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Cycle Of The Ages - "Houston, we have a problem"

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Cycle Of The Ages - "Houston, we have a problem"

Unread postby geniusjjf1 » Thu Jul 28, 2011 7:42 pm

What time is it?

That depends on which time-wave frequency you choose. Clearly, if there were one definitive, universal time-wave frequency, every culture and life-form in the universe would identically perceive their respective time-worlds. But such an idea is simply beyond absurd. Yes, it makes sense to choose one as a consensus reference. After all, a society could not function without such a consensus.

But the fact is that there is no absolute time, period. Time is merely the perception of motion and no such motion can be detected without comparing it to another motion, since the entire physical universe is created by motion. So to presume that a purely relative time-value can serve as the fundamental premise for reality is actually a fundamental premise for illusion, if not insanity.

Unfortunately, the ubiquitous solar-based clock/calendar currently in use is so deeply ingrained in the altered-ego (intellect) that it almost totally dominates sensory awareness (which, itself, is composed of myriad time-waves). So "Houston, we have a problem." Since the solar system is, itself, an atomic structure, it not only has its own angular momentum properties, but it is also subject to the same properties in colossal systems, i.e. its parent galaxy.

All of this is simply a backdrop to open a Cosmic-Dialogue regarding the great cycle of the ages. Only those entrapped in the perceptual time-matrix are first to defend an indefensible position, which has nothing to do with truth and everything to do with job security and systems controls in which they are embedded. We shall not waste our precious life-force arguing with such absurdity and allow our inner Genius Frequency to play -- it has locked up in its box for far too long.

Since every atom, molecule, element, life-form, planet, star and galaxy is a clock unto itself, we would be wise to let go of that ticking handcuff, chiming clocks, and boxes on paper telling you what time it is, and let our conscious-spirit soar like an Eagle.

Yes, Horatio, there are cycles, and cycles within cycles and around cycles. There are as many clocks and calendars as there are cultures, life-forms and stars in the sky. What time is it? Indeed. We can be certain that we are moving and whatever clocks we have relied upon to dictate reality are broken. Is that what the Mayans really meant to convey? Perhaps -- it matters not. For we know in our own lives, here and now, that something quite large is underway, and it has everything to do with what time it is on the clock we choose to read.

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