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Animal Kingdoms

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Animal Kingdoms

Unread postby reece » Wed Feb 15, 2012 7:30 pm

Dear John,

The thing that I really want to understand but don't get yet is the description of the animal viewpoint being refractive and the human viewpoint / vision being reflective. This again comes back to the fourth dimension, I guess? I understand that humans are seeing things from a different point on the electromagnetic spectrum, but I don't really understand these words reflective and refracted in relation to human sight and perspective as opposed to animals. Could you elucidate to a greater degree, please?

Best regards, Reece
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Unread postby geniusjjf1 » Sun Feb 19, 2012 11:22 am

reece wrote:Dear John,

The thing that I really want to understand but don't get yet is the description of the animal viewpoint being refractive and the human viewpoint / vision being reflective...Could you elucidate to a greater degree, please?

Best regards, Reece

Greetings Reece,

The first thing to understand about the book, in general, is that the information is a transcription of pictographic cybernetics. In other words, the mind receives information in many forms and frequencies for which the words in our language (any language for that matter) are symbols and constructs in their own right, with yet more layers of interpreted meaning.

Clearly, our language is heavily biased toward material/sensory linear logic equations that are in no way suited for multidimensional understandings. This requires constant redefining and rephrasing of the syntax in order to convey something much deeper and holistic. It is for this reason that an extensive glossary is found in the book to help clarify the transmission of this knowledge. So your supposition referencing the 4th dimension is intuitively correct.


With that said, the passages that you cite in your own words cannot be relegated to ocular functions of the eye in the mechanical sciences. The same is true for words such as "perception." To perceive goes far beyond the notion of imaging whereby frequency shifts are detected as surfaces from which so-called objects exist in space as something other than ourselves. Here, two people can "see" the same tree, yet "perceive" it in completely different terms. Thus, what a tree or an animal "means" to you is your perception of its existence.

Certainly, every specie of animal, including the human vehicle, "sees" the world differently. However, no such reality can be ascertained by measuring light modulations with machines. How does a cat or a dog or a dragonfly "see" the world? The great shamans and masters invariably tell us that such knowledge may only be "witnessed" by becoming that which one desires to know.


Now, the references in the book regarding "refractive" and "reflective" certainly are used to convey visual phenomenon, however, it goes much deeper. In the animal kingdom we find that each specie has an oversoul from which the individual body vehicles manifest in unfolding time. In order to convey this concept, the prism analogy is used. So if each specie oversoul is a ray of light, and it is passed through a prism, the single ray is divided into its components. In this analogy, each individual animal is a component of its oversoul.

The word "reflection" is also a visual term, of course. It is analogous to the human creation in that the human oversoul is contained within the Heart-Mind of each. All of this helps to understand the obvious differences between human and animal perceptions. We must make the leap in under-standing that to perceive is to BE. Thus, we "see" the world by BEING it on different frequencies.

So the question of an individual animal "being" as a component of its specie oversoul is such that when an animal encounters its visual reflection, it "sees" another animal in its oversoul. However, when a human encounters same, it knows that the reflection is itself as an egoic identity.


With that as a base of understanding, we can better understand why the animal kingdom retains its purity and innocence, since it is true to its oversoul which operates according to natural laws. Using the word "instinct" to convey this reality is as absurd as it is insulting to the sacred nature of life that we all share in this dimension. Here, the accepted "meaning" of instinct implies a robotic manifestation of the ubiquitous and much misunderstood DNA.

The oversoul of each specie is sentient, alive and eternally present in the NOW; and so-called instinct, as well as the presumed DNA from which it is derived, is continually modified by that sentient oversoul. This helps to explain "adaptation" of life to its environment, which has nothing whatever to do with Darwinian arithmetic, which arrogantly equates all that lives as a "winner" and all that dies as a "loser!!"

So as you continue your study, you will realize that these concepts are repeated and restated in hundreds of different ways. In this way Truth is evoked from within, for it can be found nowhere else. Hopefully, this response has yielded some deeper insights into the work.
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