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Redefining Religion

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Redefining Religion

Unread postby geniusjjf1 » Sun Jul 17, 2011 2:08 pm

Since science requires a new term in order to dispense with the useless intellectual polarzed thought-forms, we would be remiss to not do so for religious concepts, as well. If we are to truly redefine the current paradigm, the language that structures and supports it must be revised. For the intellect, itself, is a language program, defining and shaping reality through interpreting its formulaic syntax.

Under the ominous Atlantean shadows, otherwise termed the "scientific age," the psyche trembles with volcanic turmoil in the face of raw and pointless fear, for its own sake. It is the nature of polarized thought to undergo pole-shifts, just as any magnetic system found in nature. And so it is that history is replete with such reversals. Hence, there is a timeline in which religious wars dominated the human mind-scape with the same raw and pointless fears.

Certainly nothing has changed in this age, other than the flags beneath which the same polarized madness masquerades as a righteous, ideological cause. Like anti-matter in the mirrors of time, each ideological pole-shift manifests its own apocalyptic Omega Point -- alas, prophesy is not such a mystical endeavor after all. In our time, great scientific armies storm the religious gates, intent upon annihilation and motivated by the identical mindless fervor found in the most destructive periods of religious madness. So now, we are to "believe" that all things religious are mythological hoaxes, and all things scientific are sacred, unquestionable facts, destined to annihilate all subjective reality.

All of this brings us full circle to the need to redefine the term religion, not religion itself. For our purposes, Meta-Religion will do just fine. For the religious archives of human thought-forms are replete with the same overlapping realities as are those of science. Invariable, every so-called religious text speaks of what can only be termed "spiritual technology." All of the scientific concepts touted as quantum effects, astronomy, time, astrophysics, architecture, engineering, action-at-a-distance, orbital velocity, DNA, and countless other such concepts are found in every religious text throughout millennium. Only the interpretations change to suit political agendas.

The time has come to cease the violent conversions of myth into fact and fact into myth and realize that the new paradigm needed to liberate us from such madness is not something that awaits us, but is, rather, that which we are creating NOW -- each of us as sovereign beings. As the veils of lower lights yields their true illusions, we may develop the required discernment to exit the collective, polarized, hive-mentality and enter an age of personal transcendence.
"Wisdom is the Art of Reading
Between the Lines of Life"

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Reality IS slow motion."

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