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Third eye and Crown chakra

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Third eye and Crown chakra

Unread postby Paradox » Wed Nov 04, 2015 5:51 pm

First I will like to say that your book is indeed a complete picture that I needed at this point of my life. The clear and concise messages are very easy to understand. Several things are starting to make sense, I can also sense that reading your blog will be much more rewarding with my new viewpoint.

There is one thing that has constantly be an issue as far as understanding chakras in all sources of information was the 6th and 7th chakra. Which chakra is governed by the pituitary and which by the pineal? In your book it states that the pineal-portal is the crown and the pituitary is the brow/third eye. But your book separates the crown mind (violet to pint) and pineal-eye mind(indigo) which suggests that the pineal gland does not govern the crown.

I really need some help sorting this all out.
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Re: Third eye and Crown chakra

Unread postby geniusjjf1 » Thu Nov 05, 2015 12:21 am

Greeting Paradox: It is most gratifying to know that the book is helping to manifest a deeper comprehension of your journey through this dimension. Know that truth, wherever it is found, already exists within you. Therefore, the insights you discover in the book simply verify that which you Know on a deeper level.

As you well know, the archival literature is replete with theories, insights, and ancient knowledge as regards the human chakra system. It is important to allow for the extreme deficiencies in human languages to convey multidimensional realities. Given that the intellect, itself, is a language construct, one is wise to let the words trigger your own intuitive knowledge.

With that said, the references in The Genius Frequency to the chakra system are general guides, impressions received and transmitted to evoke an inner "re"-membrance to an exceedingly complex understanding. Do not hesitate to allow your own personal knowledge to add to the thought-forms you encounter in the book (any book). One key for you to contemplate is an interdisciplinary application of knowledge. For example, we know from the study of acoustics, astrology, and physics, to name a few, the existence of "nodes" that appear as actual energetic fields through laws of resonance. Thus, when two planets for certain angles to each other an energy node—a virtual planet—is formed equidistant to the physical bodies!

Since an axiom of truth is scalable and interchangeable, there can be no doubt that there are many more chakras, at least double the typical number stated in many texts and teachings throughout time. We can safely assume that there are many chakra fields yet to be discovered and experienced. Suffice it to say, the passage in the book you reference with astute observation, is attempting to convey that, what is traditionally termed the "crown" chakra is extradimensional to the what the intellect terms the physical body. The crown chakra is known to some as the 9th chakra. Also, trying to isolate a chakra in an exact physical location, particularly in the "higher" levels of graduated awareness is somewhat futile, since we are dealing with essentially nonphysical constructs.

This last point brings up another interesting contemplation which involves our programmed education—the infrastructure of the altered-ego. Here, certain false assumptions about cause and effect are deeply embedded in the linguistic equations of logic. In another passage of The Genius Frequency it is stated that "light creates eye," "sound creates ear," and so forth. Therefore, can we definitively state that the pineal gland governs the energy field that produced it in the first place? Now, if we contemplate the oft' stated metaphysical "function" of the pineal gland as the 3rd eye, we must ask: does the "eye" actually govern something or is it governed by the field-effects in which it exists?

No doubt, you understand the pitfalls in conveying levels of reality beyond the intellect's programmed restrictions. The point here is to relax into your quest. Allow yourself to Know that which is beyond the intellects capacity. In a manner of speaking, the intellect is like an eye that sees a distortion of reality. Thus, meditate, contemplate and allow YOUR inner Knowing to resonate with the thought-forms in the work. If there is nothing in the book that you do not already Know on some level, then it is all a question of REmembering your former experiences. Hence, The Genius Frequency does not dictate truth, rather it is designed to catalyze your original gift of Mastery existing as potential in this timeline. --jjf
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