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2018 YEAR OF CHOOSING © John J. Falone

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2018 YEAR OF CHOOSING © John J. Falone

Unread postby geniusjjf1 » Fri Sep 14, 2018 11:31 am

"The Third Choice"

Whereas, the previous year of transcendence was marked by shocking exposures of the occult workings of a vile counterfeit-hierarchy on nearly every conceivable level of personal, social, and cultural degeneracy, all seekers of Truth and lovers of the Light were impelled to transcend not only these disgusting revelations, but the equally shocking complicity of a once-trusted, yet fraudulent, toxic institution, otherwise termed corporate, monolithic, mainstream media in all its varied forms.

ENTER 2018:

Geometry Of Choice:

Notwithstanding that this work is replete with references to pyramidal geometry as universal thought-constructs of THE ONE, it bears repeating that the primary 2D visual reference of such angular relationships is the triangle, symbolizing the abstract geometry of God's threefold nature, the spiritual values of Its Conscious, unified relationships, and, by extension, the numeric, mathematical principles of all matter-universe templates unfolding in time...

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