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Unread postPosted: Fri Aug 11, 2017 7:55 am
by geniusjjf1
"Assimilating The Gift"

The Sovereign Shift

Whereas, the shift into the New Template of Spiritual Awareness continues into its second decade of resonance with the next harmonic in the Galactic sequence of time-waves, 2014 revealed yet another layer of awareness cognition. As always, it is the subtext of the human collective that can be so identified and analyzed by virtue of its scalar values. Therefore, such evaluations can be quite different for each sovereign entity, since each embodies a unique matrix of time-waves...

ENTER 2015:

Divine Template:

For when you seek your True Essence within the spaces of your being, you begin to grasp the relativity of the material senses, and the scalar potential of God-Mind from which you emerge into myriad creation, both in and out of time! In other words, the True nature of your being transcends the relativity by which you compare yourselves to other objects on a lower frequency range of cognition. Clearly, such relative comparisons render your physical vehicles an insignificant speck, desperate to survive the crushing magnitude of hostile forces...

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