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2014 YEAR OF THE ANGELIC © John J. Falone

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2014 YEAR OF THE ANGELIC © John J. Falone

Unread postby geniusjjf1 » Fri Aug 11, 2017 7:42 am

Portals Of Healing The "I-AM"

The Sovereign Struggle.

Whereas, 2012 marked the Omega of the counterfeit-hierarchy, 2013 marked the Alpha of the Sovereign Human. However, it is the nature of all material manifestations in time that every rebirth traces its historical steps. Just as the fetus relives its journey through the dominions of its historic decent into matter, so too does the rebirth of an age reveal the genetic memory of its journey through time....

ENTER 2014:

Counterfeit Return:

Here, the deceivers who first appear in the counterfeit "return," from their ancient technological thrones, will, for the last time, seek to reestablish their dominion of Earth and the enslavement of the Sovereign Human Creation. And for the last time, they will demonstrate the illusion of wonders through technology as proof of their divinity. Yet, their true intent will be quickly revealed once they are accepted as the gods of man, thus, recapitulating the original drama of their corruption. Ultimately, the fallen 1/3 of corrupted angelics will appear and disappear as the gills and tail of the developing fetus, as the Human Spirit is reborn in bodies of Light...

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