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The Master Electron

Unread postPosted: Mon Mar 04, 2013 4:23 pm
by geniusjjf1
Propagandizing Metaphysics:

We must always begin by bearing in mind that Meta-Science is independent of what has devolved into the divisive bipolar manifestations of religion and science. As such, they both represent giant propaganda machines vying to control the reality game on this planet. The fact is that every single facet of human knowledge has been co-opted by a language set that proves to be the ONLY distinguishing characteristic between the two dark pillars of institutional leviathans.

Thus, we have been programmed to assume that the concept of the electron, and all of its known and unknown properties, values and functions in the universe at large as specific to the scientific domain. We are to believe that "science" dis-"covered" an atomic "particle/wave" as integral to the construction of that which they define as an "atom" (Adam). The propaganda continues to its typical height of arrogance by proclaiming that all civilizations prior to the current one were primitive and utterly incapable of knowing the existence of anything so fundamental and deep regarding the construction of matter.

Such is the result, not of a superior "evolved" race of beings, but rather the result of burning, defacing and otherwise destroying all ancient references to such knowledge before sequestering the remainder for their occult libraries. Once removed from the continuity of human archival knowledge, it is a simple matter of reintroducing the same concept through mechanical "dis"-covery, renaming the concept and celebrating the prowess of said institution to prevail over the primitive masses.

Ancient Knowledge:

However, the Truth is that the nature of the electron was fully known and understood in so-called history of humanity. When certain extant texts that escaped the sequestration of ancient knowledge are examined, the memories surface by resonant transfer independent of the specialized language of either institution. As we examine various textual references, such as the Enochian literature, we find ample references to what science currently regards as the electron.

Here, we see references to the concept of a Universal Electron, one massive resonator within which infinite iterations of its function "appear" within the subatomic scalar architecture of matter. Therefore, the electron, as described by science, is actually a partial truth, which attempts to isolate its function as separate from the universe at large. Yet the ancient knowledge instructs us of a Master-Electron which functions as the universal communication medium through which the entire universe is aware of itself and able to interact anywhere at any time, instantaneously as a scalar value.

Thus, the electron operating within a specific atomic structure is actually a fractional-electron, a resonant node derived from the Master-Electron. It is for this reason that further scientific studies forced a concession from a particle to a wave and even to a "cloud" of a singular charge that continually shifts by "jumping" to various "shells" in the process of interacting with other atoms. What could explain such behavior, aside from a universal communication system, as described in the ancient texts?

It is in the knowledge of this Master Electron that we can understand the reality of universal communication and the mysterious force that keeps all systems in balance through creating inter-dimensional pathways, tunnels, or wormholes, or what have you. Obviously, the "pure" deductive methodology of science can never objectify the electron that it describes since all matter is a subjective manifestation within the Master Electron.

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Re: The Master Electron

Unread postPosted: Thu Nov 05, 2015 7:01 am
by Paradox
So in a sense our auric field is in a sense our electron "cloud". Hmm, these are thoughts I used to have but I had no one to tell this to. Everything is connected, through the Master Electron. Would the Heart of Hearts be the Proton of each individual?

Re: The Master Electron

Unread postPosted: Thu Nov 05, 2015 5:30 pm
by geniusjjf1
Greetings Paradox: Yes, that is an excellent contemplation. No doubt, there are many other field-effects that comprise the auric field. However, focusing on the qualitative attributes of an electron "cloud" is key since the electron, itself, is the Master Communicator Template. Like the neurons of the brain, they can exchange information instantaneously. As such, the electron does not "have" the information, rather it is the carrier of it, the messenger—Mercury, and so forth. Thus, the electron "cloud" as you so aptly stated, that forms one dimension of the auric field, communicates its current state to the entire universal mind. Of course, without the electron there would be no electrical interactions, hence, no chemical bonding, electrical power—no physical matter as we know it!

The astral field is further explained in The Genius Frequency as the "billboard" effect, whereby unspoken communication between beings transmit billions of bps, as it were, of information—albeit mostly on a sub-awareness level. And its lens-like geometry allows it to become a visual extension to the eyes.

Can we posit the Heart-Of Hearts as a Proton? That is a very interesting question. However, doing so could lead to unnecessary distortions because in the the language of physics and by virtue of its name, the Proton has/is a charge. So we should discern that although the action of the heart as a physical organ oscillates as a bipolar generator, its Power Source does not. Therefore, the Heart-Of-Hearts is analogous to a Divine Fulcrum rather than a polarized lever...jjf