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2007 YEAR OF THE PSYCHIC © John J. Falone

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2007 YEAR OF THE PSYCHIC © John J. Falone

Unread postby geniusjjf1 » Thu Jul 28, 2011 2:17 pm

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"The New Self Order"

Understand, all that unfolds before you, as sequential in your seeming time, is simultaneously present in your every "now" moment. Thus, all of our previous statements are concurrent with this one, as are all others yet to appear before your conscious-awareness. Those of you who look breathlessly, anxious for some future glimpse of your condition, simply postpone knowing self while embracing only the reality of denial.


Psychic phenomena holds a magical, mystical fascination in the minds of humankind as if it were some auspicious power possessed by various entities occupying a fringe category of anomalous exceptions to consensus reality. Such entities are regarded either as gifted or freakish, or a mixture of both. The obsessive bias toward the concept of future time, as stated, is disproportionate to that of the past. In other words, those who predict the future are held in reverence, awe or even suspicion. Yet, the idea of an entity predicting the past is considered an absurdity. This is hardly surprising, because the rational for such a bias is in and of itself absurd. Thus, it is reasoned that one cannot predict the past because it already happened! Yet, there can be no doubt that the past is also happening Now!!

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"Wisdom is the Art of Reading
Between the Lines of Life"

"Imagination IS Reality!
Reality IS slow motion."

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