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2006 YEAR OF THE UNREAL © John J. Falone

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2006 YEAR OF THE UNREAL © John J. Falone

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"Awakening Within The Dream"

We have reached a point in the dual spiraling nature of time where collective attention is directed, with every means conceivable, toward the illusory duality within this dimensional expression. Thus, the replication of fear programming through cultural projections, is repeated, ad-nauseam, by those entities whose profit is derived through the power of consensus as a means to establish the unreal as an inevitable fact of life which must be accepted, a priori, for the purpose of survival.

This consensus, programmed through primitive educational channels of Pavlovian compartmentalization, is based upon the illusory, self-canceling, binary equations of centropy and entropy. The "X" and "Y" of this code is then substituted for the ultimate expression of life and death...

Penetrating The Dream Matrix

The above contemplation sets the stage for the theme of this year's unfolding realization: The Year Of The UnReal. For as the facade of solidity becomes increasingly translucent, a staggering revelation begins to emerge. The revelation is that the entire matrix of hypnogogic suggestions, that comprise the description of the world, are simply UnReal. Moreover, not only are you dreaming the UnReal, but the UnReal is actually dreaming you!

In other words, what is projected into your awareness becomes a negative template, which is then used to project back into the world for positive verification; yet all that can be verified is the projected dream of the unreal. All that is perceived is a truncated, binary formula describing a closed system within the material density dressed up in human drama. Thus, solar flares become human wars and human bodies become helium and other elements undergoing a fusion process and releasing vast amounts of heat as terror/fear, the emotional equivalent of a solar energy dynamic. Perhaps it is time to dust off your mythology books; for there you will find the exact, anthropomorphic fantasies still embedded in your subconscious and continually reinforced throughout every sleeping moment of your life.

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"Wisdom is the Art of Reading
Between the Lines of Life"

"Imagination IS Reality!
Reality IS slow motion."

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