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The Heart-Mind

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The Heart-Mind

Unread postby Paradox » Tue Jun 07, 2016 11:51 pm

Hi Genius,

I am typing from a very special place right now. I see my body, mind, feeling, and thoughts happening as observable phenomenon. When I rest as awareness I feel this sense of extreme peace and ease, however I am still aware of the control scheme that is occurring on this planet. I am aware of it, and I see it as a phase, as something that wasn't always here and something that won't always be here. I feel this huge sense of security, knowing that my body is one of many that I inhabit(When I say "I" here, it has a very profound and fundamental meaning). It's hard to express where I am in terms of my body-mind right now. I understand what I feel to be part of an up and down phase. My body-sensations are responding positively right now, as my past conditioning is in it's dormant state, I realize that my conditioning and this level of awareness cannot occupy the same space and one will have to give way, and I am aware that my conditioning won't go without a fight(subtle and overt).

I do apologize for my delaying my main topic here, I wanted you to know where I stand from an awareness standpoint before I asked you this question. So here is my... query. Is the Heart-Mind that you speak of in your book and on this website synonymous with the "I am" presence that precedes all experience? When I hear Heart-Mind I think of it as "heart:source mind" So Source-Mind, which if I am not mistaking may be another way of representing the I am presence from which all experiences can be experienced. Am I (linguistically) accurate in my assessment?
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Re: The Heart-Mind

Unread postby geniusjjf1 » Sun Jun 19, 2016 12:09 am

Greetings Paradox:

Thank you for sharing your insights and experiences. Regarding your initial thoughts on the interplay between the various levels and states of your awareness: it is, indeed, a profound experiential reality that is, itself, evidence of the multidimensional facets of being. Given the phase-shifting awareness-fields in which we have our beings, and those specific to your incarnate experiences, there is always a "sense" of duality which is natural, given that all material worlds are polarized energy in motion.

It is also quite natural to perceive the phase-shifting dualities as a struggle. However, such is the altered-ego's innate fear of losing its identity in time. Eventually, we realize a state that is not encumbered by such existential conundrums, since such a state resonates with the universal centering principle. While it is true that the altered-ego can certainly identify with and even heighten the effects of what appears to be a polarized struggle, it is ironic that most of such effects are naturally occurring dipole phase-shifts in the plasma fields of our solar systems archetypal matrix.

However, your profound realization that you are "in the world yet not of the world" is most liberating, indeed. As multidimensional beings—dormant Masters locked into a phase-shifting time-waves—your work is yielding many profound and permanent rewards within your greater reality. Yes, your sensory awareness will ebb and flow with the phase-shifting energy fields of our local system, but the peace, security, and Knowing within you will not only grow, but also be your centering anchor in times of doubt, confusion, and fear.

Regarding your query: while we would do well not to give too much weight to our language descriptors, your assessment is very accurate. Indeed, Heart-Mind is the "I-Am" Presence that precedes material creations. And yes, "Source Mind," "heart:source mind," and so forth are accurate, as well. Here, the Lotus-Flower of your Knowing is revealing a multifaceted Truth to your greater being. Remember, no words are adequate to convey such realities. However, the language symbols "Heart-Mind" and "Heart-Of-Hearts" are used in this work to direct one's attention to the physical location of such a Conscious Source Point, in contradistinction to the "brain" which is merely structured memory and memory cannot think!

So, your assessment is indeed accurate and it is evidence that your work is revealing a Grand Truth beyond words—as all such Truths must be so in this realm of experience. In other words, as we transcend the altered-ego's brain/intellect identity and begin to perceive Truth as a Process rather than a "thing," we "allow" the centering process of Heart-Mind to become the portal to our ultimate liberation from the replicating, polarized cages of cubic space.
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