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Human & Animal Perception

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Human & Animal Perception

Unread postby reece » Wed Feb 15, 2012 7:30 pm

Dear John,

This is a fascinating subject and as an animal lover and indeed a farmer I do have a lot of contact with animals. Certainly animals are extremely perceptive creatures and in certain ways can be deemed 'more intelligent' than humans; that's a poor description, but if we class perception as intelligence then that statement holds at least some water. I have noticed also that people with mild Aspergers and autism totally 'get' animals and feel/see the same things, and I am still puzzling as to why that is, what exactly is happening so that these particular people are more refractive than others and what does that mean. Any insights you can throw onto this would be quite interesting to discuss, I think.

Best regards, Reece
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Re: Human & Animal Perception © jjf

Unread postby geniusjjf1 » Sun Feb 19, 2012 8:03 pm

reece wrote:Dear John,

This is a fascinating subject and as an animal lover and indeed a farmer I do have a lot of contact with animals. Certainly animals are extremely perceptive creatures and in certain ways can be deemed 'more intelligent' than humans... Best regards, Reece

Greetings Reece,

Clearly, your hands-on experience with nature is a great gift, and affords you special insights into the beings existing as its offspring. You will find references in The Genius Frequency book that corroborate with your insights regarding intelligent beings in nature. Indeed, there are references to insects possessed of intelligent quotients that most humans, locked into their altered-egos, could not fathom.

The entities that you mention, so categorized as autistic, or those with other so-called challenges are, in many respects, free from the altered-ego's narrow perceptual interaction with life. Thus, many such entities have a natural rapport with beings, energy fields, and the workings of nature on profound levels of understanding. However, to better understand why this is so, we must contemplate the nature of being, itself, before we can apply it to these special cases.

The Archetypes of Nature Of Life:

Thus, in the book you will see references to a term used in the biological sciences, i.e. "phylogeny recapitulates ontogeny." As you know, this term is bequeathed to the simple observation of a fetus exhibiting primal traits from an apparent ancestral (genetic) line at different stages of its development. Here, the human fetus, for example, bears a tail, gills and vestiges of other kingdoms.

Now, if we are to discover anything meaningful from this, we must immediately jettison all the moronic Darwinian speculation surrounding this profound realization and apply a multidimensional contemplation to this reality. And when we do so, we begin to realize that what we are seeing is the result of nested fractals, or, in this case, nested kingdoms within kingdoms.

Thus, applying The Genius Frequency to our thinking processes, we clearly perceive that the human vehicle, for example, is a composite kingdom of all the others, inclusive of the mineral, plant, as well as the animal kingdoms, and onto and inclusive of the solar and galactic realms. Thus, in every culture, we see references to essentially the same archetypes, which are personifications of intelligent domains that exist as 4th dimensional awareness-fields. In most cases, these form the pantheon of many gods, each presiding over a specialized area of a specific form, function, and trait as manifest in the earth sphere.

So, although every life form is a composite of various archetypes, each resonates more closely with one more than the others. From this we see that each specie is directly connected to its resonant archetype through what is termed an "oversoul." Here, the connection is pure and the communication with all other manifested beings within that oversoul is expressed without distortion. Thus, the species we experience in the animal kingdom are true to themselves by virtue of the common archetype they share. In other words they do not suffer an identity crises, since their ego's are pure expressions of their archetypal affiliations.

However, the human manifestation is far more complex, so that these archetypal kingdoms are expressed as a personality, but does not operate as part of a collective archetypal oversoul. The human oversoul is self-contained as an expression of THE ONE. Thus, for a human to realize its sovereignty within the expression of many kingdoms can be quite confusing and corrupting.

So we see throughout history that various animals, as pure archetypal expressions, are worshiped in varying degrees, because they exemplify a purity that humans have lost in their journeys through time. Indeed, it is a profound story.

Thank you for contributing to this forum.

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