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Dream States

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Dream States

Unread postby Paradox » Tue Nov 10, 2015 7:36 pm

I was just experienced a dream that briefly triggered my sexual energy, and I found myself in sleep paralysis afterwards. This event reminded me of the other times this has happened in my life.
After reading your book, I deduced that sexual energy has to sub-harmonic of the Pure Light radiating from The One into our Heart of Hearts.
My concern is that I am aware that sexual energy due to its primal nature, is greatly overlooked and misunderstood, and most likely out of balance from the amount of partial truths about said energy held by the intellect. I feel as though it is the rawest form of the expression of the Pure Light that we have, meaning that it is mostly sub-conscious and far from our intellectual grasping, at least for me.

I was able to break out of the paralysis fairly easily this time, remembering my Heart of Hearts, but this is not always the case. Sometimes I will not be able to break out and will be dragged back into another dream before I could wake up to assimilate what happened.
I panicked because I forgot this happens to me and I was never able to find an answer before.
If feels as though something bonds with my sexual center when I get locked into sleep paralysis.

Are you any familiar with this?
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Re: Dream States

Unread postby geniusjjf1 » Thu Nov 12, 2015 12:11 am

Greetings Paradox: Thank you for resubmitting your query to a different forum/topic. The reason is Chapter III of the book does not specifically address your stated experience. Although having the presence of mind in your dream state to focus on your Heart-Of Hearts was key in overcoming a potentially stressful encounter, the experience was 4th dimensional. The book has two chapters, The 4th Dimension and the 5th Dimension, which overlap and might yield some very useful information when studied together.

Since your query is multifaceted, it would not be possible to adequately explore the hundreds of embedded questions implied within its stated context. Remember, all questions asked are embedded within the matrix of the answers within you. Having said that, the book reveals that all dream states are 4th dimensional in nature and that the auric field of all physical beings, and the earth itself is 4th dimensional. This implies that ALL astral-travel occurs in the 4th dimension. As you well know, sleep paralysis is the precursor to all astral or 4D experiences. Therefore, it is critical to have a grasp of that terrain by studying the chapters stated above.

You make an excellent point regarding the "primal nature" of sexual energy and, in a way, you have partially answered your own question. However, it cannot be stated that sexual energy is "greatly overlooked"—perhaps it is by you. The fact is that the 3D sensory world is pathologically obsessed with sexual energy and that obsession is deeply embedded in every culture—an aspect of the subconscious characteristics that you so accurately mentioned. And yes, sexual energy is a subharmonic of a greater resonance within the totality of the life force in this dimension. In that regard, it is sacred as is all life. Clearly, if it is a subharmonic, it is not a causal Source. But then, every Chakra field is a subharmonic of its Source frequency centered in the Heart Chakra.

Your observation is astute regarding the inability of the intellect to grasp the primal nature of this energetic level of 3D existence. However, we have already stated that the intellect is synonymous with the altered-ego and is nearly useless in grasping the subconscious depths of anything. In fact, the altered-ego IDENTIFIES with every sensory desire it detects, which hopelessly confuses our attempts to clarify the nature of our composite beings in this dimension. This brings us to the understanding of the "Mind Centers," an insight clearly delineated in the book. You would be wise to contemplate that section deeply. Since every Chakra is a mind-center, each has its own specific memories, desires, hope, dreams, beliefs, etc.,

Now to address your query more directly, the dream state is a clearing house, as it were, for unresolved and unprocessed thought-form scenarios. Thus, the sexual nature of these recurring dream-scenarios indicates a process of resolving stressful memories encoded within that particular Chakra-Mind-Center. You are discovering that your other "mind-centers" (Chakras) are also accessible during your dream state in order to achieve balance in your life. In other words, your dreams are like a rehearsal or practice in a virtual scenario. In this regard it is most important to realize that sleep paralysis is NOT a function of the sexual Chakra mind center. The problem is with the altered-ego associating all these concepts, which creates the confusion.

In other words, the sleep paralysis (i.e. the precursor to astral travel) is not confined to one Chakra. Your experience teaches you that you must use other Chakras. It is always your choice. Know also, all astral travel occurs in the 4th dimension and is not for the faint of heart, nor is it recommended. Many extoll the virtues of astral travel as some form of illumination. However, it is a dimension packed with every thought-form (entity) ever assembled by every entity who ever incarnated or interacted with the earth's astral realm. Therefore, it is not synonymous with spiritual enlightenment. Enough said.

However, given that such experiences are recurring for you, certain steps are advised to help unify your mind-centers and mitigate the imbalances you are trying to resolve. First: Meditation is key. It must become habitual by consistent practice. Use any technique you find effective and always include the breathing techniques of your choice. Second: Make it a point to place your bare feet on the earth for a time as you enter a state of stillness, quiet, and feel the dissonant vibrations being absorbed by the Earth Body (she Knows how to purify them). Do this as often as possible. If the weather is inclement, you can do this indoors by placing your bare feet on a wool cloth during your meditation. And as you learned from your recent experience, your meditation should be centered by the Heart-Chakra in order to balance the others by completing the bio-energy circuit.

As you have learned in your experiences, thus far, you can completely control any subsequent episodes of sleep paralysis by focusing on the Heart-Chakra. Also, should you encounter any disturbing thought-forms in such a dream state, Know that verbally declaring your Sovereignty by announcing your connection to THE ONE Source as a Christed Conscious Master will instantly dispel any undesireable circumstances that may attempt to exploit your vulnerabilities...jjf
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