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Power of Questions

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Power of Questions

Unread postby Paradox » Mon Jun 11, 2018 6:44 pm


While contemplating financial freedom, it was and is my desire to facilitate thinking with my whole Intelligence, unlike the methods which I learned from my institutional "education". One prominent idea was understanding the creative power of questions. Now, I have attempted to retrieve an answer this before, however, Google is so saturated with substance-less answers that I quickly lost interest.

However, upon revisiting TGF I and II, I stumbled across one of many lines that is a gift that keeps on giving.
From TGF I:
Read and reread this material with a focus on the "just possible", so as not to arouse polarized thinking.

As someone who has a tendency to engage in polarized thinking, this is the perfect antidote and I thank you for being one of many messengers of Harmonic Truth.

So now I am here now considering the possibilities that there is a creative element to questioning and that potentially there is an art to it.

I understand that I can do a better job of asking self-directed questions and allowing the answer to unfold in a beautiful way over-time that is tailored to my understanding. However, I am aware of what you term a partial-equation, that confounds the binary intellect that is not guided by the True Center of Intelligence. Sometimes I feel myself get caught in a mental cycle when engaging high-frequency thought processes. I have a fear that the way I formulate my questions may be inviting a partial-equation answer. If you have any insight on this matter it will be of a tremendous help.

I suddenly feel that an answer is not everything and that maybe the magic is also in getting clear about what my question is.

Thanks for allowing this mind-space.
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