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Cults, Culture and Politics

Defines religious ideals from a metaphysical perspective rather than a political agenda or mythological lore.

Cults, Culture and Politics

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Personality Archetypes:

The subject of meta-religion implies the liberation of all spiritual concepts from the current and historical constructs typically used to define them. In other words, the concept of meta-religion is NOT the creation of yet another specie, but a transcendence from the language by which it is defined. Neither is it the absurd notion of One Religion, for that too is an exercise in futility.

Although there are degrees of truth within all dogmas which define various religions, it is virtually impossible to extricate them from their archetypal hierarchies. Here, we see that there is a religion tailored for each of the primal personality types that make up human psychology. Each has a resonant affinity for certain ideologies that attract a certain type of individual, otherwise known as a "personality type." Yes, every religion is based upon a personality/cultural archetype. Thus, all religions are rooted in astrological constructs in one way or another, despite what they may claim.

Thus, the term "religion" represents a cultural organism, which is another word for "institution," and all institutions have a core, inner circle which preside over its secret, or occult functions. From this perspective, there is absolutely NO difference between religion and science. They are simply the twin pillars of polarized thought. The illusion is that they are separate entities, each vying for truth, when, in fact, they are only vying for the power of control over its subjects.

The nature of the beast:

We see this clearly exemplified in the strategic "incorporation" of the Christian movement into the political/occult body of the Roman empire. Hence, the "holy" Roman church. The word "catholic" was chosen simply because it is derived from a Greek word meaning universal. This very UN-holy alliance was a deal between what had become political cults of their time. Indeed, it was a corporate merger by any other name. And like all organisms in nature, they are bound to the principles of cell-division. Thus, the so-called universal church, divided into yet other competing cults, and so on and so forth.

One cannot study religion as a subject and miss the obvious connection to the mythological dramas designed to convey the relationships of primal intelligent domains in nature. It is for this reason that every religion is fated to divide, to slit into opposing factions. This should be proof enough that they are products of a local hierarchy of archetypes and not Universal Law.

The point here is that the nature of "religion" itself, like science is never going to change because it is rooted in something other than one's personal connection to Source. It is, in fact, a political cult, nothing more and nothing less; and by its very nature will never liberate anyone from that which it has set out to control — us.

The Meta Perspective:

Therefore, Meta-Mind perceives religious "bodies" for what they truly are: political animals, each with their own predatory instincts because they are each rooted in the local archetypal hierarchy, or what is often referred to in this work as the counterfeit-hierarchy.

Thus, the sooner we understand that both religion and science, as we know them, are political cults, agents of social programming designed to drain the life-force from its constituents, the sooner we will liberate ourselves from their respective and complimentary tyranny. Clearly, the word "cult" is the root of "culture" and culture is the root of a collective organism, a body in search of a head. Here, the political "ego" is born and wields the power it derives from its "members" to suit its whims and appetites.

It is important to understand that the idea of Meta-Religion means beyond religion, not another type of religion, for all the above stated reasons. The same is true for Meta-Science. Meta-Mind is a function of The Genius Frequency indwelling each of us on our journeys through time in this dimension. The proper application of this indwelling personal bestowal is the key to our Sovereignty, and therefore our only means to attain true freedom from the political cults that seek to destroy that sovereignty.

The point is that one's sovereign connection to THE ONE and the Christed bestowal by which one is extricated from the karmic bonds of enslavement, initiated and maintained by the counterfeit hierarchy, has NOTHING to do with collective political organisms. Acknowledging one's Divine Bond to the Eternal ONE and living one's life on a Christed level of mutual respect for life is a declaration of Divine Sovereignty, not the empty rhetoric of a mob/cult program designed to mock and destroy life.

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