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2008 YEAR OF THE MAGICIAN © John J. Falone

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2008 YEAR OF THE MAGICIAN © John J. Falone

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"Escaping The Cube"

Again, it is important to understand that the essence of each yearly message is a delineation of an energy field, the quality of which pervades and interacts with the life-force and therefore the psyche of incarnate beings within your current life-zone. As such, they describe various energetic layers or templates, building, each upon the other, each within the other, to create an atmosphere in which your conscious-awareness may avail itself in order to increase its frequency of perception. Thus, one message does not replace the other. Together, they form an increasing gestalt of potential spiritual awareness on levels heretofore unavailable. In order to maximize the effect of these messages, it is important to read all of them.

Enter The Cube

No doubt, you are familiar with the phrase, "thinking outside the box." There is more to this concept than one might suppose. In the physical world, matter persists through the binding action of the 6th power, that is, of the cubic function of space which contains it in 90 degree intersections of energetic barriers.

Now, in any energy system, there is a level of convergence where multiple charges become catalytic in nature. In such an event horizon, for example, the electron jumps to a new orbit or energetic shell, creating a photonic emission in a superluminal moment of energy exchange and equalization. So too, in terms of consciousness, you experience such moments on infinite levels, be they of subatomic or of galactic scales. However, your awareness is locked in a cubic function of space/time. With obvious exceptions, the soul's desire is to transcend this cubic containment in order to enjoy multiple experiences in the "Many Mansion" worlds within the greater life-zones of creation.

View Entire Message Here: 2008 YEAR OF THE MAGICIAN
"Wisdom is the Art of Reading
Between the Lines of Life"

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