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!!!NEW!!! Downloadable TGF E-Book

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!!!NEW!!! Downloadable TGF E-Book

Unread postby geniusjjf1 » Thu Jun 18, 2015 11:16 am

Given the widespread acceptance of the electronic book-reading devices, we are pleased to announce the availability of a special edition, custom formatted for a variety of e-book reader devices. Much work was required to properly reformat the book from its multimedia edition available on CD. It has been a long-time coming, but we think this edition will be an important contribution to your personal work.

After much deliberation regarding the typical e-book distributors, we chose the Kobo publishing platform to host the electronic e-book reader format. It is a young company with a stellar reputation and a philosophy devoted to the fine art of writing and reading books. We are pleased to have found a worthy platform for this work and one that has all the main features of the other publishing companies without the hype, gimmicks, and other marketing manipulation common to the e-book industry.

Of course, the downloadable edition for the electronic reader-devices is a stripped-down version of the very popular multimedia "E-Book Experience," available on the main website. It has been reformatted into a very compact size that is essential for fast downloading and playability on many of the most popular e-book readers. The Kobo website is easy to negotiate and provides all the options to purchase and download a compatible format for your particular device. We think you will find the Kobo distribution platform to be a welcome change from the monolithic corporate publishers.

Having said that, here is the link to the Kobo site and The Genius Frequency E-Book ordering and download information for you to peruse:

We remain grateful for all your support over the years and we are hopeful that this long-awaited edition of the work will be well-received.

May Every Blessing Be Yours.

John J Falone
"Wisdom is the Art of Reading
Between the Lines of Life"

"Imagination IS Reality!
Reality IS slow motion."

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