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2011 YEAR OF THE TIME-TUNNEL © John J. Falone

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"A Serpent's Tale"

The Well Of Time

And so it is, in time-sensed awareness, one approaches the well of life, believing that the journey requires leaving a past and ever advancing to a future. Yet, to encounter the well is a great enigma to the altered-ego, for its horizontal belief in time is upended at a precipice, a vertical reality where its reflection stares up from the bottom of its future time.

ENTER 2011

And so it is, in your time, that certain stones "speak" of an Omega, a grand cycle echoing only the fear-based frequency of the ouroboros in a final act of self-consuming cancellation, where the beginning and the end of time is a two dimensional construct. It is little wonder, then, that awareness cowers in fear of its own recycled greed, hatred, envy and self-destruction; for all it can perceive as its future is its projected past. And indeed, perceived only through the eyes of linear time, awareness knows that nature will surely have her way in the reaping of that which is sown.

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"Wisdom is the Art of Reading
Between the Lines of Life"

"Imagination IS Reality!
Reality IS slow motion."

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