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2016 YEAR OF THE ALCHEMIST © John J. Falone

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2016 YEAR OF THE ALCHEMIST © John J. Falone

Unread postby geniusjjf1 » Fri Aug 11, 2017 8:04 am

"Knowing The Gift"

Shifting Awareness:

As the unfolding time-wave frequencies continue to unveil deeper levels of cultural programming, the nature of language itself is surfacing in ways prompting many to question the information stream fed to a fictitious collective—the temporary number of any sector of society who accept the official interpretation of events by which they are reasonably predictable...

ENTER 2016:

Enter The Alchemist:

Contemplating the preceding understanding is critical to maximizing one's potential to resonate with the Divine Template Centering Heart-Mind using the unfolding frequency-harmonics formed by this phase of Earth's positioning within the greater Galactic time-wave. Here, we realize the essence of Alchemy: the Centering of one's Sovereign Being within the Still Point of Infinite Life activated through the action of Divine Intent by which to transmute various levels of energy from one light-matrix to another...

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"Wisdom is the Art of Reading
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