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2012 YEAR OF REBIRTH © John J. Falone

Unread postPosted: Wed Jan 04, 2012 9:56 am
by geniusjjf1
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"The 7th Ring Of Time"

Journeys Through The Well

During your many descents into time's spiraling well , its circular walls formed by past lives moving like secret shadows animated by some mysterious wisdom born of countless cycles into earth's 3D experience, one inevitably reaches a turning point. That point is the convergence where past secrets, so long hidden within time's folded memories, begin to converge with a future that reflects all that is found within the well of time.

ENTER 2012

Thus, you enter each well of time through a time-tunnel into the womb of time to co-create your life, cycle by cycle, where each is a fractal replica in the greater tapestry that is your timeless being. Know, then, that every cycle is an alpha/omega event on every level in your 3D manifestation.

Therefore, every breath, and every heartbeat is an alpha/omega event, as are the greater cycles of ones entry and exit from that plane, as well as those from age to age. Since all is scalar, it matters not how long or short is its measured value by any clock or calendar. And so it is, from heartbeat to ages, cycles within cycles, waves within waves, rings within rings, the colossal galactic pulse resonates with earth at varying angular qualities along its solar/planetary journey.

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