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Prison Economics

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Prison Economics

Unread postby geniusjjf1 » Wed Jan 09, 2013 6:56 pm

Hidden In Plain Sight:

One newage adage that most are familiar with is "the best kept secret is that which is hidden in plain sight." And, without a shadow of doubt, the single most prescient example of this idea is the economy, the banking system, and so forth. Moreover, the common lack of understanding of economics is so deep, so profound, so elusive, as to rank even higher than any religious or scientific delusion ever perpetrated on this plane of existence.

In almost every level imaginable, the money system represents the "matrix" itself, within which both scientific and religious dogma are ultimately controlled. Its effects are ubiquitous and insidious, since they exist at the core of all occult machinations. Yet, it is only the long-term memory loss of human awareness that perpetuates its fundamental power to imprison the human body/mind complex. However, in this great shift into sovereign awareness, the shadow world of Prison Economics is naked before all who truly desire to know by what means human existence is manipulated.

Rigging The Great Game:

In delving into this diabolical matrix of control, most are beginning to perceive the obvious reality that every war, every conflict, every conspiracy, every revolution, every rebellion, bar none, were funded by a singular institutional power, and those who operate as occult lieutenants that carry out the orders of their superiors. And although there are unintended consequences that even these economic sorcerers cannot control, the outcomes of most conflicts are leveraged by one very simple premise; the side receiving the greatest amount of resources, i.e. money, will likely dominate and subjugate its rival. Simple, is it not?

However, as profoundly shocking such a realization should prove to be, it does not address the true power of the economic prison and the most guarded secret, hidden in plain sight, that underlies its superstructure and its diabolical effects on human existence. Remember, "hidden in plain sight" means just that — something so obvious as to entirely escape the mundane attention of the intellect.

The Secret Of NOT:

So, what is the big secret that is NOT a secret? USURY!!! INTEREST on a loan! That's it — old as the hills — known throughout the ages as the primary seed of all things unjust, immoral, enslaving, and evil. The problem is that this gigantic truth is obfuscated behind a billion slight-of-hand details, calculations and thought-forms that are 180 degrees out of phase with our normal modality of living. Let us examine the first, glaring reality of the beast-monster economy, hiding in the shadows of common understanding.

Obviously, "interest" is a euphemism for usury — our first clue. Another ancient trick — change the word to give the impression that it is something other than it is, something only an "authority" can possibly understand. But the most profound, obvious truth is the fact that the "interest" amount of the loan is NEVER, EVER created!! Only the so-called principle is created; and that by a simple entry into a ledger. So if you were the only "authorized" issuer of "legal tender," and you loaned 1000 units to each of 5 entities, and demanded that each pay you back 1100 units, some other entity will have to die, become enslaved, or be punished for failure to pay!

Entering The Black Hole:

The absolutely staggering irony of this simple math, that everyone can understand, is perpetually avoided "at all costs," in every discussion about the economy, by the gatekeepers of the great economic black hole. The reality is that an interest-bearing "loan" of any size, to any entity, be it private or governmental, can NEVER, EVER be repaid unless the missing balance is taken from another entity!

Yet endless arguments, and ultimately wars, are waged over how to pay off "the debt!" In popular terms, the debt itself is a "ponzi scheme" from beginning to end. And it is why devastating depressions are an inescapable cycle of interest due by an entire economy for which there is no possible means of payment, simply because, by its very design, there are insufficient funds to do so. Thus, we have the saying, "robbing Peter to pay Paul." It just doesn't get more obvious than that, yet we continue to struggle with the impossible and suffer the enslavement to prison economics because it simulates an invisible, tidal force, sucking all into its vortex of struggle, suffering and death.

The Color Of Money:

The second odious obfuscation of this "in-your-face" mind-game is the banking system itself, which proves to be somewhat esoteric, but only in the sense that its methodology is the absolute opposite of our reality. It is analogous to a negative photographic film that only shows its true colors when it is reversed onto its positive paper component.

Contemplate this: If you receive $100, it is considered a "credit" right? You "credit" your account by entering that sum on the BLACK side of the ledger — simple enough. So when you deposit said sum in the bank, they now have a hundred of your dollars to credit their account on the BLACK side of their ledger, right? WRONG! The bank regards that sum as a DEBIT. Yes, that's right. Your $100 dollars is entered in the RED side of the ledger, not the BLACK side. Amazing. It is truly a mind-game of immense confusion by which prison economics maintains its secrecy in plain sight.

The Shell Game:

So let us analyze the shell game: Only when the bank system LOANS your $100 to someone else, AT INTEREST (where will that person get the additional $10), is that amount moved to the BLACK side of the ledger! If that were not enough of a diabolical manipulation, we must consider the additional fact that, "by law" the bank is only required to keep 10% of your money in reserve. In other words, they loan $90 of your deposit to someone else — WITH INTEREST!!! The term for this shell game is "fractional banking." But the game doesn't stop there, dear friends.

Since almost everyone uses the banking system, the person who borrowed the $90 of your money at interest, will more than likely deposit that sum in "their bank." At which point, "their bank," even if it is the same or different bank, will retain 10% of that deposit, i.e. will loan $81 to someone else — WITH INTEREST!!! And on it goes, cycle after cycle, until it inevitably crashes, as it was so designed.

Now, contemplate the so-called national debt by scaling up this shell game to the nearly inconceivable magnitude of a national/global economy. Here, a private banking cartel, masquerading as an institution of government, uses this same game to issue "debt" against the citizens of a country. The currency used is actually a contractual ponzi scheme, whereby the public must payback more to its debtors than was ever loaned, created, or represented by any financial instrument.

Again, regardless how much so-called money (debt instruments) is issued (loaned) to a government, the interest on that debt is NEVER created. So all talk of "getting out of debt," "paying the debt," and so forth is a mathematical and physical impossibility. Such debt can NEVER, EVER be repaid because only the principle was only and ever issued into the economy — do the math.

When Pigs Fly:

So the question of how can we pay our debts, is like asking how is it that pigs fly? Thus, it is the sheer magnitude of the absurdity, the double jeopardy of the calculations, the absolute impossibility of such a system to sustain itself, the obfuscation of reversed reasoning, and the monstrous tentacles attached to every entity participating in the system, that imparts its mysterious, even occult, facade of incomprehensible, mind-numbing imprisonment of its victims.

Therefore, the power of Prison Economics lies in taking the absolute simplicity of its premise — to demand more in return that was ever created in the first place — and spinning it into a web of deceit so complex that it is elevated to occult status, blocking the obvious, hiding itself in plain sight.

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