.

It was inevitable that science would "re" discover what can only be termed spiritual technologies, described at great length throughout the archives of human mind. For example, so-called scientific breakthroughs such as quantum physics, fractals, multidimensional universes, scalar-waves, bending light, variable light-speeds, bio-location, action-at-a-distance, quantum DNA, "dark matter," observational influence, black holes, remote viewing, gravity lensing, the "hundredth money effect," super-luminal velocities -- there are many more, and the list is growing exponentially.

Does anyone actually believe that such concepts can be jammed into a box labeled "science," that only those classified as "scientists - 'with tenure' " can determine the veracity of truth, and therefore reality? It's simply time to give up such childish ego-games and embrace the obvious fact that life itself abhors boxes and shall never be confined to such contrivances. Therefore, by substituting the term meta-science for science, we can be free to share greater realities and, ultimately, free ourselves from the intellectual matrix that imprisons the mind.
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