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The Aquarian Mind-Space

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On one level, the internet itself is simply a collective, digital nervous system reflecting an exponentially expanded awareness-mind, one of the prophetic realizations predicted by what is often referred to as the Aquarian Age. As such, the internet is doubtless such a manifestation predicted by this archetypal cycle of galactic-time. From a metaphysical perspective, such a collective cognition reflected in this electronic nervous system imparts the illusion of reality as an "effect," but certainly not a "Cause" of anything.

In truth, the internet is quite a primitive simulation of the 4th dimension, which is an etheric, dream-time archive containing every thought-form ever generated by earth-mind and every life-form therein. The point here is that we simply need to put all of this into perspective. Consider that all so-called "virtual" reality is not virtual at all. It is quite real -- just simply "out of time." This is important in understanding the power of mind-space that contains collective thought-forms, such as the are.

Thus, thought-forms do not create the mind-space, itself, they are simply "effects" generated by the nature of time. So we are most concerned with in these Cosmic Dialogues is Source, that which is the mind-space, the only Causal principle from which all matter and its relative event-horizons are generated.
"Wisdom is the Art of Reading
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