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Redefining Psychology

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Redefining Psychology

Unread postby geniusjjf1 » Sat Nov 17, 2012 7:10 pm

It has become abundantly clear that the gamut of psychology, both as a profession and as a science, suffers the same crippling stricture as suffered by every other branch of main stream academia. Although, most other major branches have been called to the carpet of accountability for obvious biases, misinformation and outright lies, psychology has largely remained in the shadows.

The fact is that Truth is the ultimate victim as its pathetic peer-review cronyism and corporate manipulation has become endemic to an inbred cult of gatekeepers who are loathe to uplift humanity, and obsessed with the dumbing-down of same in name of the Great Game of control. Although the list is far beyond anything less than a few thousand pages of analysis, let us consider one very powerful insight into the area of psychology that deserves serious consideration.


Redefining the so-called science of psychology is most easily summed up with one simple moniker, termed "Astro-Psychology." Actually, the study of psychology does not require such a prefix for the simple reason that the entire premise of psychology, regardless which of the two polarized fields one chooses to study, i.e. Freud or Jung, is rooted in the ARCHETYPES.

These archetypes, of course, can be traced back into the archives of human experience for untold thousand of years. Some will recall a revealed ancient cave in France containing elaborate paintings of the classical Zodiac, dated in excess of 30,000 years, which , of course, symbolize the same archetypes that we know and use today in all forms of astrology, psychology, and the Tarot for that matter.

So how is it that these same pseudo erudite scholars of modern psychology continue to mock and deride the ancient science of astrology. Moreover, ancient civilizations possessed knowledge and technology far beyond anything achievable in this so-called modern-age; and all, without exception, incorporated the archetypes in virtually every field comprising their cultural paradigm. Thus, one finds no discernible distinction between astrology and astronomy in the deepest archives of the human mind.

The reason for such an incorporation of concepts is that our ancestors were not so foolish, or ignorant of natural law, as to contrive a difference between the dynamic forces of celestial mechanics and that of all life-forms on this planet — there is none! As above so below, as within so without.

Healing The Psyche:

The point of all this is that redefining psychology has nothing whatever to do with "dis"-covering anything "new." It has everything to do with reuniting the schizophrenic state of the human condition into a holistic gestalt of Truth, which always leads to health and healing on every level.

In the context of such Truth, we find the field of psychology, itself, in a pathological state of separation from life in the context of its greater reality, which the stonewalls of corporatized universities can no longer contain. For we are both sovereign beings and functioning members of the solar system and the galaxy at large, the actual body in which we exist as co-creators in an open-ended system of exploration and Mastery.

Corporatized psychology is now a disease unto itself, designed to pervert, disenfranchise, and sterilize the human condition via its machine code, creating illness instead of healing, suffering instead of comfort, and enslavement instead of freedom. However, we see their folly in the making and the disintegration of their delusional control is upon them.

Given that human psychology is an amalgam of archetypal constructs, in various mixtures and proportions, and since astrology has always incorporated them in their astronomical calculations of the rhythms, cycles, tides and currents of a dynamic celestial system, it is a far more adept at revealing the workings of mind in this 3D/4D construct of space and time, than any form of contemporary psychology.

In fact, we can say that astrology is the original, holistic, and revelatory system from which psychology devolved into its present form. The bottom line is that the universe, at large, demands our inclusion as a coherent, empowering force, a true co-creator that promotes life, elevating it to a state of joy and creativity.

John J Falone
"Wisdom is the Art of Reading
Between the Lines of Life"

"Imagination IS Reality!
Reality IS slow motion."

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