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Welcome To The Yearly Messages Forum

This forum is devoted to the Yearly Messages posted for all to read on the The Genius Frequency main site.

Welcome To The Yearly Messages Forum

Unread postby geniusjjf1 » Thu Jul 28, 2011 9:02 am

This Mind-Space is devoted to Cosmic-Dialogues related to the posted collection of Yearly Messages found on the main site: The Genius Frequency which began in 2001 post 911 tragedy and continuing from 2003 forward to this year. To initially structure this forum, there is a Topic for each Yearly Message, bearing its title, subtitle and a few quoted excerpts to stimulate discussion.

Even those who are not familiar with The Genius Frequency work may participate in this forum, since the Yearly Messages are posted on the main site for all to read and study. This can provide a very convenient real-time reference for forum participants, as posts may be composed while the appropriate Yearly Message is opened in another tab or window of your browser.

Each Yearly Message is quite deep, comprising many levels of understanding for each entity who delve into its metaphysical dimension. Therefore, the quoted excerpts are simply a general topical reference to the designated Message, and is not meant to limit the Topic to that quoted reference.

For your convenience and edification, each Yearly Message Topic includes a direct link to the actual page on the main website that you can reference, if needed, to assist you in posting comments pertaining to its subject matter. It should make for some very inspiring Cosmic-Dialogue.

Comments and questions about these messages are welcome here, and sharing both are important to the Cosmic Dialogue premise of creating a Mind-Space Beyond The Programmed Matrix. Keeping your comments and questions relevant to the Topic Title will help others who discover this Mind-Space to use it for its intended purpose.

ANNOUNCING! ALL YEARLY MESSAGES have been reformatted into a single, downloadable EBOOK format for "ebook readers," as well as computers, tablets, or any device that displays the standard ebook format. It is available NOW for purchase and instant download at the following link:

The Genius Frequency Wisdom Archive Volume 2

Thank you for participating.
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